Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes
GOALS: finalize Valentines Day, Confirm Carnival and Movie dates & volunteers

Date: February, 13, 2007

Present: Herb Moore, Joshua Taylor, Lisa Muelhme, Doug Wood, Denise Browning, Susan Fontana, Kelly Torres and John Shirk came in late, Julie Dickinson and Sylvia Ramos checked in via phone.

  1. Approval of December minutes: January Minutes approved
  2. Supervisor’s Report (Kelly Torres):
    1. Budget Report Update
      Status and Timeline of Hiring
      1. The New Recreation Leader for Park Kids: March 1, 2007 is the earliest some one can start. There seems to be some question as to the title of the new Rec. Leader if it is a “Park Kids Grow” teacher or just a regular Rec. Leader. This conversation was had by Art Richardson, Susan Fontana and Kelly Torres on two separate occasions. This needs clarification.
      2. Seasonal Attendant: Start Date is April 1, 2007
      3. Seasonal Landscaper: Start Date is April 1, 2007
    2. Dog Park: Janis Taylor’s recruiting results and communications with new committee. Herb Moore was in attendance for the DFA in our park, set up Meeting on March 21, 2007 @ 7pm in the field house to discuss, March 24th clean up, fund raising efforts and new contacts.
    3. Update and timetable for installation/ work orders
      1. Air conditioning: work order in for early spring (thinks this entails new power, found out that a hvac would cost $6,000)
      2. Window shades are here but work order for putting them up is the hold up: Shades were installed
      3. the work order/requisition for the balance of the shades for the rest of the building: no action taken
      4. the work order for fixing the gym PA system: no action taken
      5. the work order for fixing the gutters: has been in the system too long (over a year) need to resubmit the order
      6. the work order for fixing the leaks in the roof (growing room and gym): no action taken
      7. discussion about the broken mens/womens toilets: didn’t want the stench for Valentine’s Day Dance so didn’t put in a work order yet…the toilets will need to be rooted and replaced.
    4. Landscaping— snow blower: snow blower currently in use but no gas/oil, need to sign a volunteer form in order to help with snow removal. Volunteer forms need to be signed to use the power washer too, liability issues. Snow Blower–frequency of visits in late January and early February what was accomplished? Susan spoke with Art Richardson about this; the CPD has been doing snow removal since conversation. The CPD is responsible for the “outside of the park” the park attendants are responsible for the “interior walkways”. Report on communications to solve this problem with assistance from Area Manager, etc.: suggestion to have a log book dated and action that needs to be taken so everyone knows what all needs to be done including park staff on duty.
    5. Graffiti gang signs in sidewalk: no action taken
  3. Treasurer’s Report, Richard Tilley,: Richard emailed his report
    Balance as of 02/01/07   $3,171.93
    Obligations   76.44
    Holstein Run   2,500.00
    Mud Bog Fix   25.00
    Web Site Registration   570.49

    Parkways Foundation funds, Denise Browning—No Action.

  4. Committee Reports
    1. Events: Susan Fontana– community grants, follow-up letter to CPD landscaping Susan spoke with Art Richardson about staffing issues mentioned above and about landscaping needs and supplies. We were told that we are responsible for the interior snow removal and that they were working on getting our staff position filled but there seemed to be some discussion from “higher up” about the rec. leader position. We just need to put in for supplies and Art will make sure we have enough trash bags and such.
      Community grants: no action taken, no time.
    2. Fountain Court Committee, Doug Wood: FOTP grant submitted and Brochure being worked on once we have prices confirmed.
    3. Garden Club, and Park Kids Programming, FOTP Grant Doug Wood
    4. Playground: Julie Dickinson Bear bog, Oppenheimer Project Status, Date of Installation Communications with Ted Oppenheimer Julie reported via phone and email that we should be on target for starting in March. We need to figure out a party time and who is hosting, dates that don’t work are March 24th or April 21st.
    5. The Bear Bog will be fixed during this time and the WPAC will be paying $2500 towards repairs.
  5. 2007 Events
    1. Valentine’s Day—Wednesday, February 14
      1. What is needed? Number of RSVP’s PA system, Polaroid camera, decorations, food.
      2. Valentine’s Day Dance: February 14, 2007 from 6-8pm set up starts: 2:00 by park staff and Lisa, others arrive 3:30pm
      3. Tear down by park staff and volunteers 8pm-9:30pm
      4. Raffle: tickets/gifts from Denise/John/Lisa/Sylvia
      5. Camera, Cake, Drinks, Cups/Napkins/Plates/Forks: CPD
      6. Food, Decorations, DJ, Craft: Pritzker, Citichurch, Urban Encounters, WPAC, Donations from Individuals.
      7. 44 park kids and parents have signed up (@100people)
      8. Penny’s Noodles: dumplings
      9. Sound System: Citichurch
      10. Pritzker: Decorations, Craft project and DJ
    2. Volunteer Days: March 24 and Earthday—Saturday, April 21—Doug Submitted list of requests—see attachment
    3. Plant Sale—Saturday, Sunday May 5-6 10am-3pm—Doug Submitted list of requests—see attachment Fundraiser for the Gardens and Children’s Programming
    4. 2007 Garden Socials: Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, August 12…1-5PM—Doug Submitted list of requests—see attachment Fundraiser for the Gardens and Children’s Programming
    5. Children’s Carnival—Sunday June 3: 9am-3PM
      No Action Taken, neither Julie or Sylvia were in attendance
      1. Confirm date with Regina?
      2. Volunteers already committed
      3. Julie 0-5 yr olds volunteer status
        Sylvia Involvement of other schools
    6. Movie in the Park: Submitted dates of Sept. 7th, 8th, 9th (we needed to submit 3 dates) Movie is Sept. 8th
      Allstate will be sponsoring the movies in the park this year, same as last year
      1. Confirmations of date from Regina. List of available movies: no action taken
      2. Committee Chair and number of volunteers needed: no action taken
      3. Volunteers already committed: no action taken
    7. Halloween. Thanksgiving, Dec. Holidays
  6. Other Topics: No time to discuss
    1. Children’s programming volunteers and funding
    2. Reading programming for tots
    3. Tutoring programming for after school
    4. Social sciences (study a culture, current events locally/nationally/globally)
    5. Teen programming
    6. Senior programming
    7. Fund raising committee for programming
    8. Fund raising committee for the fountain court