Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Present: John Davidson (Park Supervisor), Jason Zaffaroni (PT-Physical Instructor), Denise Browning (WPAC-Co-President), Richard Tilley (WPAC Treasurer), Doug Wood (WPAC – Secretary and Garden Club), John Shirk (Urban Encounter), Adam Housley (Dog Park), Christina Vargas (WPPA), Lisa Stauff (WPPA), Allen Shepard (WPPA), Clintina Taylor (WPPA), Nathan Tubbs (Church in the City)

LATE ARRIVAL – Cynthia Rosario (Area 2 Manager) arrived for the last few minutes of the meeting

  1. Minutes – Doug Wood – May Minutes were read and approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Richard Tilley submitted report.
  3. Committee Reports
    • Dog Park Committee – Adam Housley – The water is now working as is most other requested repairs. Dead tree will be removed by DNR as time permits. Power washing will occur sometime in the next few weeks. No fundraisers are scheduled until 2011.
    • Web Site Committee – Tim Kolecke – Absent
    • Softball Committee – Ryan Jackson – Absent
    • WPPA (Wicker Park Parent’s Association) report to the WPAC – Clintina Taylor – Topic – Music Concerts
    • WPPA Scholarship Fund – Toni Anderson – No report
    • Clintina discussed the Summer Music Series (Subway Series) coordinated by the Wicker Park Parent’s Association (WPPA) and distributed a list of events that were currently booked for dates June 20-August 10. No events were booked on July 4 or August 10. She explained the series is sponsored by the Farmer’s Market (Chicago Department of Special Events). This year the Farmer’s Market is attempting to have music at all markets and is in charge of performer final bookings and promotions. Liability insurance is the responsibility of the Farmer’s Market – no Park Permits or City Permits are required. Clintina confirmed that the WPAC or any WPAC committee is not addressed as a producer or sponsor in any press or communications with the musicians or public – therefore – the WPAC is not responsible to purchase liability insurance for the event – or obtain permits from the Park District. She stated that the WPPA is helping the City Farmer’s Market Staff to book the events in the Park. She handed out a booking form that is given to musicians. On the form, the booking agent listed is Clintina Taylor; additional staff names are John Davidson-Wicker Park Director and Toni Anderson from the WPPA Programming Committee. The form did not include logos, sponsor identification, producer identification, etc – just these three names. These were the only contacts given. VENDING – NO PERMIT NEEDED – At each event the WPPA is selling refreshments for a fund they are accumulating. These funds are not held in the WPAC account. John Davidson is donating his personal sound system to these weekly events thru August 8. The Wicker Park Staff and WPPA are committed to working the events – no other volunteers were requested from the WPAC. The Farmer’s Market staff wants to continue the performances thru the end of October. The press for the event will be handled by the WPPA and the Farmer’s Market.
    • COMMENTS – The Council requested that Clintina send us details on the groups booked; she agreed to do this by the end of the week.
    • The Council asked about promotions – and again – suggested materials be sent to our neighborhood websites, newsletters, and e-blasts. Clintina said the larger media are not part of the promotion plan. The Council stated that the flyers in the park announcing the event listed the Chicago Park District as the Sponsor – no mention was made of the Farmer’s Market.The council voiced opposition to continuing the concerts after August 8 – if the staff are not involved in the production of the events to monitor damage, etc.
    • Open Mic – John Shirk (Urban Encounter), Nathan Tubbs (Church in the City)

      The event, sponsored by Church in the City. was a huge success with a good turn out of talent and of audience members. A discussion included a request for more open mics that could be co-sponsored by the Chicago Park District, Church in the City, and WPAC. It was suggested to hold another Open mic before the Movie in the Park – Wednesday, July 28 and in August-date to be determined. John Davidson said he would support this idea. John and Nathan will write a letter of intent, etc for these upcoming events.

