Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

PRESENT: Cynthia Rosario, Denise Browning, Susan Fontana, Richard Tilley, Doug Wood, John Shirk, Sylvia Ramos, Dave (no last name)

PRESENT – But left Early: Bill Murray, Adam Housely, Tim Kolecke

  1. Minutes-April Minutes (Doug Wood, Secretary): Minutes were read and approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report (Richard Tilley). Richard presented a written report.
  3. Dog Park Update-Adam Housely: Dog Park was cleaned–events will happen–all will be announced-soon.
  4. Web Update -Tim Kolecke–Tim Updated and/or will update website to include information on Wicker Park Trio, Carnival, Movie in the Park, and Farmer’s Market.
  5. Report from Area 2 Manager- Cynthia Rosario
    1. TOPICS
      1. STAFF POSITIONS NOT FILLED: Park Supervisor, Part Time Attendant, Seasonal Attendants, Seasonal Landscaper
      2. Confirmations on items requested for Carnival and Wicker Park Trio Series
      3. Other pending items (Capital Improvements, French Drain, Roof, Shades, Air Conditioning) not addressed.
    2. MS. ROSARIO’S DETAILED REPORT: Ms. Rosario reported that all these topics are ‘being worked on’ — that is –no specific answers could be given. She stated that the Teen Night was to be held and that staff would all be present to assist.
  6. Carnival Report-Josh and David were not present. They provided a layout and list of groups committed. They were still waiting on copy of permit from Park, printing from Park District, confirmation on items from Park District. Sylvia stated that no schools responded to her requests, but, Pritzker would have a table.
  7. Green Roof Report – Susan Fontana – Susan stated that she was still waiting on the roof specs. Dana Andrews agreed to help her elucidate the materials. She set up a meeting with Active Alarms, as suggested by the Park District, but, Active Alarms did not appear at the meeting. Another meeting is being scheduled with that group.
  8. Wicker Park Trio–Doug Wood All is proceeding–volunteers needed.
  9. Chamber Festival — meeting will take place.
  10. Discussion of the Security Cameras: Dave (no last name) stated that he did not approve of security cameras that had microphones attached. He was under the impression that the installation was all set to go – we assured him that this was a project that was under study and that no action or exact dates of installation had been set – as stated in the minutes from the previous meeting that he had received.
  11. Recruiting WPAC – Doug Wood Mr. Wood stated that it is necessary to try to solicit more members who would head committees and volunteer at events. Group will think about it.

AJOURNED AT 8:25 – Next meeting Tuesday June 10, 7 PM Field House