Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

PRESENT: Denise Browning, Susan Fontana, Richard Tilley, Doug Wood, John Shirk, Josh Taylor, David Wanger, Tim Kolecke, Ada Ramirez (for Cynthia Rosario), Dave (no last name), Leticia Chavez (attended part of the meeting)

  1. Minutes-May Minutes (Doug Wood, Secretary): Minutes were read and approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report (Richard Tilley). Richard presented a written report.
  3. Dog Park Update-Adam Housely: No Dog Park Representative-no report.
  4. Web Update -Tim Kolecke –Tim suggested we consider Pay Pal options. He will bring details to the July Meeting.
  5. Report from Area 2 Manager- Cynthia Rosario–not present.
  6. Carnival Report-Josh and David reported on the Carnival held Sunday, June 8–a huge success. They were pleased that the community ‘rallied around’ the event. David and his committee recruited forty-five volunteers. The balloons on the fence provide a great ambiance and aided in day of event advertising. The Farmer’s Market as set up in the community table site–moving of the vendors was done by Doug Wood–in the absence of Park District executive park staff on duty. The group did not receive posters from Cynthia and they printed posters at their expense. All items were delivered by the riggers; locations changes for climbing wall, etc were changed the day of event-due to rain–by David and Doug–in the absence of park staff (Cynthia Rosario) being present at that time – for day of event decisions. They will provide a complete budget with suggestions for next year at the July meeting.
  7. Green Roof Report – Susan Fontana – Susan stated that she was still waiting on the roof specs. Currently, Cynthia Rosario, Dana Andrews, and Brenden Daley (Executive Assistant for Greening Initiative) – a new Park District Employee – Dept. of Natural Resources – will meet with Susan within the next month to elucidate details and activate action.
  8. Wicker Park Trio–Doug Wood All is proceeding–volunteers needed for day of event. Details are pending: time of arrival of tents, chairs, and Farmer’s Market negotiations for space usage–that is–will they stay north of the LeMoyne Sidewalk and not use electric–permitted for use by the Trio. These were issues at the Carnival–this as reported to Park Staff and Park Staff were requested to be present to negotiate space usage at the two upcoming music concerts.
  9. Chamber Festival — meeting will take place.
  10. Discussion of the Security Cameras: Dave (no last name) attended the Meeting again this month. He stated that he did not approve of security cameras that had microphones attached.
  11. Discussion of New Park Advisory Council Documents. Comments:
    The documents are presented as a group of rules to apply to those attempting to create better parks by creating Advisory Councils. As in the previous documents – these documents show no evidence that a cooperative working relationship is intended or desired. There are no assurances that items or enhancements that are placed in a park — will stay in that park.

AJOURNED AT 8:25 – Next meeting Tuesday, July 8, 7 PM Field House