Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes
December, 19, 2005

Attendees: Jeff Allen, Denise Browning, Susan Fontana, Doug Wood, Peter Debreceny, Donna Whitacre, Ed Tamminga, Matt Stangl, Larry Clary, Dina Petrakis, Richard Tilley, Elaine Coorens, Anitra Rowe, Julie Dickinson, Dan Marre

  1. The January meeting will be moved because the third Monday in January is a holiday. The date and time is to be determined. However, the February meeting will resume as normal on the third Monday of the month with a starting time of 7:45 pm, which has been agreed to as the official starting time.
  2. The council has agreed to change the meeting times to 7:30 pm and last until 8:45 pm or so.
  3. Richard will draft a letter to the Chicago Park District to thank them for keeping Kelly at Wicker Park.
  4. Cash Flow Report (Matt reporting in Nick’s absence) – The cash flow document for 2005 was passed out and discussed briefly. Elaine asked for more information about the cash flow from brick sales specifically. She thought it might be useful in beginning the bench fundraising efforts. A question was asked concerning the North Community Bank charge of $51.30, but the answer was not known. Brick sale donations which continue to trickle in are ear-marked for playground use only.
  5. Park Usage Document (Doug reporting) – There are concerns about events in the park disturbing the beautification of the park. We should ask for more picnic tables to fill the NW corner of the park. There was some concern about the accountability as it relates to the WPAC. For those events sponsored by the WPAC, the proper volunteers, supplies, etc. will be provided. But for those events sponsored by an unaffiliated group, it should be their responsible to gather volunteers, supplies, etc. See attached document for more information.
  6. Gurgoyle Fund Raising Project (Doug Reporting) – See attached document for more information.