Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Present: John Davidson (Park Supervisor), Denise Browning (WPAC-Co-President), Richard Tilley (WPAC-Treasurer), Doug Wood (WPAC – Secretary and Garden Club), Tim Kolecke (website), John Shirk (Urban Encounter), Clintina Taylor (Park Kids Parent), Toni Anderson (Park Kids Parent), Lisa Stauff (Park Kids Parent), Susan Nussbaum, Allen Shepard, Elaine Coorens

  1. July Minutes were read and approved – submitted by Doug Wood.
  2. Richard Tilley submitted treasurer’s report.
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Dog Park – Adam Housley – Absent – Emailed all going well-he will announce next fundraiser soon.
    2. Web Site – Tim Kolecke – More hits-more features- facebook-twitter-updated for fall-go tweet some.
    3. Softball – Ryan Jackson – Absent.
    4. Gardens and Landscape – Doug Wood – Garden Tending Excellent-Rain Barrels on the way.
    5. Wicker Park Conservancy – waiting on Parkways Foundation to finish their large events.
    6. Education – Denise Browning reported that yoga would continue through the fall – a profit was made.
    7. Security Camera – Susan Fontana reported that a meeting will be held with the 1st Ward reps, WPAC, Park District Security, and the Park District approved camera company soon.
    8. Survey – Clintina Taylor, Toni Anderson, worked with John Davidson and other WPAC members to create a Park Survey. The survey was distributed at the movie and will be distributed Sunday, August 9 at the Farmer’s Market. At the table at the market Clintina, Doug, Elaine, and Susan will also promote all park programs as well as distribute a petition for extended Park Hours or outside portable toilets.
    9. PTC – Portable toilet committee: Lisa Stauff volunteered as Chair-she will obtain a quote at Oui-Oui.
    10. Movie in the Park – The movie was a success. Members were interested in offering more movies next year. We will contact BCO for their protocol of showing more movies-prices, fundraising-etc.
    11. Collaboration Committee – John Shirk and John Davidson discussed the options for an historic Wicker Park collaboration between the Park Staff and the Community-details at an upcoming meeting.
  4. Park Supervisor’s Report – John Davidson
    1. Summer Camp 2009 was excellent; parents present at the meeting highly praised its scope as well as the positive psychological effects it had on the participants-all around excellent; Extended Camp begins Aug 3; Football Camp and Soccer Camp follow.
    2. Special Events Movie in Park and Concerts in the Park were all huge successes with no increase in park district financial input-schedules were just rearranged-budgeted staff hours remained the same.
    3. Fall Programing for Adults and Children – J.D described exciting fall programs-&- Halloween Movies.

Work Orders – Lights have not been working for several weeks-electricians are testing timers; graffitti vandalism, and drinking are up – due to the dark park.