Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Present: John Davidson (Park Supervisor), Jason Zaffaroni (Part-time Physical Instructor), Tim Kolecke (President & Website), Scott Venable (Vice-President – Mosaic Church), Richard Tilley (Treasurer), Doug Wood (Secretary and Garden Club Coordinator), Denise Browning (WPAC & WPGarden), Susan Fontana (WPAC & WPGarden), Nate Tubbs (Church in the City, Wicker Mic), John Shirk (Urban Encounter and Wicker Mic), Elaine Coorens (OurUrbanTimes), Ryan Jackson (Softball), Lisa Stauff (WPPA), Susana Sandoval (WPPA), Judy Unrul (Neighbor)

  1. Minutes – Doug Wood – May Minutes were read and approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Richard Tilley- Report Submitted.
  3. Committee Reports
    • Dog Park Committee – Adam Housley – Absent
    • Web Site Committee – Tim Kolecke – Tim reported on Web site updates, hits, and links to events.
    • Softball Committee – Ryan Jackson – Softball going well.
    • Gardens and Landscape Committee – Doug Wood, Denise Browning – The Garden Club is meeting every Saturday; all is going well. The activities this month include: Wicker Park Tours with Cultural Landscape Foundation (Sunday, June 12), Green Table with children planting lettuce a the WPAC Children’s Carnival, weekly Garden tending sessions.
  4. Group Discussion on Park Events for 2011 – Doug Wood Coordinator – Events Planning Committee
    1. Carnival– Doug Wood for Sam AndersonDoug went through the details of the layout for the carnival (Saturday, June 18 – 11am-3pm), described what groups were planning to participate and what they would be doing, discussed detailed layout (tables, electric, inflatables, machines) and discussed changes in equipment requests to the Park District. Mosaic Church will donate inflatable, popcorn machine, and snow cone machines.
    2. Magic Boat Puppet Theater – Doug Wood for Tyler Culligan
      All performances have been well attended. Receipts have been submitted for items covered in the $800 FOTP Grant. The FOTP funds are retained in the WPAC account and are utilized when receipts are submitted for budgeted items.
    3. Movies – Tim Kolecke and Scott Venable
      The first movie will be presented Monday, June 20 at dark. The Park District Movies in the Parks Banner has been delivered. The June movie is funded by the WPAC ($500) and Alderman Moreno ($500-payment pending). Doug Wood has submitted invoices monthly to the alderman; alderman’s funding is to become available in July. Tim Kolecke, Scott Venable and the Mosaic Church volunteers will organize the purchase of drinks, sell them, and help run the extra popcorn and snow cone machines. These sales will benefit the WPAC programs – deposited to the general account. Denise Browning and Susan Fontana will man a WPAC/Partner table at the Movie. Tim said he was contacted by Movies in the Park staff with contact information for a vendor for July and August movies. He was asked to obtain the contract from the vendor and elucidate the benefits to the WPAC.
    4. Wicker Mic –Nate Tubbs
      Nate Tubbs reported that the May Wicker Mic was a success even though the weather was cold. Church in the City has created a poster, installed it on the fences, and are promoting on Facebook and other sources. Doug is promoting through neighborhood media (SSA, Chamber, Our Urban Times, Wicker Park Guide, Pipe Line, and Friends of the Parks News.
    5. What’s Out There Weekend – Elaine Coorens, Doug Wood, Richard Tilley
      Elaine, Doug, and Richardwill give tours of Wicker Park on Sunday, June 12. The weekend is sponsored by the Cultural Landscape Foundation and the Chicago Park District (Julia Bachrach, Historian).Patrons will be transported between west side parks on a trolley.
  5. Report on Green Music Fest – Update on Action Items from May 9 Meeting with Alderman, Producers, WPAC, WPPA
    A copy of the notes from the May 9 meeting with action items was distributed at the meeting. All groups were emailed the document one week earlier. GMF and WPPA association members did not give updates at this meeting.
  6. Staff Reports – John Davidson (Park Supervisor) and Jason Zaffaroni (Part –time Physical Instructor), Cynthia Rosario – Absent

    Jason and John reported on Early Childhood Programming, Park Kid’s Program (ending 6/17/2011) and an end of program celebration. Jason discussed the in-house, regional, and citywide 5 on 5 soccer – great season this year. He also discussed the city-wide Track & Field progress and reported that Junior Jazzercise students are ready for GMF’s John Rocket Review, Camp’s Big Kahuna and the mid-day mix. They gave a report on the July teen event – Peer to Peer Sharing. Wicker Park Teen Leadership Program teens Vs the Chicago Park visually impaired City-Wide Teen Team at Little Cubs Field. Both discussed the send a child to camp donations and thanked all who contributed. Then Jason presented a detailed power point describing the summer camps including highlights, special trips, themes, parent’s participation, and participant rules. All is ready for a great summer camp; the sold out camp with extensive waiting list should once again be an exceptional experience for all who participate.

Adjourned at 8:50 pm