Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Goal: Budget Fall programming

PRESENT – Denise Browning, Susan Fontana, John Shirk, Doug Wood, Tim Kolecke, Ryan Johnson

  1. Minutes Approved: November Minutes were approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report- Richard Tilley – report submitted to President Denise Browning who read it.
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Dog Park Update, Adam Housely -Absent Flu
    2. Web Update-Tim Kolecke – Reported more traffic was seen on the website. Requested that Minutes from April 2008 -November 2008 be resubmitted to him – he will then install on website. Also, Tim agreed to update site to include yoga and boot camp classes, Coyote Kids Classes and Garden Classes for adults and children. In addition, Tim said he would speak with John Davidson and include all meeting held in the park on the website calendar-so the public can know the extent of what is happening at the park.
    3. Softball- Ryan Jackson gave a general status of the field and the clubs.
    4. Park Gardens-Doug Reported that final winterizing of rose gardens will occur over the holidays.
    5. Park Kids Art & Gardening Classes-Doug Wood-children will begin classes again on Thursday January 15 – make more paper and design their kites for the March Flower Show. All work at the conservatory is going well and 65 people signed up for the design class off line. Park District could not get Design Class description correct this season.
    6. Chicago Flower & Garden Show-Doug Wood – all is going as scheduled- Chicagoland Gardening and the Tribune are working on Articles- 48 people attended the Community Gardens in the Park Lecture on December 1.
    7. Adult Programming – Doug Wood – Yoga will continue on Tuesdays 6:15-7:15 and Women’s Boot Camp will begin on Tuesday, January 13 – 20% of Jason’s fees will be donated to the Advisory Council for upcoming programming enhancements.
    8. ****** – Winter Partner’s Teaching SCHEDULE- Doug Wood – In the November meeting John Davidson agreed to set all Partnerships by the WPAC December 9, 2008 meeting. John did not send report on the partnerships.
    9. Budget hearings- Doug Wood – Doug Wood Submitted letter that was sent before last budget hearing meeting – no response received from the letter that was sent.
    10. Fountain Lighting: Denise Browning reported that the Fountain Lighting Social was a success.
  4. John Davidson’s Report – Park Supervisory – Not present at meeting – submitted report – see below – ******QUESTION – How are Wicker Park Teens notified? How many showings of the movie?
  5. Cynthia Rosario’s Report – Area 2 Manager – NOT PRESENT – no report submitted or communications received.


  1. Special Events a. Holiday Movie – Friday, 12/19 park kids’s and families; Saturday, 12/20 proposed Senior Matinee; Sunday, 12/20 proposed Community Night b. Valentine’s Day Dance – Friday, February 6, 2009-$5per person – 6:30-8pm
  2. Park Kids is going great!
  3. Parties – 12/11 – Early childhood Holiday Party – 12/19-Park Kids’ Holiday Party
  4. 1/19 MLK birthday Super Kid’s Day – Field Trip to Field Museum
  5. The TEEN SCENE Teen Night is hosted once a month during the school year at different fieldhouses through out Area 2.
    1. October’s Event – 10/26 Fright Fest at Great America 70 teens attended 9am-9pm 80 attended
    2. December’s event – 12/12 Ice skating at Daley Bicentennial Park 6-8pm – Target 100 teens
    3. January’s event – Mid January at South Shore Cultural Center Culinary Institute pizza making, round table discussion and program planning – 30 teens target
  6. Regional Events – Area 2 Boy’s and Girls Floor Hockey tournaments held at Commercial Park and Smith Park on 12/2,4,9,11. Chairperson Park Supervisor John Davidson-responsible for organization and officiating all age divisions of the tournament.
  7. Recent Service Request repairs – Exhaust fans restrooms, auditorium and supervisor’s office, Exterior building light re-lamped, Gymnasium entrance way lights re-lamped, Air conditioners removed, Mirror replace in men’s restroom, Down spout on gutter replaced next to entrance way, Playground gate latch north and west gates.