Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes March 20, 2006

Attendees: Jeff Allen, Anitra Rowe, Elaine Coorens, Larry Clary, Richard Tilley, Susan Fontana, John Shirk, Denise Browning, Doug Wood, A. Torres, Kelly Greeby, Donna Whitacre, Nick Sommers, Steve Ambort

  1. Approval of February Meeting minutes: Doug Wood clarified that donations for fountain going to the “Parkways Foundation”. Thank you notes will go on WPAC letterhead.
  2. Outstanding items from February Meeting
    1. Seeding the field and mulching, Doug Wood and Kelly Torres /Park District (Chris Krieger) removed several dead trees and pruned. Park District will do a professional cut around trees. April 1st Park District will bring mulch for community volunteers to distribute. Doug asked for volunteers to help spread the mulch. Park District will aerate and reseed next. Park District will come back to remove dead trees in the playground. Jeff requested a follow up on if the trees in the playground will be replaced.
    2. Park Partnership w/ Around the Coyote, Doug Wood and Kelly Torres / Funding for children’s programs is currently funded by the Garden Club and personal donations. Doug spoke with Carla Meyer, to discuss a Park Partner Program with Coyote. Carla Meyer believes the Coyote should pay for teachers and supplies. Arrangement with CPD, Coyote and children’s program still unresolved. Renegade Art fair approached WPAC with concern of the increased fee to rent the park of $20,000. Doug is asking if the WPAC would support getting together with the other local groups and approach the Chicago Park District Board of Commissioners to lower the fees for Renegade and Coyote. There was a motion, second, that the WPAC will in conjunction with the other local groups approach the CPD Board of Commissioners in support of lower fees for the Renegade Art Fair and Around the Coyote. Motion carried. Doug Wood will coordinate the effort.
    3. Climbing Wall for Carnival, Jeff for Julie Dickenson. No action on the climbing wall for the carnival.
    4. Banner, Doug Wood Doug presented the banner for the summer events. All approved.
  3. Supervisors Report, Kelly Torres
    1. Windows scheduled to be replaced this week after broken by vandals.
    2. A successful basketball season for ages 4 – 12 comes to an end. He will be starting a basketball program for ages 13 years and up. He is still looking for volunteer referees. Registration for baseball ages 5, 6, 7 is full and ages 8,9,10 half full.
  4. Treasures Report, Nick Sommers
    Ending balance $7,652.92. $100 scholarship for basketball not allocated yet. May be transferred to baseball.
  5. Committee Reports
    1. Amy and Deborah not in attendance, Jeff Allen reported. Jeff and Julie met with Amy and Deborah to discuss some of their ideas such as inputting railroad ties and fencing. Doug commented that Robert Steele offered to have a sign that states the responsibilities of the dog park are from the owners and that the dog park is a collaborative effort that needs community support. Jeff will follow up with this. Many dogs have been off their leash in the park. CAPS said they would give Kelly warning tickets to pass out to the dog owners. Kelly has not received. Elaine Coorens requested a motion to request Ald. Flores assist the council in getting support from the police to enforce the leash law. Motion carried. Jeff will contact Ald. Flores. Doug requested that Amy and Deborah educate the dog owners of the rules of the park. They could have a table at
      Earth Day. Jeff will communicate with Amy and Deborah.
    2. Fountain Court Committee, Doug Wood, Doug informed the new attendees of the meeting of the upcoming events. He requested help selling program ads. The money goes to pay for the music first and then the excess goes to the fountain court.
    3. Marketing, Jeff reports that Julie is continuing to work on a quarterly newsletter modeled after Commercial Park. He passed out a copy of the events listing on the current website. Send comments to Julie or ourwickerpark.org.
    4. Children’s Carnival, Kelly Greeby reported she has a graphic designer to design posters pro bono; new events are a singer from Musical Magic, Moroccan tent, puppet show, and some adult raffle items. Kinko’s donated a banner and a discount on the posters and post cards
    5. Movie. No sponsored found as of today.
    6. Renegade Art fair previously discussed in 2b.
  6. Meeting adjourned at 9:05. Next meeting is April 17th at 7:30 p.m. in the fieldhouse.