Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Present: John Davidson (Park Supervisor), Denise Browning (WPAC-Co-President), Richard Tilley (WPAC-Treasurer), Doug Wood (WPAC – Secretary and Garden Club), Tim Kolecke (website), John Shirk (Urban Encounter), Clintina Taylor (Park Kids Parent), Toni Anderson (Park Kids Parent), Lisa Stauff (Park Kids Parent), Allen Shepard, Elaine Coorens, Adam Housley (Dog Park)

  1. September Minutes were read and approved – with additions of Elaine Coorens and Allen Shepard to ‘present list.
  2. Richard Tilley submitted treasurer’s report.
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Dog Park – Adam Housley – Janis Taylor (Park District Dog Park Coordinator) held networking meeting. Next Fundraiser is February – Valentine’s Day. Tim reported a cleaning day and that one tree is now dead in the dog park and that the water supply continues to be broken.
    2. Web Site – Tim Kolecke – More hits-more features- facebook-twitter continues. Will work with Clintina and Toni to post the programming survey this month as well as include the movie series details and update the events section.
    3. Softball – Ryan Jackson – Absent. Soft ball season is over.
    4. Vandalism – Wicker Sculpture was pushed over by 10-15 people (determined by restorer) – no details on timetable for repair and return.
    5. Gardens and Landscape – Doug Wood – Garden Tending attendance is Excellent, still waiting on rain barrels – rain barrel stand made by Tilley and Angrabright-funded by Garden Club. Still waiting on final confirmation of partnerships for lecture-workshop series, fountain decorating, winter design workshop, Park Kids Grow, and plant sale. Request submitted in mid-June. Series begins Oct 3 and extends thru May. Fountain Decorating is scheduled for Saturday, November 21 with extra time scheduled on Sunday, November 22 – or rain-snow date. Event sponsored by Care of Trees (lights) and WPGarden.
    6. French Drains to eliminate flooded side walks: French Drains will be installed September 19. Volunteers will be organized by John Shirk and Doug Wood. Doug Wood will meet with Kris Krieger, Chicago Park District Landscaping, to obtain approval on sites, size of hole, and filling methods. Drains will be installed by sidewalk (west side field house) and northeast corner of basketball court. Volunteers will come to the dig from the following community groups: Urban Encounter, Missio Dei Chicago, Covenant Presbyterian Church, the advisory council, the garden club, soft ball team, and Wicker Park Committee. Stones and tools will be provided by the Park District. Food will be offered by the garden club and Urban Encounter.
    7. Wicker Park Conservancy – waiting on Parkways Foundation to finish their large event
    8. Adult Extended Education-WPAC endeavor – Denise Browning reported that yoga would continue through the fall – a profit was made.
    9. Security Camera – Susan Fontana reported that a meeting was held with the 1st Ward reps, WPAC, Park District Security, and the Park District. A quote from Active Alarm will be received soon. Members of the advisory council and Wicker Park Committee attended. Park District and Active Alarm members were 30 minutes late.
    10. Urban Assault Bike Ride: Doug Wood coordinated a protective fence along the field and is recruiting volunteers to man each of the 3 Damen Entrances (2 at each entrance) to direct the bikes to the field, entered at Honore/Wicker Park ave. 3 volunteers will be positioned at the Honore entrance, instructing bikes to walk bikes to the basketball court – two volunteers at court, two manning exit at north-east exit of fountain court. Riders will stop and do obstacles in field, then exit, walking bikes to Honore exit. Doug Wood will meet group at 6am to drop off equipment and over see event. Extra support will be obtained from hiring unemployed. Safety jackets will be provided by Manny Flores, 1st Ward.
    11. Survey – Clintina Taylor, Toni Anderson, worked with John Davidson and other WPAC members to create a Park Survey. The results will be presented at the October meeting. The group discussed attending more farmers markets to obtain more input to the surveyed number.
    12. PTC – Portable toilet committee: Lisa Stauff reported on information she received from Oui-Oui. She will obtain a final quote by September 12 to send to Park District Budget Hearing Staff-send it to Doug Wood to attach to the signatures supporting the addition. The quote is to be for two toilet (one for male, one for female), with cleaning service, from April to November with locks installed on each. She is also checking on price for handy cap toilets. Group discussed that toilets would be locked during park hours, all evening Mon-Friday, opened on Saturday and Sunday after 5pm, when park closes and patrons are still in the park. Surveys will be available at information tables at the Farmer’s Markets in September and October.
    13. Collaboration Committee – John Shirk and John Davidson discussed the options for an historic Wicker Park collaboration between the Park Staff and the Community. A meeting took place with a few people present. The first officially scheduled meeting will be held the first Tuesday of October and every month after that. No timelines or details of the project have been decided.
    14. Special Education Meeting to be scheduled last Tuesday of Each month – coordinated by Toni Anderson. Meeting to be held the last Tuesday of each month beginning Sept 29.
    15. Free Classes Listed ON-Line for Registration – A discussion of the listing of free classes on the Park District Website was discussed again. At a previous meeting, Ms. Rosario stated that no free classes can be listed on the Park District’s programming website. However, it was noted that many parks list free classes on the park district website, including other parks in Ms. Rosario’s area 2 (Humbolt – music classes, aerobics, sports clubs; Smith – Halloween, Senior Club); Pulski (acting, play production, senior club, sports clubs); also free classes at other near-by parks like Eckhart (Go-Girl-Go, Learn to Swim – 5 classes various ages, open swim, sports clubs)
    16. Park Programming – Report by Toni Anderson: Reported that there is a waiting list of 20 children for each morning class, the 2nd season of Park Voyagers, partnerships support to Park Kids Program from Lil’Kickers, Boot Camp, Coyote art, and Park Kids special programming. Information of options will be distributed to Parents. Ghostbusters 1 & 2 and the creature from the black lagoon will be showing in October.