Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

ATTENDED: Clare Rodriguez (Park Supervisor), Cynthia Rosario (Area I Manager), Adam Housley (WPAC President), Scott Venable (Vice-President & Mosaic Church), Richard Tilley (WPAC Treasurer), Doug Wood (WPAC Secretary), Denise Browning (Former WPAC President & WPGarden), Susan Fontana (Former WPAC President & WPGarden), Tim Kolecke (Website, Movies in the Parks Committee, and Former President WPAC), John Shirk (Wicker Mic & Urban Encounter), Elaine Coorens (Our Urban Times), Elysia Lock (Producer, Figment Chicago-Figment Project), Josh Rosenbluh (Figment Chicago), Kelsey Townsell (Mosaic Church), Beth Sholtis (WPB SSA#33 Assistant Program Manager), Aaron Cable (Mosaic Church), Mike Payette (WPAC Security Committee), Abbey Besecker (Mosaic Church), Jake Moor (WPAC , Magic Boat Puppet Show)

  1. Introductions by All – Special Reports Given by Beth Sholtis (Green Resource Fair), Elysia Lock (Figment), Abbey Besecker (WPAC/Mosaic Fundraiser)
  2. Doug Wood Discussed and Outlined the Partnership Guidelines those presenting ideas were asked to present:
    • Potential Dates of the Events they’d like to coordinate
    • Sources of Funding & Sources of Volunteer Assistance in Promotions and Day of Event Management
    • Ideas for Group Promotions
    • Suggested plan for waste management and security during the event and clean up after event.
  3. Doug Wood reviewed the protocols for Partnership arrangements and explained that this work is done in February & March 2014. He explained that the following documents are presented to Park District after they are reviewed by Doug Wood Event/Programming Coordinator. Clare Rodriguez, Park Supervisor works with him to submit and follow the progress of approvals. The events coordinating committees are informed as approvals arrive.
    1. Submit Booking – Includes Rooms, Dates, Setup Times, Event Times, Tear down Times, Park District Equipment requests, electric needs, sound system specs, tents and other structures must be Ok’d by Risk Management. All printed materials must be submitted to Doug Wood who will seek Park District approval.
    2. Write Permits – Fill Out Permit, Submit Site Plan, Submit Liability Insurance and Partnership Letter. NO SALES – Can’t Sell items without permission – Food Samples, Item Samples, Promotion Materials are ok
    3. Submit Partnership Agreement between Park District, Advisory Council, and Partner Groups – This includes Booking data, benefits of event/programming to park and patrons, request for waiver of fees for permits, room rental fees, and equipment fees. Information from Partners – budget provided by partner, in-kind contribution estimated dollar value, target audience number.
    4. Submit Liability Insurance with Permit and Partnership Agreement that additionally insures Chicago Park District and WPAC if Liability Insurance is required as determined by the Permits Department and Risk Management.
    5. Submit Waste Management and Security Plan for Permits – Security for All Music Series, Movies Series, Boo
  4. February & March 2014 – Set Dates, Define Equipment & Room Needs, Write Partnerships and Permits
  5. All partners are requested to
    • MONTH PRIOR – Attend the WPAC meeting or submit a detailed report to the Events Coordinator the month prior to the event
    • MONTH OF EVENT – Attend the WPAC meeting the Month of the Event
    • MONTH FOLLOWING – Attend the WPAC meeting the Month Following the Event and Submit a Detailed Report
    • March – Submit event description and Logo by the End of February for Website Upload
    • February & March – Review the draft of the permit and partnership agreements and make any changes before they are submitted
    • March – Give ideas of how EACH Partnering Group can help promote the season’s programming

Business Meeting

  1. Secretary’s Report: Minutes were read and approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report: Richard Tilley gave Treasurer’s Report
  3. Park District Report – Clare Rodriguez reported that the Seasonal Rec Leader positions are posted on-line. In addition, she noted that new programming would be offered for adults in the Spring Session and mentioned the Jazzercise partnership; classes offered each week in the park. In addition, she discussed World Dodge Ball. The Pepsi vending machines will be replaced by Coke Product Machines. We will find out if this new arrangement extends to the types of products we can sell at the movies at our vending table – perhaps we will be limited to Coke Products. She encouraged people to attend the Valentine’s Dance; admission cost is $3. Cynthia Rosario – Area 1 Manager – The council then asked Cynthia Rosario which Parks in Area I would receive free movies. She stated that a park ‘that does not raise funding for their own movies’ would probably receive the free movies.
  4. Adam Housley discussed the upcoming Dog Park Fundraiser to be held at Twisted Spoke on Saturday, February 15, 2014 – 7:00pm to 10:30pm – and said all was ready to go. The group showed enthusiasm about the event and many will attend. Doug Agreed to send out another mailer to the list and Tim Kolecke has the info uploaded to the website. Funds will be used to find a new design for the dog park gate; suggestions of vendors were submitted.
  5. Doug Wood, Denise Browning, and Richard Tilley discussed the Landscape Design Workshop. The workshop meets every Saturday for 3 hours – 7 weeks. 54 students are registered and they come from 35 zip codes. One-sixth of the students are designing for community groups from all over the city and have been offered scholarships.

The Meeting Adjourned at 8:45pm