Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

PRESENT: Denise Browning, Richard Tilley, Doug Wood, Adam Housley, John Shirk, Tim Kolecke, John Davidson, Ryan Jackson, Sylvia Ramos

Cynthia Rosario – Area 2 Manager-ABSENT in Meeting at Smith Park.

  1. Minutes-July Minutes (Doug Wood, Secretary): Minutes were read and approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report (Richard Tilley). Richard presented a written report.
  3. Meeting Dates Changed – Doug Wood made a motion to change the meetings to the first Tuesday of each month. The motion was seconded and approved – next Meeting Tuesday, September 2, 2008.
  4. Petition Assignments: Doug Wood distributed copies of the petition to support the 2009 Budget Requests to Ryan Jackson (softball player’s signatures), Sylvia Ramos (parents signatures), and Adam Housley (dog park patron signatures). Each person will return signatures at the September 2 meeting. In addition, petitions will be available at the August 17th Jazz Performance, as they have been at all July-August performances.
  5. REPORT from John Davidson – Park Supervisor:
    1. SUMMER CAMPS: John reported that the summer camp was very successful and the currently the park was offering a small Adventure camp for 2 weeks.
    2. UPCOMING EVENTS-Park District Supported:
      1. Drive in Movie DejaBOO and BooGarden: He discussed events that would be presented this fall – a drive in movie complete with high tech transmitters resembling the drive in movie speaker – in the gym and a scarecrow garden -outside. The drive in movie would be held Friday, October 24 for Park Kids (free) and their families and for the community on Saturday October 25 ($5). The scarecrow garden (BooGarden) would only be open to Park Kids participation. Park District funds will be used for these project. Sylvia Ramos discussed the Wicker Park Committee’s scarecrow event and suggested collaborative efforts be set up between the park and the WPC.
      2. Spookey Fountain – he discussed the idea of decorating the fountain with Spiders and dry ice.
      3. December Santa Workshop and Picture idea was outlined.
      4. The Park will not do a Thanksgiving event – but, John stated that the community can do it if interested.
    3. CLASSES for Adults and Children – Sylvia Ramos requested that we look into offering senior classes. Doug Wood stated that the WPAC requested classes for adults for the past 5 years – yet, the fall schedule shows no adult classes and an INCREASE in children’s programming. It was pointed out that the park’s resources are essentially spent on less than 100 children – most of whom do not live in the neighborhood; while neighborhood children and all adults are not served by park programming. John Davidson stated that he would support the development of adult classes.
  6. Dog Park Committee Update-Adam Housely: The Dog Park Committee had a fundraiser on July 19 in the dog park and raised $955.43. The funds will be deposited into the WPAC account and earmarked for Dog Park upgrades. The group needs more dog bags from Park District. The water outlet has been worked on but continues to be broken. The committee is interested in replacing the benches, using the power washer, obtaining push brooms and shovels. It was suggested that the committee discuss the improvements with Janis Taylor and ask for a project manager to draw up plans and to provide a budget for these items to be used for fundraising. The garbage continues to be a problem – perhaps a more frequent change of the cans – especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when DeWarren if off – would work.
  7. Web Page Committee Update –Tim Kolecke –Tim and the council discussed the details of installing an on line petition to the support the 2009 budget requests. Tim will install the system immediately; it will include an email verification feature to insure one time usage – accuracy. Tim reported on the number of hits the web site obtained from July 9-August 11. The number of hits was good and the sources varied, showing our advertising of the site is beginning to work. PHOTOS ON WEBSITE -SYLVIA RAMOS discussed incorporating photos of park onto website – she will send photos to Tim – he will upload them.
  8. Softball Committee – Ryan Jackson – Ryan reported that new bases were installed. He has heard nothing on an update on the installation of the batting cage – capital improvement. The season will end soon.
  9. Room Rentals-Wicker Park Committee – In the absence of a representative (Karen Moran) from the Wicker Park Committee, Denise Browning stated that the WPC was interested in confirming a room request for an October event. John Davidson stated that the room request was on the books and pending – final approval from the Partnership review.
  10. Carnival Report-Josh and David were not present to deliver a final report-moved to September.
  11. Performance Committee – Wicker Park Trio–Doug Wood reported that 400 programs were distributed at each of the performances and that the concerts were well received. Communications to set shows were difficult.
  12. Education & Garden Committee – Doug Wood reported that Tim Mitchell and Adam Schwerner invited the WPGarden Club to design the 2009 Community Gardens in the Parks exhibit at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show to be held at Navy Pier. WPGarden will coordinate all community gardens to work on this project and offer the following classes – Park Kids Grow – Sept-Oct; a series of Greening Lectures Nov-April, and teach a Chicago Park District Class – Designing for the Flower and Garden Show -a class offered to all Chicagoland residents to be held at Wicker Park and in the Conservatories. Fall classes taught by the Coyote, Chang and Steckman are being negotiated by John Davidson. In addition, Wood is working to confirm the schedule for a Yoga teacher for the fall 2008 session.
  13. Movie in the Park –Thursday, August 7.- The event was successful; the small amount of popcorn provided was the park district was enhanced with popcorn and coffee provided by the WPAC and WPBT vendors – respectively.

MEETING ADJOURNED AT 9PM – NEXT MEETING- Tuesday, September 2, 2008