Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

WICKER PARK ADVISORY COUNCIL Meeting Minutes, May 16, 2005

  1. Band Concerts
    Discussion of possible bands to have play in Wicker Park in Aug-Sept as part of the WPAC-sponsored dance/theater/music series. Presentation by Bob Chandler of Remington Associates Ltd (847-221-0200, ext 218, rchandler@remingtonltd.com) regarding potential bands. Bands will play for no fee, if it is promoted as a charity event to benefit the park. Discussed potential dates: Thursday evenings versus Sat afternoons (preferred, to make event more family-oriented). Consider promoting event as a WPAC benefit: patrons could be asked to consider making a donation to the WPAC for beautification, maintenance, and programming. Mr. Chandler notes either the city or the CPD has a modified trailer containing a stage, lights, mikes, sound, etc, that we may be able to obtain (likely city, as Kelly Torres does not think CPD has such a thing). If that is unavailable, number of concerts sponsored may depend on cost of mikes/sound systems. CPD likely has portable stage we can use. Brief discussion of security issues/Portapotties. Consideration of designating August as “Music in the Park Month”. Issues to consider at future meetings: security, PortaPotties, if/what food we should sell, sponsorship. Band websites of potential bands are as follows:
    1. www.gtcats.com
    2. www.abstractgiants.com/index_low.html
    3. www.thedirtyblue.com
    4. www.myspace.com/allfornaught
    5. www.Bumpusweb.com
    6. www.digforfire.com
    7. www.small-change.net
  2. Other Events in Park:
    1. Juen 30: Movie in the Park. Manny Flores and Marilyn have chosen “A Series of Unfortunate Events”.
    2. Aug 21: Old Wicker Park Committee will put on Party in the Park.
    3. Aug 20: Pritzker School has applied to have concert, trying to get Poi Dog Pondering
    4. Sept 10-11: Around the Coyote (will donate supplies/art expertise to kids programs in park)
    5. Sept 24-25: Renegade Craft Fair (pays fee for use of park/field house)
    6. Other events Julie Dickinson has uploaded to ourwickerpark.org!
  3. Communication Issues
    Manifest Theater presented “The Heroes of Wicker Park” on May 14 and 15 in the Park. Unfortunately the Field House is not open on Sundays, and was closed one Sat night as well, so they had no place to change into their costumes. The Wicker Park Garden club members did help the troupe as much as possible. This situation likely came about because they went to the Alderman’s office to get permission to use the Park, and then the CPD Regional Office approved: neither notified the WPAC so we were not able to help lend support and publicize the event. K. Telingator will speak with Marilyn Morales about how to remedy these types of communication issues.
  4. Dog Park Update: Power washer is assembled and Kelle Torres has take out to the Dog Park on several occasions and found volunteers to wash! Goal is washing weekly or every other week.
  5. Playground: K. Telingator to speak with Marilyn Morales about gate issue.
  6. Carnival Update: Children’s Carnival will be Sun, June 26, 10am-2pm. Subcommittee has collected $900 in pledged sponsorship. Jesse White Tumblers are confirmed; office of Alderman Flores will donate Moon Walk; there will also be a ball pit and clowns. Discussion of asking Manifest Theater to come back and perform that day. S. Fontana is working on getting safety presentations as well.
  7. Tile Project: K. Telingator sent proposal to Marilyn Morales for approval.
  8. Outreach Committee update: J. Dickinson has found a designer to do the carnival poster. Doug is working on the large banner. The plan is to list as many events as possible for the summer and reference the Web site on the big banner. Banner costs $200. The strip banner below which is 1’x8′ will highlight an upcoming event and costs about $70; deadline for both big banner and strip Carnival banner roughly June 1.
  9. City grant: L. Ellis recently found out the City of Chicago awards grants from $500-$1500 for projects focused on Chicago youths. Deadline is 5/23/05. She will put in a grant for the tile project (grant won’t support artists’ fee but will cover materials and supplies).
  10. Officer elections: Nominated were J. Dickinson (President), M. Stangl (Vice President), N. Sommers (Treasurer), L. Elliott (Secretary). All accepted and will bring short paragraph to voting at the next meeting.
  11. Next meeting: Monday, June 20, 7pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Lorrie Elliott, Secretary