Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Goal: Budget Fall programming

PRESENT – John Davidson, Cynthia Rosario, Sylvia Ramos, Denise Browning, Susan Fontana, John Shirk, Doug Wood, Adam Housely

  1. Minutes Approved: September and October Minutes were approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report- Richard Tilley – report submitted.
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Dog Park Update, Cleaning Day-Adam Housely – The committee will work on another fundraiser to aid in the purchase of new benches for the dog park. Adam will work with John and Cynthia to coordinate a team to obtain quotes for benches and upgrades to the dogpark. The water was not repaired during the summer season. The trees should be addressed by the arborists.
    2. Web Update-Tim Kolecke – Not Present
    3. Softball- Ryan Jackson – Not Present
    4. Park Gardens-Doug Wood – season is almost over-hundreds of bulbs planted for spring bloom.
    5. Park Kids Art & Gardening Classes-Doug Wood-children are working on paper making for kite sculptures and learning about green technology to serve as docents at the CFGS in March.
    6. Chicago Flower & Garden Show – all is going as scheduled.
  4. John Davidson’s Supervisor Report – see below – submitted via email after meeting.
  5. Winter Partner’s Teaching SCHEDULE – Setting the Winter Session for Park Partners – The group discussed the reasons for the absence of Martial Arts in the Park Kids Scheduling. The group resolved that all Winter Programming would be set by the WPAC December 9, 2008 meeting. John will contact Chang’s and Coyote to determine exact start dates and methods of registering Park Kids for those Programs.
  6. Budget hearings- Doug Wood – The council discussed various options that other parks use to increase programming and park support. Doug agreed to write these ideas in a letter and to send it to Superintendent Mitchell and other CPD staff on Wednesday, November 5.
  7. Enhanced Programming – Doug Wood and Denise Browning discussed the success of the Yoga class and elaborated on the educational lecture series beginning the following week.
  8. Susan Fontana discussed the success of the Community recyling event.
  9. URBAN ASSAULT – John Shirk, Susan Fontana, Denise Browning and Doug Wood discussed the problems inherent in the recent Urban Assault bike – held in many parks – including Wicker. For future events they suggested – more staff, professional race standards, security, and layout clarity. It was noted that all pre-event planning was done by WPAC via phone with the group. The group only had 3 volunteers on duty – the WPAC provided 10 more – and made many suggestions after problems occurred with normal pedestrian traffic. Mike and Lou assisted us in helping to make it work. We cannot allow this event to occur again unless it is planned and coordinated by the Chicago Park District staff.

Special Report Submitted via EMAIL
Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting 11/4/08

Special Events
Haunted Drive In-Movie 10/24, 25

  • 3 shows
  • All had a great time and we had lots of request for making it an annual event
  • Great team building for the staff
  • 10/24 Park kid’s and families -100
  • 10/25 Senior Matinee -16
  • 10/25 community night – 83

Upcoming Special Events
Holiday Movie Nights

  • Friday,12/19 Park kid’s and families
  • Saturday,12/20 Proposed Senior Matinee
  • Sunday,12/20 community night

Valentine’s Day Dance

  • Friday, February 6, 2009
  • $5.00per person
  • 6:30pm -8:00pm

Park Kid’s – Park kid program going great!

  • 10/13 Columbus Day Super Kid’s Day – 28 registered
    • Field trip – Museum of science and Industry (Big Hit)
  • 10/29, 30 Scarecrow making front lawn Kid’s had a great time
  • 10/31 Park Kid’s Halloween Party
    • Carnival and costume judging
    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each age group received the following; Toys are us gift card
    • CD of Halloween music
    • Certificate
  • 11/11 Veteran’s Day Super Kid’s Day 18 currently registered
    • High School Musical 3 at the Pickwick Theater

The Teen Scene

  • Teen Night is hosted once a month during the school year at different fieldhouses through out area 2
  • October’s event – 10/26 Fright fest at Great America 70 teens attended 9am-9pm
  • December’s event – 12/12 Ice skating at Daley Bicentennial Park 6pm-8pm

Regional Special Events
Pumpkin Patch at Humboldt Park on 10/18
Recent Service Request repairs

  • Exhaust fans restrooms, auditorium and supervisor’s office
  • Exterior building light re-lamped
  • Entrance way lights re-lamped
  • Air conditioners removed
  • Mirror replaced in men’s restroom
  • South of fountain light pole re-lamped
  • Playground gate latch north and west gates