Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Present: Denise Browning (WPAC-Co-President), Susan Fontana (WPAC – Co-President), Richard Tilley (WPAC – Treasurer), Doug Wood (WPAC – Secretary and Garden Club), Scott & Ashley Venable (Mosaic Church), John Shirk (Urban Encounter), Tim Kolecke (Website), Ryan Jackson (Soft Ball) – ALL Park Staff Absent

  1. Minutes – Doug Wood – November Minutes were read and approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Richard Tilley- Report Submitted. We are waiting on an invoice from Park District that reflects the actual monthly invoiced charges submitted to Park District by Oui Oui. According to Oui Oui representatives, they will tabulate the actual monthly charges submitted to the Park District – but, this request must be made by a Park Staff member. The actual services were cheaper than the services originally quoted by the company since we did not take advantage of the emergency visits and changed from a handicapped toilet (more expensive) to a regular toilet during the rental period.
  3. Committee Reports
    • Dog Park Committee – Adam Housley – Absent – Via Email submitted update. All is well and he will forward us information on the Dog Park Fundraiser soon.
    • Web Site Committee – Tim Kolecke – Tim will be doing extensive updating and will move the site to a new host.
    • Softball Committee – Ryan Jackson – Stopped by briefly to say Happy Holidays. He has one more meeting with Supervisor Davidson to set next season’s softball permits.
    • WPPA (Wicker Park Parent’s Association) report to the WPAC – Absent – No report submitted
    • WPPA Music Concert Final Report – Absent – No report submitted
    • WPPA Scholarship Fund – Balance & Projected Plan –Absent – No Report Submitted
    • Park Programming Survey Update – Absent – No Report Submitted
    • Open Mic – John Shirk (Urban Encounter – Reported) No report but planning on repeating event next season.
    • Gardens and Landscape Committee – Doug Wood – The Annual Fountain Decorating Social was held Sunday, November 21 from 10am-4pm. EDUCATION: All monthly lectures had 50+ in attendance. The January-February Home Landscape Design has 64 people enrolled with a waiting list of 10. Students are coming from all over the city and from the western suburbs all the way to Aurora; from southern suburbs all the way to Valparaiso, and from northern suburbs to Elgin. STORY FOUNTAIN
  4. Staff Reports – John Davidson – Park Supervisor-Other Staff – All Absent – A Park Voyagers Celebratory Event was being held in the gym.
  5. Other Discussion
    1. ICY SIDEWALKS – John Shirk asked if anyone knew why the sidewalks were not cleaned; they are dangerous and covered with ice, especially the section from Schiller to the Field House West Entrance. All commented on the lack of maintenance on the sidewalks. Question deferred to Park Staff. DISCUSSED OPTIONS to enhance sidewalk cleaning.
    2. WICKER SCULPTURE – John Shirk asked about the status of the repairs on The Charles Wicker Sculpture. Doug Wood said the paperwork made it out of the Park District late in the summer and that the restoration company is working on it now. The sculpture is scheduled to return in April/May/June/July.
    3. ELECTIONS: Denise Browning Discussed the Upcoming 2011 Elections. Jan-Nominations; February – Voting From WPAC By Laws ‘Voting members of the Board of Directors shall be nominated at the January meeting of the Council by members of the Council. Each nominee shall submit a biography not to exceed one (1) page, one (1) week following nomination. The biographies shall be distributed to Council members on the day of election.’ Bylaws – View www.OurWickerPark.org
    4. SET PROGRAMMING FOR 2011 – We are requesting that all community organizations and individuals who are interested in presenting events in the 2011 calendar year attend the January Meeting. They will be asked to submit in advance of the meeting the description of how they’d like to partner with the Advisory Council to present the event in the park. The goal is to set all programming from March – December – and then promote, fundraise, and produce these events as a community. Events discussed will be: Earth Day, Mulch Day, Children’s Carnival, Music Performances, Plant Sale, Garden Walks, Movies, Open Mics, Bake Sales, Art Shows, Halloween Events, Winter Holiday Events, Fountain Decorating Social – and the development of Educational programming for Adults and Senior Adults.
    5. VANDALISM – It was noted that both extension cords used to light the wreathes at both field were vandalized – the plug was torn apart (the ground and metal inserts were torn off). Members were interested in finding out when this happened and if staff reported this property damage to the police?