Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

PRESENT: Denise Browning, Susan Fontana, Richard Tilley, Doug Wood, Adam Housley, John Shirk, John Davidson, Sylvia Ramos, Bill Murray, Casey Chin, Ed Rhee, Jane Wenger, Cynthia Rosario

  1. Minutes-August Minutes (Doug Wood, Secretary): Minutes were read and approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report (Richard Tilley). Richard presented a written report. Richard Tilley also asked to have another signer for the checks – Denise Browning will be the second signer.
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Dog Park Update – Adam Housely – The Committee will a cleaning Day Saturday, September 20, 10:30am – 3pm. The water is still broken, tree dead – needs to be removed. There is a key for dog park shed that can be obtained in the office. The group will work to obtain stable benches in the dog park.
    2. Website Update – Tim Kolecke not present – no report
    3. Softball Update – Ryan Jackson not present – no report.
    4. Garden Events & Programming – Doug Wood – Doug Wood reported on the Community Gardens in the Parks Exhibit and Programming for the 2009 Flower and Garden Show. The exhibit is sponsored by the Chicago Park District. Funding from Parkways Foundation for support of the Artist Stipend and bamboo for the kites has been submitted. Park Kid Grow will begin Thursday, September 18, the children will learn about green technologies, plant bulbs for the urn displays, and make paper for the kites sculpture for the Flower and Garden Show. This is funded by WPGarden Club. Additional Educational programming for greening will be offered by the garden club from November-April. A special workshop will be offered from Jan-March to force plants for the show-this will be offered as a class for Wicker Park and will be on the Park District Website in class offerings. Additional promotions will be conducted for this class soliciting Master Gardeners, city wide Garden Clubs, and members of groups that have created Community Gardens in other parks. He reported that Parkways Foundation would tour the park on Wednesday, September 10 at 10am.
    5. Greening Initiative – Susan Fontana – Susan reported on a meeting she had with Brendan Daley, Department of Natural Resources – Greening Initiative Division. They discussed solar panels to be added to a new roof, the placement of the rain barrel (wrong place) and that no one knew how it got there, new permeable walkways, recylce bins, and how to obtain specs for the roof. Timetables for these initiatives are pending.
    6. Educational Programming – Doug Wood – A report was given on a education development survey of adults held during the last Jazz performance. The results of that survey are:
      • EXERCISE FORMS – Most Wanted PM times -Aerobics-19, Jazzercise-5, VolleyBall-16, Yoga-49
      • OTHER Exercise SUGGESTIONS: Badminton, Pilates
      • ART FORMS- Most Wanted PM Times – some weekends for Art Techs Drawing-24, Jazz Dance-9, Modern Dance-14, Painting-26, Sculpture-21
      • OTHER Art Form SUGGESTIONS: Jazz Music Survey Class
      • GARDEN – Lectures and Garden Work – PM and Weekend -35
      • GUESTS- Casey Chin and Ed Rhee attended the meeting – they had filled out surveys and wanted to know when Classes would begin.
      • RESOLUTION: Rhonda Kantor has agreed to teach. All teachers would need to prove that they have liability insurance, the WPAC would be responsible for promotions and paying the teacher. This protocol is pending approval by Art Richardson. Classes are to being on Tuesday, September 16 and run for 7 weeks. Students are to pay $15/class, an average fee, and bring their own mats.
    7. Budget Hearings – Report – Doug Wood – The budget hearing for the Central Region will be held in September. The park district announced a large budget shortfall. To address this shortfall it was proposed to present the report to the hearing panel as a request for partnership in roof replacement, drain installation, and programming expansion – with a special request for security to stop drinking and drug sales that may be supported by neighborhood fundraising.
    8. Report from Pritzker – Sylvia Ramos – She reported on open houses at Pritzker – September 9 (k-3) and September 11 (4-8). Both Susan Fontana and John Davidson committed to attend these events.
  4. REPORT FROM JOHN DAVIDSON- PARK SUPERVISOR – NO REPORT – He was asked when the orientation for Park Kids parents would be held – September 18 in the gym.
  6. EVENTS IN THE PARK REPORT – No detailed information was available on the details for the Urban Assault Bike Ride to be held in Wicker Park on Sunday, September 28. Information available – Set up 7am-9am; event held in ‘open space.’ Total number attending? Number in Park at one time – 25.

Maps of Park Usage areas, garbage can locations, and French Drains were distributed and agreed to be used.

MEETING ADJOURNED AT 8:55 PM. -NEXT MEETING – Tuesday, October 7 at 7PM-Wicker Park Field House.