Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Date: September 11, 2007
Present: D. R. Edwards, Laura E. Machado, John Shirk, Doug Wood, Susan Fontana, Richard Tilley, Denise Browning, Cynthia Rosario, Tim Kolecke, Sylvia Ramos, Kelly Torres (Park Supervisor)

  1. August Minutes (Ms. Edwards). Mr. Tilley moved to approve the minutes. Mr. Wood seconded. The minutes were approved by unanimous vote.
  2. Treasurer’s Report (Mr. Tilley). Mr. Tilley passed out a written report and noted that a $2,000 check was received from the Chamber. Mr. Wood directed that $800 be deposited into the Parkways account and $1,200 into the Fountain account.
  3. Movie (Ms. Ramos): Ms. Ramos reported that the contributions had yet to be tallied since the event had just occurred. About 350-375 people attended; the volunteers were exceptional; special thanks are due Cold Stone, Citichurch, John Shirk, Josh Taylor, Allstate for paying for the movie, the children who collected donations, and many others. Suggestions were made for next year, which included
    1. CPD sent un-popped popcorn just before the event started, which would have been too late, but we already had popped popcorn to distribute;
    2. too many sodas were purchased, but these can be used for Park Kids programs;
    3. perhaps we could have a meeting next year two weeks before the event; and
    4. we could approach the school to provide parking.
  4. Dog Park (Mr. Kolecke). The dog park could use more trash bags and assistance getting the trashcans to the curb for pick up.
  5. Park Budget (Mr. Wood). Mr. Wood passed out a revised proposed budget for the Park. He has obtained 524 signatures in support and numerous letters. Mr. Wood and Ms. Fontana will present these at the budget hearing.
  6. Wicker Park Garden Club (Mr. Wood): Mr. Wood passed out a written report of the activities of the Garden Club. Rather than a summary in these minutes, he asked that his report be attached to these minutes so that there will be a detailed history in the WPAC minutes of what that organization is doing.
  7. Rhyme Spitters (Ms. Fontana): All went well with this event. Ms. Fontana presented a letter from Rhyme Spitters. Suggestion for next year was to have a rain contingency plan.
  8. Do Division: This event, scheduled for 9/15 and 9/16, has asked for volunteers. This conflicts with another volunteer effort, namely the curb-appeal project at Pritzker.
  9. Drug Dealing and Use in the Park: This is becoming more of a concern. It will be addressed at the upcoming CAPS meeting.
  10. Supervisor’s Report (Mr. Torres).
    1. The Park will have new Saturday programs, organized and run by Ms. Rodriguez.
    2. The Park has obtained 2 Rec Leaders, on loan from Humboldt Park. The Park is looking for permanent Rec Leaders. Attention must be paid to the accounting of these positions in the Park’s budget. The Park now has a Seasonal Attendant and a Landscaper.
    3. The Park has a new pool table. Mr. Torres is trying to donate the old one to the seniors.
    4. The Fountain should stay on till the end of the month.
    5. The Park needs soap.
    6. Walls will be painted soon.
    7. The air conditioners will be removed for winter.
    8. Ms. Fontana asked it there could be shades for Room 1, changing station in the men’s room, and Diaper Genies in both the men’s and ladies’ rooms.
    9. Moms and Tots is a great success (100-120 participants); Park Kids has 70 kids; floor hockey sign-up has been low; Mad Science will not take place at the Park.
    10. Ms. Rodriguez will coordinate Halloween/Park Kids party, with the assistance of Ms. Ramos and Ms. Edwards.

Meeting was adjourned. Next meeting will be October 9 at 7:00 p.m. in the Field House.

REPORT–TUESDAY, September 11, 2007–Minutes ATTACHMENT

  1. FOUNTAIN SIGNS: Fountain Signs work to keep people out of fountain–3 were removed in the last 2 weeks and were replaced last Saturday
  2. DEAD TREE: The Colorado Blue Spruce was removed due to bag worms–we will hold a workshop on Saturday, September 29 at 10am–The Care of Trees-Charlie Miller to teach people to look at their tree’s health. This is free for regular garden volunteers, the CPD Design Class and $15 for others. New trees seem to be living–many other trees need pruning.
    1. Funds: Parkways 35,500; Park District ($6,000–$4,000 Mitchell; $2,000 Flores menu money to be billed to the city) total $41,550 WPAC Account: $1,200–Earmarked for Fountain Court Project Cost (Urns Benches Plaque) $41,504
    2. Paperwork Park District: In August they requested the location of funds 5 times–responded 5 times. The orders were sent from Project Director in late July to be signed–this is called JOC Proposal–it was approved and sent to Contractor on Sept. 4. This NTP will be check to see date of arrival–6-10 weeks from Sept. 4.
  4. PARK KIDS GROW: The Cool Globes Project. The children in Park Kids Grow-Garden will study photos of the Cool Globes and learn about greening technology–3 Thursdays in September. In addition, they will construct a globe during these three weeks that delivers a greening message. Teachers: Denise Browning, Leslie Zimmerman, Amy Brinkman. On Saturday, October 13 at 3pm–the Garden Club will present its Kick off Lecture series event–Wendy Abrams–globe designer, two artists, the department of the Environment, and Tecta-America will present a talk at the Around the Coyote Festival.
  5. ART CLASSES–The Coyote began teaching art classes today and will teach two age groups on alternating Tuesdays.
  6. PARKWAYS FOUNDATION-GARDEN INITIATIVE–PARKWAYS MEETING IN NOV AT WICKER: The Parkways Foundation–offered $1500 grants to officially registered community gardens–our garden is one of those–we applied for funding for the bulbs that will be designed into the park gardens by the Park Kids Grow class and the Saturday Garden Design Class. SPECIAL NOVEMBER MEETING: The Parkways Foundation hopes to hold its annual board of Directors meeting in our park in November. They have asked me to present the history of our work with park design, children’s classes, and park development.
  7. FALL GARDEN DESIGN: The Fall Saturday Garden Design Class–taught by the Wicker Park Garden Club in collaboration with the Chicago Park District will begin Saturday, September 29. This has been a huge success in the spring and summer sessions, bringing 15 students/session to our park from all over the city. The gardeners have designed new and exciting gardens for their homes from their studies in our park.
  8. PRIZKER CURB APPEAL–The Garden Club was approached by KC MacQueen to seek assistance in improving Pritzker curb appeal. Volunteer days are Sundays, Sept 16 and 23 from 8am-1PM. Other Coordinators project–Dick Carpenter, Kristin Schrepferman, Joyce Coffee
  9. FRENCH DRAIN–The French Drain has not been Completed to remove water from Sidewalks. Project was proposed in May 2007–volunteers were offered–Park District stated they would do it this summer. Not done.