Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

WPAC Minutes 8-15-05

  1. Introductions-S. Ramos (Pritzker School), R. Sivulich, J.Allen (Co-President), M. Stangl (Vice-President) , R. Chandler, D. Wood, J. Dickinson (Co-President), N. Sommers (Treasurer), E. Meyer, K. Torres, S. Fontana, L. Elliott (Secretary), D. Whitacre
  2. Ground Rules (J. Allen): Meetings begin at 7:00pm and end promptly at 8:30pm (may be earlier). A time keeper will help keep us on track. At the end of the allotted time, we will end discussion unless the group decides whether we continue and for how long. Regarding the agenda, a notice will be sent 2 weeks prior to the meeting and asking for agenda items, which are due 1 week before the meeting. Items will be submitted to the Secretary with copies to the other board members, and will include the item with a brief discussion, the amount of time requested, and the desired outcome/goal. One week prior to the meeting the agenda will be sent.
  3. Special Events: Concert Update (M. Stangl/R. Chandler): Concert scheduled for 8/13/05 was cancelled due to persistent rain; however, ended with $150 profit. Consider allotting the profit to that particular subsection to use for future events.
  4. Pritzker event update (S. Ramos): On Saturday 7/20/05, from approximately 10am-10pm, Pritzker will hold its annual fundraiser: a music festival in Wicker Park. Headliner will be Frank Oral (lead singer of Poi Dog Pondering). Volunteers are needed. Mark Moen (ptochair@comcast.com or ptofest@comcast.com) is the chair of the event. Chicago Events is managing the event. D. Wood raised concerns about how the Central Region of the CPD has allocated resources for the event – exclusion of community from the park during the concert. Ms. Ramos agreed to ask Mark Moen, event chair, about
    having the Pritzker group use part of the park rather than excluding the public from the park. WPAC needs to have a dialogue with the Central Region about these situations. D. Wood also needs to know the sum charged for the rental of the park.
  5. Around the Coyote (D. Wood): D. Wood has negotiated extensively with the CPD and Around the Coyote. The ATC artists will donate time in kind to the Park Kids Grow program, and may also offer adult art classes. Also, Coyote staff have donated 40 hours to assist with the Garden Gallery, outside free performances, and tours during ATC festival.
  6. Brick Update: Only about 5 bricks sold so far, but a large number of brochures handed out at last Farmer’s Market. Discussion of whether to continue selling bricks this year and whether to continue next year. Group decided to continue with the selling program, but perhaps in a more organized way: staff farmer’s market, etc. K. Torres and J. Dickinson will look into the buy-a-bench program in addition- need about 4 more benches in the playground and at least 4-8 more around the fountain as well. J. Dickinson will also send out an email to our list inviting them to buy a brick as well.
  7. Outreach/Fall Banner: Last event on current banner is Around the Coyote 9/9/05-9/11/05. Discussion of whether to continue with the banners or consider buying a marquee-type board. Group also discussed having vendor sponsors of banner–will need to clear with the CPD. Consider having fall banner go from October-April. Also consider negotiating with Kinko’s. S. Fontana notes current board is falling apart; K. Torres will put in a work order to fix and make it a 2-sided board.
  8. Playground update (J. Dickinson and D. Wood): D. Wood met with Mark Lamovic, the Central Region Floriculturalist. It is unclear if there is a contract to replace the plants or not; Mr. Lamovic will investigate. A small berm needs to be constructed to prevent the current bog problem around the bears, but the Central Region landscaping crew will have to construct, and they have only 3 employees for entire region. D. Wood has created a detailed plan for replacing and moving the plants there currently. Ideally, we would like to see the berm built by early Sept, have the appropriate concrete paths extended in Sept-October, and move/replace the plants in late fall/early spring. The missing gates are still an issue. Work orders have been put in under the new system. The alderman’s office is also aware of this. Ms. Morales has been trying to get this accomplished.
  9. Tile Project (J. Dickinson): Project kicked off at the Children’s Carnival. D. Whitacre will follow up with the art teacher at Pritzker School in the fall. Need a new leader of project at present. Consider getting this done in the tent or on the playground during Around the Coyote. K. Torres will see if we can get a kiosk for the playground.
  10. Budget meeting (D. Wood): D. Wood reviewed spreadsheet he has generated. For 2002-2005, the total figures for neighborhood contributions (cash and in-kind) is $116,121, and total volunteer hours have been 10,428. There are two more budget meetings: there is one upcoming but date hasn’t been set yet. Please email D. Wood with details of missing spreadsheet boxes. D. Whitacre and N. Sommers will come up with the in-kind contributions from the playground.