Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Dear Wicker Park Supporters,

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, none of the executive committee is able to attend Monday’s meeting. We will therefore be canceling the October meeting. Please see below for an update on the agenda items. We apologize for the inconvenience and will send out an alert for the next meeting. Thanks for your continuing support and for making beautiful Wicker Park (as supervisor Kelly Torres always says) truly beautiful.

Update on ongoing items:

AROUND THE COYOTE: They will be doing some art education classes and have already begun children’s programming. We’ll send an email when sign up is open for the adult classes. Thanks Allison and crew. Check out http://www.aroundthecoyote.org/ for more information about how you can help out Around the Coyote.

CPD BUDGET MEETING UPDATE: The presentation was very well received according to various attendees and those internal to the park district. Things such as the seeding of the field and playground gates (see below) have already started to happen. In addition, great progress is being made on additional park benches and railings for the gardens. Thanks Jeff for representing us.

FIELD: The field will be seeded next week and hurricane fencing will be put up. Please help us keep folks off the grounds so the grass has a chance to grow.

PLAYGROUND: The gate went up this week on the Wicker Park Ave. side. CPD would like to know if we want the other side as well. People tend to let dogs run in entirely enclosed playlots. Julie will survey playground users to decide.

Doug is overseeing the plant movement the last weekend in October and will need volunteers to help prepare soil. Please email Doug at wpgarden@aol.com to sign up.

BENCHES: We are planning to move the four benches from the fountain now to the playground and replace them with more benches that fit with the wrought iron railing that will go around the fountain and rose gardens. Marilyn is helping identify a vendor and get quotes. Manny Flores may help pay for with his menu money.