Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

ATTENDED: Adam Housley (WPAC President), Doug Wood (WPAC Secretary), Denise Browning (Former WPAC President & WPGarden), John Shirk (Wicker Mic & Urban Encounter), Elaine Coorens (Our Urban Times), Rocio Varela (1st Ward Alderman Moreno – staff), Andy Ambrosius (Patch), Mary Tamminga (Wicker Park Committee), Alisa Hauser (DNAinfo)

  1. Minutes from May 2013 – Read & Approved – Doug Wood
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Richard Tilley – Absent (Sick)– Submitted Report – Richard Said: ‘No activity this month through June 4. All deposits made in May were reported at the May WPAC Meeting.’
  3. Park District Report – No Park District Staff were present. Adam Housley reported that Cynthia Rosario, Chicago Park District Area I Manager was busy filling out paper work for new staff positions and could not attend the meeting. At this point, the Park Supervisor, 2 Part-Time Physical Instructors, Part-Time Janitor, and Seasonal Janitor positions were vacant. The Seasonal Landscaper, not listed on the Wicker Budget, has been provided by the Department of Natural Resources and has begun work.
  4. Update on Security cameras, Extra Security Guards on Weekends, Overnight Security, and Police Presence. No updates have been received. Doug Wood reported that he met with Erma Tranter (Friends of the Parks) and Tom Byrnes (Chicago Park District Security) on Tuesday, May 14th to discuss the update on viewing the cameras. Tom Byrnes said he was still attempting to have live feed into the central office. No other updates were received by WPAC.
  5. Rocio Varela (1st Ward Moreno Staff) discussed the request we made in March to the alderman. We asked that he approach businesses to request funding to help fund overnight security from Thursday – Sunday. We suggested he approach the bar owners whose clientele come to the park to continue their parties after the bars close. She is working on this initiative. The WPAC’s 501c3 account can handle the funds and the security staff would be obtained from Chicago Park District Security Staff.
    TO DO: Rocio will draft and distribute letter requesting support to businesses.
  6. Festival Updates: Adam Housley reported that Gomez agreed to fund support for the park at the level that he did last year: Security funding ($1073), Damen fence extension to 8ft. from Schiller to Wicker Park Avenue ($2,150), Cleaning of the Park during the event ($1500), Add 3 Portable Toilets in the Parking Lot ($200). Doug is writing WPBSSA Grant to cover the remainder of the security costs for the GMF and for support for the Wicker Park Fest: the costs of toilets, cleaning, and security for park. Volunteers will construct the 1,600 ft of fence within the park and obtain a building permit from the Park District to do that work. Christy Webber has donated $1,000 of posts to build the fence for each event ($2,000 total donation) and the community has donated $5,000 in volunteer labor to make and remove the fence for each event ($10,000 total donation). The Price of building and removing fence was established by Chicago Park District.
  7. Updates on Hardscape, Permits, Trades : The dates of the arrival of four new tables, the repair of the sidewalk, and repair of the Broken Display case were not elucidated by the meeting. Jim Boldt from Pulaski Park and Shandrel Young from Commercial Park will assist us with obtaining confirmations on all permits and equipment from trades.
  8. June Fundraiser Update – Adam Housley reported that all was ready to go and went through a check list of to do items for the event. Doug Wood announced that the group banner is up on Damen that announces all events and the fundraiser. Posters are made and business card sized info handouts will be ready at the fundraiser. These lists dates and times of all events. Rocio Varela asked that image be sent for Moreno’s weekly newsletter.
  9. Website – Tim Kolecke Absent and No Report Submitted.
  10. Teen Group – Scott Venable Absent and No Report Submitted.
  11. Landscape – Doug Wood, Denise Browning – Gardening occurs each Saturday and all are prepared to build fence for each fest.