Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 -
7:00pm to 9:00pm

Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Date: July 10, 2007

Present: Kelly Torres (Park Supervisor), Denise Browning, Doug Wood, Susan Fontana, Richard Tilley, D. R. Edwards, Paula Barrington, Adam Housley

  1. Approval of June Minutes (D. R. Edwards). Mr. Wood moved to approve the minutes. Ms. Fontana seconded. The minutes were approved by unanimous vote.
  2. Treasurer’s Report (Mr. Tilley). Mr. Tilley passed out a written Register Report of finances 1/1/07 through 7/9/07, as well as Carnival 2007 Financial Details.
  3. Dog Park (Mr. Housley). Mr. Housley reported that the dog park had received approximately $836.00 in donations for improvements, including a storage shed.
  4. Chamber Festival (Ms. Barrington). Ms. Barrington reported to the WPAC re progress of the festival and planning, including status of approvals by risk management of the fencing, clean-up, and additional security. Additional meetings may be held regarding the festival. A memo was sent to Ms. Fontana with additional details.
  5. Garden Committee (Mr. Wood): Mr. Wood passed out a report of finances and a “to do” list regarding the urns and benches. Mr. Wood requested that the CPD’s area and regional managers plan an opening event.
  6. Budget (Mr. Wood). Mr. Wood prepared and presented a proposed budget for the next year, which was subject to much discussion. Mr. Wood will revise and circulate a revised proposed budget, which will then be presented to CPD.
  7. Supervisor’s Report (Mr. Torres).
    1. Recreation Leader and Attendants. These positions still have not been filled. September is rapidly approaching and it is imperative that the rec leader position be filled before the Park Kids after-school program begins.
    2. Park Funds. While Ms. Rosario did not attend the meeting, she sent a message that the Park receives only 30% of the funds paid for Park programs. This 30% is shown in the entry for “program expenses” in the annual approved budget.
    3. Movie. Ms. Ramos and Ms. Edwards will have a popcorn/donation table on movie night.
    4. Fountain Safety. Children won’t stay out; neither will adults or their pets. Warning signs should be prominently posted or the water should be made safe.
    5. Weekend Hours. Need to be expanded, especially on Sundays.
    6. Fountain. Should remain on/operating until October 26.
  8. Events (Ms. Fontana and other WPAC members):
    1. Halloween Party on October 31.
    2. Thanksgiving Party the week before Thanksgiving on November 15.
    3. Fountain Lighting Party on November 10.
    4. Christmas/Holiday Party on December 21 (this is not a WPAC, but rather is a Park Kids, event).

Meeting was adjourned by acclamation. Next meeting will be August 14, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. in the Field House.