Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

  1. Minutes from May 2012 – Read, Revised & Approved – Doug Wood
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Richard Tilley
  3. Park District Report – Dan Puente (Programming, work orders, New Initiatives) Dan discussed upcoming programming.  He reported on 8 children attending the Central Region track meet, the end of the year Park Kids celebration on June 15, the addition of 2 Saturday T-Ball classes (9am for children 3-4years and 10am for children 5-6years), youth 6-9 years old Basketball on Saturdays, Day Camp begins June 25 for children ages 6-12, and a teen basket ball program that will begin in early July – August 17 (ages 13-15) team taught with Scott Venable and the Mosaic Church.
  4. Dog Park Committee – Adam Housley (Dog Park Cleaning, Poo –  Free Parks) – Adam discussed the success of the dog park-cleaning day.  In addition, he noted that the new fencing was working well.  There are to be new dog park signs.  The new bulletin board is being addressed and should arrive later in the season.   In addition the entire council discussed the Poo –  Free Park program.  Tim Kolecke said he’d contact the group and ask them to come to the July WPAC meeting to explain the details of the program; it was noted that Alderman Moreno approved of the program.
  5. Softball – Ryan Jackson – ABSENT – Dan said softball was going well and the diamond has been upgraded.
  6. Website – Tim Kolecke – Tim did many updates to the site; all were pleased with the current site.
  7. Teen Group & Mosaic Church Volunteer Support – Scott Venable discussed the new basketball program that Dan mentioned.  He was excited about it and its new more formal-structured format.
  8. Landscape – Doug Wood & Denise Browning  – Denise reported on the success of the annual plant sale fundraiser and that the Garden Club donated several hundred dollars of left over herbs and vegetables to the Kilbourn Park Sale.  They had lost many plants to hail.  Both Denise and Doug reported that vandalism-graffiti had begun at the fountain court.  They reported that the Saturday morning group garden tending days were well attended.  The 2012/2013 Landscape Design Series’ speakers are being booked. The lectures will be held on most 1st Mondays in October – April (except October & January when held on 2nd Mondays).  The GEO Event went very well despite the rain and was enjoyed by all.
  9. Festival Updates: Doug reported that the Community Building Permit ($50 and $100 deposit) was approved to build the 1,600 feet of fence in the park.  Volunteer waivers were being received and Mosaic Church will provide a crew for both the installation and removal on the GMF fence in the park. Doug reported that he is waiting on confirmation of the GMF festivals’ timetable for installation of the Damen fence (GMF-$2,150), toilets ($200), and a check for S3Security ($1073) as well as details on the GMF funded in-park cleaning crew.  The SSA granted an additional $324 for security for GMF, $1000 (post rental), $50 for the fence building permit, and $752 for fencing & materials. In addition, the WPBSSA granted $2,256.80 for support for the Wicker Park Fest – Fence Materials, post rental, portable toilets, security. WPF is not providing any funding for park festival provisions.
  10. Security Cameras, Signs, Waste Management, Soccer Permit: We have reported with photos all vandalism to the Park District and aldermen so that the Camera’s tapes can be viewed to elucidate the identities of the vandals. No response.  Waste management has been slim – but volunteers have worked to empty and pick up trash.  Signs will be installed on the fountain when it is turned on – not yet turned on.
  11. Out-Reach & Development – Doug Wood reported that he met with the Eckhart Park Playground Committee as requested by Park District planning personal to give advice on fundraising.  Alli Alley from LuLu Lemon Athletica contacted the WPAC and would like to offer Complimentary Yoga in the park.  The Council voted to support this effort as a partner and will assist them in writing all permits and partnership forms – Doug will do the paper work.  Debra Lamantia – Stirling Tai Chi contacted the WPAC – we are to ask her for more information.  John Shirk held a fundraiser at his Garfield Park Neighborhood Garden – it went very well.  The Wicker Park Garden Club is acting a fiscal agent for this Garfield Park neighborhood venture and has been acting as advisor for horticultural techniques for one year.
  12. Events: Overview – Permits, Partnerships, Promotions & Fundraising – Doug Wood – Doug reported that Banners are up on Damen and in Playground, Flyers of all events in the park, Posters up in park and these groups were informed and are assisting with promotions: Newsletters (WPB, Aldermen), OUT, Pipeline, WPIG, MetroMix, WBEZ, WFMT, KidWinks,  TimeOutChicago,Tribune, Sun Times, Chicagoland Gardening, UIC Master Gardeners, etc
  13. Magic Boat Puppet Theater – Tyler Culligan, Jake Moore – Absent – out of town.  Doug reported that performances are going well. The first special collaboration performance was held on Sunday, June 3 with a focus on the composer Vivaldi and his music.  Wicker Park History at the time of Vivaldi was taught by the Culture Lady, Dance to the music by Evolve Dance, and Easel Art led the making of a children’s banner depicting Vivaldi’s music.
  14. Classical Music Series & Garden Tours – Doug Wood reported that all is ready to go with the first performance to take place on Sunday, June 10.  We will have security – 4 hrs – from S3.  Both Symphony Sounds String Quartet & Wicker Park Choral Singers will perform.
  15. Learnapalooza – Brian Bullington – Absent – Doug reported that all is ready to go with great teachers and numerous classes.
  16. Movies in the Park – Tim Kolecke – All ready to go; he is working with The Wormhole Coffee to be at the event.
  17. Wicker Mic – Nate Tubbs & John Shirk – All ready to go – great responses from public.
  18. Boo-Palooza – Doug Wood, Tim Kolecke – Detailed Planning begins in July