Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting February 23, 2005, Minutes

  1. Special Events in WP this year
    1. Suggest if movie, partner with Bucktown/Wicker Park Chamber of Commerce, since the Chamber has helped to find business sponsors for movies in Churchill Park
    2. Other suggestions: since ongoing movies at Churchill, consider going in the opposite direction: rather than also showing movies, instead sponsor concerts, dance, Shakespeare theater, opera in the Park. Note that anything requiring electrical supply must be done Mon-Thurs due to CPD union electricians.
    3. M.Morales requests final list of all things we would like to accomplish this year to see if CPD can assist with financing any of these projects
  2. Discussion of Dog-Friendly Area (DFA)
    1. Park Supervisor Kelly Torres will make efforts to contact key individuals in the DFA. All individuals using the DFA should be aware of what the obligations are under the original agreement with the CPD (e.g., founders were to identify a group of at least 5 individuals who would keep up a plan for ongoing maintenance; CPD obligations are limited to twice-yearly power washing of the area. All other upkeep/maintenance needs to be done by dog owners). A sign was posted the day before the WPAC meeting in the DFA and Kelly received several calls, but no representatives at this meeting. Kelly will continue to try to identify and recruit key individuals to get them involved and for them to form a subcommittee that would then work with the WPAC on DFA issues. One suggestion to put notices in local newspapers like the Booster, at the Chamber of Commerce, etc.
  3. Tile Project
    1. Seed grant application was submitted to CPD for funding for tile project; notice of decision expected 3/21. Donation of $250 from Ellis workplace to go directly to this project. Design reviewed; brief discussion of what parties would be involved: the Wicker Park after-school kids would do the open-ended bottom panel, and art classes from Pritzker and individual families who wish to participate would do the more structured vertical panels. L. Ellis volunteers to help guide this project. Need to have formal proposal on file with CPD. Our recollection is that CPD will install tiles without charge; Marilyn Morales to check on this.
  4. Committees
    1. T. Kersten proposed subcommittees to operate within the WPAC, working on individual issues and bringing plans back to entire council. Committees proposed were:
      1. Fundraising committee – be in charge of asking local business for donations for multiple projects
      2. Political and Chicago Park District committee – in charge of communications with higher level officials
      3. Special Events Committee – in charge of coordinating/organizing events like ribbon cutting/concerts/movie in the park
      4. Tile Project Committee – in charge of collecting funds/getting supplies/recruiting kids/working with artist
      5. Brick committee – in charge of selling additional bricks and collecting funds/making sure complete from start to finish
      6. Dog Park Committee
      7. Website committee and calendar of events – in charge of updating website and keeping track of what’s going on at the park
      8. Recruiting new members committee – be in charge of recruiting new volunteers for the AC, welcoming them, keeping track of their contact info, etc
      9. Budget committee – along with treasurer… keep track of funds, keep tabs on things going on at the park where we can collect funds, etc
      10. Community mailing committee – keeping an up to date spreadsheet of all the contacts in the neighboorhood who have given us their contact info, sending out mass mailings, etc
      11. Field house/maintenance committee – working with Kelly to push through some items that he is in desperate need of…. keeping tabs on snow shoveling, garbage, etc
    2. We prioritized these so that newly active committees will be the Special Events Committee (T. Kersten, D. Wood, J. Dickinson, M. Stangl, P. Debrenecy[nominated in absentia], which will expore bringing music, visual arts, theatre, children’s programming, opera to the Park; the Membership Committee (J. Dickinson, L. Elliott, P. Debrenecy, S. Fontana); and the Tile Project Committee (L. Ellis, K. Telingator). Other committees will be formed and charged as new membership is recruited.
  5. Announcements/New Business
    1. Earth Day Events (D. Wood): Earth Day Prelude 4/16 and Earth Day 4/23
    2. Gates for playground: K. Telingator will take digital photos and email to M. Morales, who will investigate how much this would cost and what needs to happen at the CPD
    3. Play sculpture: J. Allen will touch bases again with donor; we will decide what we would like and where to place it, and discuss with CPD
    4. Business After-Hours: Local businesspeople will come to see the Park (organized by D. Wood via Chamber of Commerce) on Tues 7/19/05
  6. Next meeting