Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

ATTENDED: Clare Rodriguez (Park Supervisor), Adam Housley (WPAC President), Richard Tilley (WPAC Treasurer), Denise Browning (Former WPAC President & WPGarden), Susan Fontana (Former WPAC President & WPGarden), Tim Kolecke (Website, Movies in the Parks Committee, and Former President WPAC), John Shirk (Wicker Mic & Urban Encounter), Elaine Coorens (Our Urban Times), Mike Payette (WPAC Security Committee), George Mariner (WPAC Security), Stephanie Katsaros (Brightbeat), Jason Ticus (interested Gardening)

  1. Park District Report – Clare Rodriguez, Park Supervisor
    • Clare said the one toilet is due to be delivered in April or early May to be removed in October (did not have a specific date). Cleaning and waste removal is to occur twice weekly. Advisory Council Members asked for a combo lock if possible. Clare listed the vendor as Oui Oui
    • No new update on spitting bears water feature, Clare will input a new request. WPB SSA#33 allocated $10,000 for the repair.
    • Dog park tree was checked by the city due to that it ‘squeaked’ when blown by the wind. Adam Housley reported and found integrity to pose no immediate problem. Anther inspection will be performed in spring/early summer.
    • Prior question regarding park district fest support or programing-Clare checked and stated the PD does not provide anything during fests.
    • No update on Wicker night out event, Clare will check with Cynthia again on this.
    • Clare commented on my question regarding foot traffic from other parks; reply “yes, we are getting kids from other parks due to our programming offerings”
    • Clare called landscape to salt more and ensure Icy spots are cared for.
    • Clare added new program for young kids, view registration listing on site.
  2. Minutes from February 7 & Budget Report (Richard Tilley)
    • MINUTES – Correct – February Minutes – Clare stated the new programming is for young children, not adult programming – edit minutes.
    • TREASURER’S REPORT – Richard Tilley reported that two check made out for dog fundraiser related costs
  3. Committee Reports
    • Discussion on Security and Special April Meeting on Security and Support during Festivals
      • Mike Payette spoke discussed how he would try to gather residents for the Special April meeting. Only a few confirmed at this time including a representative from the 14th. He is very involved in making the meeting a success with all present to make definite decisions.
      • Clare said if the Park’s Security Guard is out sick again Clare will call daily to get a replacement.
      • Adam Housley asked for a majority vote from the Group on the fencing and other provisions for the park during festivals – the majority agreed that fencing and adequate security be provided during the fest as outlined document serving as the agenda for the April Meeting
      • Mike Payette stated he wanted to make sure the police were engaged as soon as the rail riders arrive, to be discussed on April 17th.
      • Adam Housley offered to post signs in the dog park billboard to engage residents (not sure we want this to be an open invite though).
      • Security during the movies needs to be addressed, however Tim Kolecke, Movie Committee Chairman did state the 2014 movies are not the blockbusters Jurassic park was. Open for further discussion.
    • Report on Dog Park and Dog Park Fundraiser – Adam Housley
      • Fundraiser was a great success that continues to grow in popularity. $2420 was given to Richard to deposit, making the overall event total approx. $3000. Many thanks to Denise and Elaine who came to help and of course Jeraul who partnered with Adam this year to put the event on. Janis Taylor, Clare and 2nd ward came out to support the event, representing the Chicago Park District.
      • Dog park latch, Cynthia Rosario (Area 1 Manager) contacted Janis Taylor (Park District Dog Park Coordinator) and something is in the works.
      • Clare wants to walk the park with Adam Housley, Dog Park Coordinator, and the city roll in the dog parks. (Adam explained that dog parks are a 100% volunteer venture).
      • Asphalt must be placed just behind the sign this summer.
      • Trees in Parkway – Schiller – future thought to place trees along the side walk to possibly overhang into the dog area.
    • Movies in the Park – Tim Kolecke
      • Tim stated the movies are booked and on the calendar but not yet paid for. Tim will speak with Travis to write a check to the city of Chicago. June 26 – Dr. Strange Love; July 17 – Sandlot; August 7th – Field of Dreams Tim will speak with Travis to write a check to Park District.
    • Farmer’s Market – Group Discussion
      • Nobody representing the farmers market present. Clare stated no permit has been applied for
      • The consensus is that Cynthia should contact the organizers and enlighten those involved. Clare will call and follow up with Cynthia
      • Mike Payette and others felt another meeting with the farmers should take place before summer to coordinate and plan with our other events.
      • All agreed that the Farmers Market expansion and rolls of support must be done collaboratively with the WPAC.