Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes—September 2006

Date: September 18, 2006
Present: Kelly Torres (Park Supervisor), Kathe Telingator, Jeff Allen (WPAC Co-President), Denise Browning, Nick Sommers (WPAC Treasurer), Doug Wood, Elaine Coorens, Susan Fontana, Richard Tilley, D. R. Edwards (Acting Secretary for this meeting)

  1. Approval of August minutes: Nick motioned to approve the minutes; Denise seconded. The minutes were approved by unanimous vote.
  2. Supervisor’s Report (Kelly Torres):
    1. Tile Unveiling: The event went very well with the Carol Tarnoff (project designer), the Advisory Council, Garden club, the Art Committee, the children and their parents. Food donated by the Garden club and White Hen.
    2. Around the Coyote: This event also went very well. Security was a big help. Kelly is still waiting on receipt of the contract for the Park Partnership.
    3. Art Classes: The Garden Club and Around the Coyote will be presenting one art class per week (7-8yr olds) in the park for the after-school kids. Doug is checking on the status of the park partnership between the Coyote and the Park District. The Around the Coyote will fund the stipend for one teacher and some art supplies; the garden club members will pay for the other class and the Friday Garden Class and bulb planting. The Park Partnership has been in debate for 1.5 years.
    4. Movie in the Park: Another event that turned out very well. Approximately 500-700 people attended. Julie made extra effort along with the kid volunteers.
    5. Renegade: There was a very good crowd with very little damage to the park; very good security assistance. George did such a great job it would be nice to have him work for the park full time and year round.
    6. Air Conditioning: The Park may be able to get three window units for a cost of $2,300.00. It was the consensus that air conditioning for the entire field house would be preferable. Kelly will explore if this is possible.
    7. Floor Hockey & Soccer: Floor hockey is gearing up for another season. Last year about 100 kids participated, but the park could use more kids and teams. Games will be on Saturdays. Soccer will be for beginners, rather than a league, on Thursdays from 6-8. There was an extended discussion of funding and use of proceeds.
    8. Moms, Pops, & Tots: This program is very popular and successful with up to 120 participants. This program will begin again in October.
  3. Other discussions
    1. Alderman’s Meeting in the Park: Manny Flores is planning a community event regarding Wicker Park schools to be held in the field house on the second Saturday in October.
    2. Steckman’s Music: This program for younger children has started, but so far attendance is low. Steckman’s would like to add piano. Attendance may increase when Moms, Pops & Tots resumes.
    3. Master Chang: This Tae Kwon Do program has resumed on Wednesdays.
    4. Computers: The Park has received two computers for the kids in the Park (Kelly has chosen not to use one of them for his office; he should have one).
    5. Budget Hearings: Scheduled for tomorrow night. Hopefully, the Park will get the budget items it has requested.
    6. Kathe Telingator reported on the status of the Oppenheimer-Pick benches in the playground—should be installed this fall and dedicated in the spring.
  4. Nominations: Denise Browning, Susan Fontana, D.R. Edwards and Richard Tilley were nominated to be members of the Executive Committee, along with the chairs of all committees. Elections will take place in October at the Monthly Membership Meeting.

[Meeting adjourned after Acting Secretary had to leave.]