Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes May 15, 2006

Attendees: Jeff Allen, Elaine Coorens, Richard Tilley, John Shirk, Doug Wood, A. Torres, Kelly Greeby, Donna Whitacre, Nick Sommers, Julie Dickinson, Rich Seng, Amy James , Denise Browning

  • Approval of April Meeting minutes: Amendments include: The fountain court project has been approved by the CPD for the design but not for the donor recognition. The M, W, F trash pickup is for dumpsters; all other trash removal sporadic. Julie will make the changes to the minutes
  • Children’s Carnival reported by Kelly Greeby
    • Scheduled for June 17th from 10-2.
    • All adult prizes secured, children’s well on its way. Some of the activities and sponsors are: WP/Buckton library to do story time, Steckman will do a big band stage, climbing wall, moonwalk, clown, jewelry making, Bubbles Academy will do
      an event. Banner to hang in playground. Julie presented the layout. Volunteers needs at the day of the event. Contact Julie or Kelly Greeby.
  • Dog Park reported by Amy James
    • Raised $900 at fundraiser
    • This Saturday will put improvements in: new benches, chicken wire around the base of the fence, placement of boards to prevent gravel spillage, decking over muddy area.
    • CPD fixed water fountain.
    • Requests more consistent trash removal.
    • “Curb your dog” signs to be placed at all 6 park entrances. Motion approved.
    • Amy requested to be involved in the sign with rules to be places in DFA
  • Rhyme Spitters represented by Rich Seng
    • Rhyme Spitters is seeking approval from the WPAC to use the park for a hip hop event where MC’s compete in a tournament. Rich organizes and films the event. Date of the event is July 29th from 12 to 5. The event will take place in 4 stations behind the basketball court. Last year there were 161 participants.
    • Advisory Council supports the event and asks for the following requirements: that Rich/Rhyme Spitters be responsible for trash removal, set up/take down of tables, presence of an overtime CPD staff person, security (preferably not undercover), and a list of volunteers. Rich will discuss the event with Regina at the CPD next and will contact WPAC via email regarding the above requirements.
  • Supervisor’s Report reported by Kelly Torres
    • Computer is down, got a replacement mouse and printer thru donations.
    • CPD does not supply computers to the small local parks
    • E. Corres and J. Dickinson will look into cost of new computer
    • CPD landscapers still not picking up trash barrels on a consistent basis.
    • Garden club will fundraise to pay some of those who sometimes live in the park to pick up trash.
  • Treasures report reported by Nick Sommers
    • Statement of accounts provided. Ending balance is $8,766. Deposits of $1,300 from carnival sponsorship which a portion will be used to cover the carnival expenses.
    • Parkways Foundation statement of accounts provided by Denise Browning.
    • Current balance of $7,600.
  • Committee Reports
    • Fountain Court reported by Doug Wood
      • Donor recognition is still pending decision from CPD. The first choice is to put donor names on plaques on the benches and urns. Second choice is to put one granite plaque at the entrance of the fountain court or at the window looking out onto the fountain. Proposed format/layout of the plaque proposed by Doug is supported by WPAC.
      • Symphonic performances are scheduled for four Sunday mornings throughout the summer. $5 donation request to sit in chairs. Programs with sponsor information will be distributed. Volunteers needed to usher, crowd control and at promotions table.
      • Handouts with details of the various events were provided.
    • Playground reported by Julie Dickenson
      • Meeting with the CPD May 16th to review design layouts for mud issue. Gates “will happen” per CPD, but may not be for some time. Toucan broken, again.
      • Likely due to adult usage. Discussion of signage saying “children only” or “up to 100 pounds”.
    • Movie reported by Julie Dickenson
      • P. Debreceny confirmed Allstate will pay for/sponsor the movie in the park.
      • Movie title not yet confirmed. Additional funds raised from North Coast Video and White Hen to support promotion efforts.
  • Other Business
    • Security Cameras:
      • J. Dickinson prompted a discussion of what the advisory councils’ opinion is regarding placing security cameras at the park per the meeting with Ald. Flores. The council remains neutral on this subject. Attendee’s voiced that they would prefer to have additional staff and strategic police presence over cameras.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Submitted by
Donna Whitacre

Next Meeting Monday, June 19th at 7:30 p.m. in the fieldhouse.