Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

ATTENDED: Dan Puente (Wicker Park Supervisor), Tim Kolecke (President WPAC), Scott Venable (Vice-President WPAC), Richard Tilley (WPAC Treasurer), Doug Wood (WPAC Secretary), Adam Housley (Dog Park), Denise Browning (Former WPAC President & WPGarden), Lauren Krebs (WPAC Events Committee), Elaine Coorens (Publicity Chairman and OUT), John Shirk (Urban Encounter and Wicker Mic), Jake Moore (Magic Boat Puppet Theater), Alisa Hauser (DNANews)

  1. Report – Enhanced Security – Update on to-do items
    1. Protocol for Park Security and 14th Viewing Camera to obtain and view OEMC Camera Footage – No Progress
    2. Funding for more Park Security – No Progress
    3. Safe Zone Sign Installation – Park District installed in park – waiting on Parkway installation by 1st Ward
    4. Funding from Community Businesses and Organizations for Enhanced Security – No Progress
    5. Elucidate a 501c3 to house funds for enhanced security the Alderman Moreno would help us solicit from bar owners and others – WPAC determined WPAC could house funding
    6. New Design Proposals – Furniture Relocation – Group discussed and locations were determined – 2 tables near music area, one near softball field, one near North East Corner (Damen & Wicker Park Avenue) Drawings will be submitted in one week.
    7. Protocol for Reporting Property Damage Reports to 14th District Police and Park Security – No Progress
    8. Code of Conduct Enforcement to ban repeat offenders – No Progress
  2. Minutes – Doug Wood – Read and approved.
  3. Treasurer – Richard Tilley – Report given and Federal and State tax returns were filed.
  4. Park District Report – Dan Puente – Updates Initiatives – Events – Work Orders – Dan reported that meet the Easter Bunny and the special screening of the movie HOP, attracted many more children and families than in past years. He suggested that the event be restructured for next year, more funding is needed from sponsors that we would help solicit, and Mosaic Church agreed to assist with the event enhancements. He reported on the success of the programming and that the enrollment was at 85% – 100% capacity for all programming. He discussed the summer camp registration – on line Tuesday, April 16 and walk in registration to be held on Saturday, April 20. He discussed work orders. FOURTH MOVIE – Dan suggested that Wicker Park Funds be used to purchase a 4th Movie – will work on it.
  5. Dog Park – Adam Housley – Adam discussed the Dog Park Cleaning Day to be the same as the Big Mulch Day – Saturday, April 6. The dog park committee and garden club will combine efforts to purchase food and drink for volunteers. We will work to have the water turned on in the dog park so the power washer can be used. Doug will speak with Patrick Levar.
  6. Website – Tim Kolecke – Tim reported that he was updating the website to include all spring events and programming.
  7. Teen Group – Scott Venable – Scott discussed the success of the new format – working with different ages on different days of the week. Both he and Dan discussed the success of this new approach. In addition to the regular sports, the group is coaching teens how to interview for jobs.
  8. Landscape and Education – Denise Browning, Doug Wood – Doug reported that the Big Mulch Day was scheduled for Saturday, April 6 and the many volunteers from groups and the public have been scheduled: Mosaic Church, Urban Encounter, The Care of trees, Covenant Presbyterian, and the Care of Trees. In addition, the Care of trees will bring 5 rakes, 5 pitch forks, and 2 wheel barrels to add the Park District’s contribution of mulch, 15 rakes, 15 forks, and 8 wheel barrels. The gardens have been gardening for the season and will meet Saturdays at 10am – 1pm through December
  9. GMF Support – Tim Kolecke – Tim reported that he spoke with Robert Gomez (GMF) and that Gomez will budget in the same level of support the event as he has budgeted in past years. Gomez stated that the funding could be used to pay for the same support or revamped into another format. Support in recent years included: fencing on Damen from Schiller to Wicker Park Avenue, security in park, waste management in park, toilets in parking lot. The council discussed various options. Volunteers will be solicited to install the 1,600 ft of fences in side the park. The Park District discontinued installing fencing in 2012; they stated the cost was $5,000 per event.
  10. Performers, Permits and Partnerships – Doug & Chair of All Event Groups Present – Little Time was available for this item. The rooms and equipment needs for Green Resource Fair were discussed in detail.
  11. Election – Vote for New Officers – Vote by Printed Ballot – WPAC Members Only – Candidates were Tim Kolecke and Adam Housley for President, Scott Venable-Vice President, Richard Tilley-Treasurer, Doug Wood-Secretary. Adam Housley was elected new president.