Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Submitted Susan Fontana

WPAC Agenda Goal: Budget Fall programming

  1. Sign in and introductions Denise Browning, Susan Fontana, Tim Kolecke, Ryan Jackson and John Davidson were in attendance.
  2. September Minutes approval Minutes were read, John Davidson said he did have a report and would submit a 3 sentence report to correct the minutes. We were not sure we had a quorum to vote on the minutes.
  3. Treasurer's Report- Richard Tilley in England but sent report
  4. Committee Reports
    1. Dog Park Update, Cleaning Day-Adam Housely not present, no report
    2. Web Update-Tim Kolecke: more traffic on the web page was going to add the yoga page and put the past events back on the page, they are currently only on the calendar
    3. Softball- Ryan Jackson-season ended 2 weeks ago, preview of upcoming season, better communication between teams & park/consortium of players to police themselves and discussion of a privatized league.
    4. Park Gardens-Doug Wood: not present, Saturday volunteer gardening classes going well.
    5. Park Kids Art & Gardening Classes-Doug Wood: not present, paper making going well.
  5. Report on Events
    1. Pritzker open house-Sylvia Ramos, Susan Fontana, John Davidson: went well, we could have used more volunteers to man the park table to discuss park programming and community projects.
    2. Park Kids parents Orientation –John Davidson: same night as the WPAC Education Fair, should be scheduled for an early date @ start of the school
    3. Budget hearings- Doug Wood: not present, presented budget and helped get the roof meeting.
    4. Yoga-Doug Wood, Denise Browning: this is a good class, making a profit, going to shoot for a Nov-Dec. session.
    5. Recycling-Susan Fontana: the community brought their computers/paper to shredding/batteries to be recycled, hosted by WPAC/SSA#33/WPGC/WPAC Computers for Schools and Secure Eco Shred, pictures to be emailed to Tim from flicka for webpage.
    6. Urban Assault-Doug Wood, John Shirk: kind of a nightmare, not well planned out, no signage, communication a problem 450 people on bikes, farmer's market, kids partyŠ
  6. Field House concerns: report: latches on the fence are fixed and see below:
    1. loss of landscaper: left early this position ran out of hours
    2. staffing cuts
    3. emergency lighting: some how is tied in with the main lighting and exhaust fans, needs own switch work orders are in but to no avail.
    4. bear bog fixed
    5. air conditioner, removal: work orders are in but still in windows
    6. French drains: work order is inŠ g. upgrades to softball field: new back stop/benches going in as we speak
    7. banner: approved up @ end of the month
  7. Upcoming Events
    1. Election Day- WPAC Meeting??? Need volunteers to sit at the table, talk about park programming and replenish coffee.
    2. Halloween: banner and fliers out, in-house on 24th for park kids, 25th for community and seniors. Expect 75-100 people for drive-in. Oct.18th scarecrows and pumpkins will be delivered weekend of 26th for park kids decorating.
    3. Thanksgiving: no takers for doing a holiday thing other than the holiday lighting which is on Nov. 16th
    4. Fountain Lighting: Nov. 16th, All ages bring a dish to share and come decorate the fountain.
    5. Winter classes we currently have 70 park kids enrolled, discussed the new hours of the moms/pops/tots, they don't work, adjusting the hours to 9:30am and 10:45am since the numbers have dropped