Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting 1-24-05 Minutes

  1. Review of Bylaws of WPAC (Nick Sommers)
  2. Guest: Marilyn Morales, Central Region, introduces herself.
    1. Notes staffing inadequate (goal: reassess hours and workload activity) and upkeep issues (snow removal poor, fieldhouse dirty). Notes park supervisor can meet with landscape operations to discuss upkeep issues. K. Telingator offers to work closely with Marilyn to come up with a list of issues at the top of the WPAC list.
    2. Budget: Half of what is collected in fees for festivals, etc, should come back to the park in the budget; WPAC should keep track of budget. Budget for entire year is decided in Jan/Feb of each year, and CPD decides budget based on the income the park drew the previous year. Suggestions for fundraising: new programs to bring in new users. CPD budget is accessible online; discretionary portion of funds go to supplies (both for programs and for cleaning supplies and toilet paper), field trips, programs.
    3. Immediate staffing issues: Wicker Park is short one kids rec leader, one monthly attendant, one hourly instructor, and one hourly attendant. While Kelle, Park Supervisor, is on medical leave, staff will be pulled from other
  3. Friends of the Park issues: Seed Grant: K. Telingator and J. Allen will write seed grant for tile project. D. Marre will write for Advisory Council Award. S. Fontana will write for both Park Volunteer Award and Outstanding Park District Employee Award.
  4. Bringing in more people: Discussion of ways to bring in new members. (Two new members introduced.) Consider putting together WPAC brochure to hand out at playground; consider resurrecting web site; ideally plan program for park for entire year (with understanding of CPD policies and procedures and budgetary constraints) to place in brochures.
  5. For next meeting: Each member to make a list of what needs to be done in park and what kinds of committees/projects they envision.