Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

ATTENDED: Clare Rodriguez (Park Supervisor), Anne Shaw (Candidate for 1st Ward Alderman), Adam Housley (WPAC President), Scott Venable (WPAC, Vice-President & Mosaic Church), Richard Tilley (WPAC Treasurer), Doug Wood (WPAC Secretary), Denise Browning (Former WPAC President & WPGarden), Susan Fontana (Former WPAC President & WPGarden), Elaine Coorens (Our Urban Times), Mike Payette (WPAC Security Committee), George Mariner (Neighbor and Security), Aaron Cauble (Mosaic Church), Katie Brown (Mosaic Church), Heidi Schreiber (Mosaic Church), Joe Sawicki (softball), John Shirk (Urban Encounter & Wicker Mic), Mary Tamminga (WPC, Tuesdays at the Triangle, WPGarden), Alisa Hauser (DNAInfo)

  1. Secretary (Doug Wood) – June Minutes were read and approved.
  2. Budget Report given by Richard Tilley.
  3. Anne Shaw, candidate for 1st Ward Alderman presented in detail her platform and philosophies for the development of and running of the 1st ward; she then answered questions. Following her sixty minute presentation, she left the meeting.
  4. Park District Report – Clare Rodriguez, Park Supervisor and Discussion of topics with entire council.
    • Clare reported that Joe Sawicki (softball rep) needed to leave during Ms. Shaw’s presentation. Joe asked her to tell the council that he removed the large metal field drag, purchased a shovel and a rake to use on the field. They are stored in the garden storage room and available for the council to use during clean up days.
    • She reported that the Summer Camp has been going very well and a Mid-Summer Party will be presented soon.
    • Clare reported that the seasonal landscaper arrived in the park in June and the seasonal attendant (janitor) arrived in the park recently. Doug Wood asked if the landscaper could use a broom and clean the fountain court every other day or so. The leaf blower does not work well in that location and the garden club volunteers have been extensively cleaning the fountain court each Saturday.
    • She presented a check to Adam Housley, Dog Park Committee, written by Bruce E. Silverman; the check was sent to the park and dated several months earlier. Richard Tilley, treasurer said he would deposit the check and see if it clears. He was not sure that it would clear, due to the fact the check was written over three months prior.
    • Clare reported that the protective fences were installed by the Park District to protect the gardens and trees during the Green Music Fest. The Park did well during the event since it was a rainy weekend and attendance at the festival was incredibly low. The Park hours were extended to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday that weekend.
    • She reported that GMF’s Robert Gomez called her to confirm that all was ok. Clare said she provided initial feedback regarding some of the affiliated damages to the park. She then told him she’d let him know about further concerns.
    • Clare reported that the graffiti removal solvent has arrived. The garden club will store it in the garden storage room, since they use it weekly.
    • The garden club removed the graffiti that was installed during the Green Music Fest weekend.
    • Clare stated that she had no update on the long standing request for the repair of the asphalt in the dog park. Adam Housely said he put in another request to Janice Taylor, Park District Dog Park Coordinator; no response or action has been received.
    • She reported that the Wicker Park Parent’s Association ran the children’s area of the GMF and will present a special Career Exploration Fair in the Fall with the funds they have received from the GMF.
  5. Boo-Palooza – a five minute discussion revealed that the majority of WPAC members have no time to devote to planning the Boo-Palooza event: fundraising, grant writing, talent recruiting, publicity, negotiations with talent, obtaining quotes for items; etc. Mosaic’s Aaron Cauble, Heidi and Katie said they’d assist with planning. Doug suggested that they work on ideas of activities that people could do at the tables at the event. Many groups would like to present tables, but would appreciate a list of activities that would work well at the event.
    MOVIE ADVERTISING: Doug created a slide show for the first meeting and will update it for the second movie. He is working with Tim Kolecke on the promotion activity.
  6. Security and the Construction of Protective Fences in the Park during Wicker Park Fest: Scott Venable, Vice-President and pastor of Mosaic Church said he could provide a team to install the 1,600 feet of fence the week before the Wicker Park Fest. However, all church members will be out of town the following week and the will not be able to remove it. None of the WPAC members stated that they would not be able to remove the fence following the festival. Mike Payette and George Mariner offered to financially assist with the costs of installing and removing the fence. No time remained to discuss how to proceed with the fence or the details of security (company, hours, and details of their surveillance) or how the security will be funded.