Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Present: Dan Puente (Park Supervisor), Tim Kolecke (President & Website), Scott Venable (Vice-President & Mosaic Church), Richard Tilley (Treasurer), Doug Wood (Secretary and Garden Club & Events Coordinator), Denise Browning (WPAC & WPGarden), Susan Fontana (WPAC & WPGarden), Adam Housley (Dog Park), John Shirk (Urban Encounter & Wicker Mic), Andrea Dennis (Greenheart, CCI), Lauren Krebs (Music Series Fund Raising), Jim Drew (WPC President), Sylvia Ramos (Pritzker and Neighborhood), Elaine Coorens (OUT), Lisa Stauff (WPPA), Robert Gomez (GMF)

  1. Minutes from April 2012 submitted by Doug Wood were read and approved.
  2. GMF – Robert Gomez (GMF) & Lisa Stauff (WPPA)  – Robert Gomez reported on the Green Music Festival’s support for in-park provisions to preserve the integrity of the Park’s Assets.  GMF will fund: a Damen 8 ft Fence Extension from Schiller to Wicker Park Avenue ($2150), Waste Management Support in the Park ($1500), part of 4 Security Staff to be located in the Park ($1073 of $1396.80), 3 Portable Toilets to be located in Wicker Park’s Parking Lot ($200).  The $1073 for security is to be transferred via check to the WPAC Account; all contracts with S3 Security will be held by WPAC.  These items were not set by the time of the report: Farmer’s Market Plan for Loading & Parking, Senior High Rise Plan, Neighborhood Alternative Parking Plan during Fest Dates & Timetable of the Notification of No Parking Areas to the neighborhood.   Some changes in this year’s festival include: The Damen/Schiller stage will not be used for the headers (late night performances of best bands) to eliminate late night fence climbing and disturbance to seniors,  vendors will be located on the parkways adjacent to the Damen fence, and a large urban village will be part of the festival and will be located on LeMoyne. The cost of purchasing fencing, posts, and permits for constructing $1,600 of fence inside the park will not be funded or installed by GMF.  This funding and supplemental security funding will be requested from WPBSSA#33.  Lisa Stauff briefly discussed the children’s event.
  3. WPF – Adam Burke was not able to attend the meeting.  He reported via email that the Chamber could not fund any support for Waste Management in the Park, Security Staff in the Park, 3 Portable Toilets in the Park.  These funds will be requested from WPBSSA#33.
  4. Both Fests  – Doug Wood reported that since the Chicago Park District will not fund or install 1,600 ft. of protective fences in the park the Advisory Council obtained a Park District Construction Permit, that volunteers will be solicited to build fence inside the park, and that funding has been requested to cover costs of fence and posts costs, transportation of items, and security from WPBSSA#33.
  5. PROGRAMMING- Park District – Summer Camp and Park District Produced Programming – Dan Puente – Park Supervisor Dan reported that registration for the summer camp sold out in 2-3 hours after on-line registration began.  He said that all was going well.
  6. Soft Ball – Ryan Jackson – No report.
  7. Dog Park – Adam Housley – Adam reported that the Dog Park cleaning day had been changed to Saturday, May 5.  They will add new fencing to the bottom part of the black fencing and work on drain.  The group discussed that a tune-up for the power washer is needed so it can be used in the dog park.  Sylvia Ramos stated that her husband could probably do the job.  The Bill Board message board has not arrived.
  8. Budget Report – Richard Tilley – report given.
  9. Website Updates & Press  – Tim Kolecke & Elaine Coorens  – Tim reported that all updates submitted were installed.  Elaine requested that all should upload their events to the OUT calendar.
  10. Teen Group – Scott Venable – Scott reported the group was very well attended and that guitar and dance were being offered.
  11. Permits, Partnerships, Promotions & Fundraising – Doug Wood  – No partnerships for any events since January 1 were received; all permits were submitted with equipment requests, room requests, and partnership requests from February to April.
  12. Plant Sale Fundraiser for the Gardens & Lecture Series – Denise Browning, Susan Fontana, Richard Tilley – Plant Sale is to be held Sat & Sunday May 5-6 at 10am-4pm.  This event raises funds for the park gardens and lecture/workshop series.
  13. Greenheart – GEO – Greenheart Earth Olympics – Andrea Dennis reported on details of the entire event.
  14. Magic Boat Puppet Theater – Tyler Culligan, Jake Moore – Not present – Out of town on work assignments. Updated by Doug Wood.
  15. Classical Music Series – Doug Wood & Laruen Krebs – Fundraising and promotions continue. Lauren is working with businesses.
  16. Learnapalooza – Brian Bullington – Room reservations and partnership letters submitted, pending liability insurance submission.
  17. Wicker Mic –John Shirk – All is ready to go – currently promoting the event via numerous media.
  18. Movies in the Park – Tim Kolecke – all set – working on The Worm Hole obtaining permission to Vend at events.
  19. Fall School Fair Update – WPC – Jim Drew or others – NO report – Jim Drew left before agenda item was addressed.
  20. Boo-Palooza – Doug Wood, Tim Kolecke – Not Addressed.
  21. Adjourn – 8:40pm