    • Gardens and Landscape Committee (WPGarden and WPAC Landscape) – Doug Wood
      • MULCH DAY AND BACKFILL – Saturday, May 22 – Volunteers – 62 volunteers- (Urban Encounter, Property Consultants, Missio dei Chicago, Harvest Bible Chapel, WPGarden, Neighbors, Bucktown Garden Club), Wicker Park & Bucktown Neighbors. Promote (Waguespack, WPB-SSA#33-Chamber, WPGarden) Provide Mulch and Tools (Park District DNR Staff) -SPECIAL THANKS for dumping mulch in requested sites. Gloves (Friends of the Parks-received for our Earth Day-Mulch Events) Tables-Electric-Early Entrance – 8:30am (John Davidson – WPark Staff) Food (WPGarden – coffee-water-bagels-etc) CREATE A GREAT Social- Work event – Many new friends were made from Working Together.
      • UP TO GRADE – More fill and seeding of field, parkway, other areas by Landscape Staff.
      • PARK KIDS GROW MUSIC GARDEN – 24 children completed – Parkways – FOTP – WPGarden – CPD
      • OUTREACH – THE GREEN TABLE and Rogers Park Garden Club – Requested Table and Chairs –Information from FTOP, Parkways, Chamber, SSA, Newsletter, neighborhood groups – $50 in donations – 22 new mailing list. Park District Green Events Listings – Dana Andrews – All Saturdays and GreenTable times.
      • FOUNTAIN SIGNS INSTALLED – CAUTION – No wading or Dogs – water treated and shock hazard – no skateboards or chalking. Staff instructed to enforce. Graffiti general cleaned – instructed new attendant.
      • URNS PLANTED – most gardens mulched.
      • MEETING with Patrick Levar (Head Trades), Brian Biggane (Roofing), Larry Moser (General) – Maintain Integrity of Landscape during the Roof Job, dog park (fences, water, planters), playground (spitting bears), lock box cement slab. Adam H. to send details to Patrick Levar on fence and planters); Patrick check on pea gravel vendor and if we can buy with Park District Discount.
      • JUNE NEWSLETTER – Info for July Due – June 21. June newsletter has not been posted in the park due to the fact that the Boot Camp has not yet signed contract. It was requested that the remaining 98% of the newsletter be posted with this section covered. No response or action taken.
      • WPAC POWER WASHER RETURNS – Hose still missing. Needs to be tuned up by professional repair – park district will not repair since it does not belong to them. No one to use until tuned up.
      • EVENTS IN THE PARK that affect landscape? – What events are in the Park? We have begun to organize volunteers to assist in supporting events – like we did at Urban Assault and other events, etc. Our request for dates of events was sent to FOIA. Received from FOIA@ChicagoParkdistrict.com THE Bookings done by Park Services.
      • 6525 Pending -Gichele Adams – Adams Graduation Party Wicker Park – Schiller opposite of Basball Field 6/12/2010 – Event Time-2PM – 9PM Set Up 1:30-3pm Tear Down 8-9pm
      • 6562 Pending – Mel Johnson – Group – Teenage Basketball Association Presents the Soul – Teenage Basketball Association – Event Name The Soul Generation of Wicker Park – Wicker Basketball Courts 8/21/2010 12Noon 2PM set up 12pm- 12:30pm Tear Down 8/21/2010 2:30pm-3:00pm
      • 6569 Pending – Chelsea Armstrong- Group – Tabula Rasa – Event Name Tabula Rasa Family Fun Run – Wicker Park and Damen Event Date – 9/18/2010 Event Times 8AM 12:Noon – Set up 9/18/2010 6-8am – Tear Down Time 9/18/2010 9/18/2010 12-1pm
      • 6791 Pending – Central – Martha Clemons – Bend Yoga and Movement Studio Inc. – Yoga in Wicker Park – Wicker – 6/18/2010 – 9/29/2010 Wednesdays 5:30 PM, Saturdays 10 AM, Wednesdays 6:30 PM, Saturdays 11:30 AM 6/15/2010 – 9/29/2010
      • REQUESTED – Signs for portable toilets posted on both doors and toilets? – Open 5Pm Saturday – 9am Sunday; 5pm Sunday-9am Monday Toilets courtesy of Chicago Park District and Wicker Park Advisory Council.
      • CHECK LIST – TO DO – John Davidson agreed to post hours for toilets on door within the week.
      • COMMENTS – Great to have Yoga and the fountain signs back.
    • GREEN ROOF AND SECURITY – Susan Fontana – via email

      Brendan Daley reported to Susan that the Green roof grant submitted by the Chicago Park District for Wicker Park was not granted.

      SECURITY – The Park Security employee is out of the park due to an injury; she will be gone 2 more weeks. Alderman Joe Moreno has asked the city police to pitch in during her absence.

  4. Staff Reports – John Davidson and Jason Zaffaroni
    • Upcoming Special Events
      • Music in the Park – Sundays, Noon – 2pm, 6/20/10 – 8/8/10
      • Early Childhood Programs – End of Year Celebrations, 6/4/10, 6/9/10, 6/11/10
      • Park Kid’s – End of School Year Bash – 6/18/10, Noon – 6pm

Final note from John Davidson – John Davidson asked if we knew of a person who was taken from the park in an ambulance. Denise Browning identified her as Lottie Novelli the person who caretakes the music monument garden. Both he and Cynthia Rosario instructed us to inform staff of all incidents like this. Also he informed Doug that the Farmer’s Market asked that we do not use their image – as we had done in advertising the market in our WPAC newsletter and emails. No reason given by John Davidson.

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