Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 -
7:00pm to 9:00pm

Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Date:December 12, 2006

Present: Kelly Torres, Denise Browning, Richard Tilley, John Shirk, Doug Wood, Susan Fontana, D. R. Edwards [others to be inserted]

  1. Approval of November minutes: Mr. Tilley moved to approve the corrected minutes, Mr. Wood seconded. The corrected minutes were approved by unanimous vote.
  2. Supervisor's Report (Kelly Torres):
    1. New Recreation Leader: The Park will be getting an additional (3rd) recreation leader for the Park Kids program ASAP, but probably after January 2007. Mr. Torres will follow-up.
    2. Seasonal Attendant: The Park will be getting one seasonal attendant for 26 weeks or 2 attendants for 13 weeks.
    3. Landscaper: The Park is still hoping that George will be the Park's attendant or landscaper. Someone (Art Richardson) should ask Adam Schwerner (head of Landscaping for CPD) if George will be the Park's landscaper.
    4. Enrollment in Children's Classes/Programs: 66 children are enrolled in the Park Kids program for January 2007. With the addition of a new recreation leader, 70 children would be the optimal number.
    5. New Snow Blower: The Park has new snow blower. The last big storm turned to ice before the blower could be of much use. To use the blower, the operator must act quickly. Snow removal must be a priority because ice on the Park paths can become very slippery and dangerous.
    6. Dog Park Committee Signs: Signs were posted. The Park has received no responses.
    7. Air Conditioning: Again, air conditioners are to be installed in the walls, not the windows; they will be installed in the spring; and central air is still being considered.
    8. Window Shades: This issue is a bit of a comedy errors. CPD sent a check to Home Depot without a copy of the PO; Home Depot cashed the check without knowing what it was for; Ms. Fontana is trying to get Home Depot to "connect the dots" and deliver the shades to the Park.
    9. Trash Bags: The Park needs a lot more.
  3. Treasurer's Report (Richard Tilley): Nothing to report except that change in registered agent will be filed with the county recorder's office.
  4. Parkway Foundation Funds (Denise Browning): Nothing to report.
  5. Committee Reports:
    1. Events (Susan Fontana): Thanksgiving went very well. Thanks and kudos to all of the volunteers. There were only two issues:
      1. We should not have the Park staff run errands for the event when they are needed at the Park to help set up the event, and
      2. we need to be sure that there are no activities scheduled for shortly after the event is scheduled to end (e.g., floor hockey).
    2. Fountain Court (Doug Wood): The plaque has been approved for the SW corner. We need to recruit volunteers. 8 benches have been sold, 4 benches and 8 urns are to be sold ($2,000 per bench, $1,500 per urn).
    3. Garden Club (Doug Wood): The Saturday program for adult gardening is not on CPD's web site; it should be put on the site for March sign-up.
    4. Art Programs (Doug Wood): There will be a showing of the children's art on Friday, December 15. Sign-up for the next term has begun.
    5. Playground/Bear Bog (Julie Dickinson/absent)
  6. Other Business
    1. Holiday Parties: A party for the Park Kids is scheduled for 12/22 and for the seniors on 12/21.
    2. Future Events: These will be discussed in detail beginning in January.
    3. Early Release Days: A general discussion was had regarding early release days at Pritzker and whether children who have no other place to go could come to the Field House without disrupting the Park Kids program and without additional staff support.
    4. Community Grants: Ms. Fontana will be looking into community grants from Home Depot for the window shades, etc.
    5. Landscaping: Ms. Fontana will be writing a follow-up letter to CPD.
    6. Brick Donations: Since bricks are no longer installed, it was proposed that, if anyone donates to the Park via the Brick Program, they will be asked if they still wish to donate to the Park or would prefer that their donation be returned. This proposal was unanimously approved.
    7. Future Meetings: Because of Park conflicts, it was proposed that future meetings of the WPAC will be held on the second Tuesday of the month, whenever possible. This proposal was unanimously approved.

Next meeting January 9, 2007 in the Field House.