Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

ATTENDED: Dan Puente (Chicago Park District Wicker Park Supervisor), Tim Kolecke (President WPAC), Richard Tilley (WPAC Treasurer), Doug Wood (WPAC Secretary), Denise Browning (Former WPAC President & WPGarden), Susan Fontana (Former WPAC President and WPGarden), John Shirk (Wicker Mic & Urban Encounter), Lauren Krebs, Sylvia Ramos (Pritzker & Neighborhood), Ryan Michelle Wilson (Partner for Fountain Decorating & Fundraiser for Maternal Child Health Advocacy – MCHAC–

  1. Minutes from July 2012 – Read, Revised & Approved – Doug Wood
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Richard Tilley – Submitted Report.
  3. Park District Report – Dan Puente (Programming, work orders, New Initiatives) Dan discussed the success of the summer camps, Saturday soft ball classes, and that the teen basketball group taught with Scott Venable –Mosaic Church- that is wrapping up. The Saturday children’s sports classes were filled; they are taught by Dan and other staff. The Saturday classes are great in that they bring back Saturday sports options for the community. He then spoke about the fall schedule listed on – line. The schedule includes the regular offerings (Park Kids, Moms-Pops-Tots,etc) with the addition of soccer, hockey, Nerf football and more. We should have a great fall. This time the on-line registration will be over a 2 day period to hopefully avoid website problems. MOVIE – we discussed the Halloween Movies and Dan is working on a line-up. The Saturday, October 27th movie at 2pm will be offered free and follow Boo-Palooza which will be held from 10am – 2pm that day. WORK ORDERS – We discussed – spitting bears, urinals and toilets, the broken slide, broken picnic tables, the drain in dog park, and the recurrent damage done by skate borders at the fountain court.
  4. Dog Park Committee – Adam Housley – ABSENT – Submitted Email – There is nothing special.
  5. Softball – Ryan Jackson – ABSENT.
  6. Website – Tim Kolecke – Tim did regular updates and visits were up as well as FACE Book and TWITTER.
  7. Teen Group & Mosaic Church Volunteer Support – Scott Venable – ABSENT.
  8. Landscape – Doug Wood & Denise Browning – Gardeners have been regular on Saturdays. Rail riders, their dogs, and other homeless have damaged several sections of the garden.
  9. Festival Updates: Fences were constructed around gardens and trees for the Wicker Park Fest on Thursday July 26 and removed on Monday, July 30. In addition, two toilets were installed in the parking lot (on sidewalk) for the weekend and four S3 Security Guards on Saturday and Sunday, July 28 and 29. The WPB SSA paid for this support and volunteers from Mosaic Church, WPGarden, WPC and WPAC did the work. This saved the Park District $5,000.
  10. Security Cameras, Signs, Waste Management, Soccer Permit: We have reported with photos, description of graffiti, location and approximate time it was done. This was sent to the 14th Police District staff, the Park District and aldermen so that the Camera’s tapes can be viewed to elucidate the identities of the vandals. No response. Volunteers have cleaned graffiti; Park District preservation crew has cleaned graffiti on the fountain and on the sidewalks around the fountain. Wicker Park Staff cleaned the graffiti on the dumpsters after the Wicker Park Fest. No one has elucidated the protocol for viewing the tapes. Patrick Levar Chicago Park District COO, is working on a price for employing 2 Park Security staff for over night service to cut down on campers and vandalism. WPB SSA and Alderman are waiting on this quote and then are expected to fund one month of service.
  11. Events: Overview – Permits, Partnerships, Promotions & Fundraising – Doug Wood


    YOGA: Lulu Lemon presented a well attended free Yoga class (40 students) on Tuesday, July 10. The next class will be Thursday, August 23. A Permit and partnership for YOGA was submitted in Early June. No paper work has been received on the permit or the partnership. All other partnerships for all events are still pending with NO PARTNERSHIPS confirmed other than the plant sale – confirmed one week after sale.

    MAGIC BOAT: Tyler Culligan, Jake Moore – Absent – out of town. Doug reported that performances are going well. The third special collaboration performance was held on Sunday, August 5 with a focus on the composer Dvorak and his music. The Culture Lady (Elaine Coorens) taught the children about Chicago History, Dance to Evolve taught a dance to the music, and Easel Art Studio led the children in creating a banner depicting Dvorak’s music.

    CLASSICAL MUSIC – GARDEN TOURS – Doug Wood reported that the 3rd performance will be held Sunday, August 12 and feature Symphony Sounds String Quartet and the Wicker Park Choral Singers. S3 will a security guard for 4 hours. Preview and Reviews can be found at www.OurUrbanTimes.com

    MOVIES – Tim Kolecke – Attendance at Raiders of the Lost Ark, presented on Wed. August 1 was about 2,000 people. The next movie will be Hugo and presented on Wed. August 22. We will sell snow cones and water again. Volunteers will be needed since our regular movie team (Tim, Denise, Susan) will be ‘out of park.’

    WICKER MIC –John Shirk – All ready to go for the August 24th performance – great responses from public at the July Event.

    BOO-PALOOZA – 10 minutes at end of meeting. Reviewed list of ‘to do’ and timetables. Doug stated that a grant for $5,000 was submitted to WPB and was approved by the Promote Committee. Final approval will be addressed at the August WPB meeting; Doug will attend the meeting. TO DO LIST: Sylvia Ramos will approach 4 schools to see if they are interested in performing, Lauren and Tim will visit a list of businesses (drop off info and solicit prizes for contests, then Doug will follow up), Scott will compose a lis of Judges, Denise and Susan will come up with options for small prizes, Doug will cover the rest. Doug will provide flyers for them to distribute and a list of information for potential participants and sponsors. All visits will be coordinated by Doug and a spread sheet will be created.