Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

PRESENT: Denise Browning, Susan Fontana, Richard Tilley, Doug Wood, John Shirk, Tim Kolecke, John Davidson, Ryan Jackson, Cynthia Rosario

  1. Minutes-June Minutes (Doug Wood, Secretary): Minutes were read and approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report (Richard Tilley). Richard presented a written report.
  3. Soft Ball Representative- Ryan Jackson: Ryan Jackson attended the meeting after being invited by John Davidson, park supervisor. He pointed out that quite a bit of work needed to be done to the bases, benches, field slopes, and that the soccer players and dogs have destroyed the field. He requested and John Davidson agreed to provide at least two garbage cans near the field-to be emptied throughout the day- Sundays. He was informed by Doug Wood that our Park received a capital improved (benches and warm-up cage) to provide an upgrade to the field. Doug agreed to send Ryan the information from the Park District Website and Cynthia Rosario is to check on the status of date of installation of the upgrade. The group also needs a rake and shovel. It was pointed out that park district rakes and hose cart are currently stored in the men’s shower.
  4. Dog Park Update-Adam Housely: The Dog Park Committee will have a fundraiser on July 19 in the dog park. The group needs more dog bags from Park District. The water outlet is broken.
  5. Web Update -Tim Kolecke –Tim reported on the details of employing Pay Pal for the WPAC website. He stated that if instituted, pay pal would be an asset to our fundraising – donations initiatives.
  6. Report from Area 2 Manager- Cynthia Rosario—John Davidson, new Park Supervisor was introduced. A meet-greet was set up earlier in the month.
  7. Carnival Report-Josh and David were not present to deliver a final report-moved to August.
  8. The Budget Requests for 2009 were discussed. Ms. Rosario and Mr. Davidson suggested that we request two full time physical instructors and retain the 1/2 time position. All other requests for staff and capital improvements were supported but not discussed in detail. FINAL DRAFT attached.
  9. Green Roof Report – Susan Fontana – Susan stated that she was still waiting on the roof specs. Currently, Cynthia Rosario, Dana Andrews, and Brenden Daley (Executive Assistant for Greening Initiative) – a new Park District Employee – Dept. of Natural Resources. Susan is scheduled to meet with Brian this month to discuss the roof and other green initiatives.
  10. Wicker Park Trio–Doug Wood reported that the opening party and concert to honor the donors of the Fountain Court Enhancements was a huge success. Also, the jazz performance the following week was well received. Currently, Crane’s Chicago Business is working on an article about the series and the importance of community initiated fundraising, program development, and events planning in creating Wicker Park as a successful park to be used as a model for other developing parks. The article is to appear in late July.
  11. Chamber Festival – final meeting will take place—organized by Susan Fontana and Paula Barrington-Chamber.
  12. Movie in the Park – To be held Thursday, August 7. The group asked about the timetables for the movie arrival and popcorn, discussed more popcorn, bug spray, extra trash cans. Susan Fontana reported that Josh and Citichurch would head up the volunteer force for this event.
  13. A note was received from DR Edwards: She asked for softball field upgrade, soccer goals, volley ball net, improve the lockers and locker room. She says she knows that soccer and volleyball are very popular and the equipment would be used by many people-especially-after school.

AJOURNED AT 9PM – Next meeting Tuesday, August 12, 7 PM Field House