Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

ATTENDED: Clare Rodriguez (Park Supervisor), Scott Venable (WPAC, Vice-President & Mosaic Church), Richard Tilley (WPAC Treasurer), Doug Wood (WPAC Secretary),Susan Fontana (Former WPAC President & Garden Club), Denise Browning (Former WPAC President & Garden Club), Leah Root (WPC President), Mike Payette (WPAC Security Committee), Joe Sawicki (Softball), John Shirk (Urban Encounter & Wicker Mic), Jacob Moore (Magic Boat Puppet Theater), David Ramos (Smith Park Advisory Council President), Lucas Bogatitus (Smith Park), Adam Harbottle, Jan Kelly (Park Patron)

  1. Secretary (Doug Wood) – August Minutes were read and approved as submitted.
  2. Budget Report given by Richard Tilley.
  3. Park District Report – Clare Rodriguez, Park Supervisor and Discussion of topics with entire council.
    • Fall Programming began and all is going very well
    • Adam Pena, Part-Time Park Physical Instructor, has left our park to take a scientific research position at Northwestern University. The entire council praised his work and all will miss him.
    • The Martial Arts Power Fighting group requested a partnership to teach in the park; the partnership is currently on hold until the group members are considered Certified Park District Volunteers after they go through the Park District Volunteer Process which includes: application, finger printing and background check.
    • The Boom Bastic Event was denied Park District Partnership and will not take place in the park.
    • Softball ended a very successful season.
    • WORK ORDERS – All checked by Clare: men’s restroom-in process; extra-outside outlets considered capital improvements; drain in dog-park was repaired and is flowing well – no flooding; field under-grade- Landscaping will address after Boo-Palooza, bring in extra soil and fence off until grass grows.
  4. The Chamber and Support for the Park and Community During Wicker Park Fest – Leah Root (Wicker Park Committee – WPC)
    • Leah and Steve Jensen (President of Bucktown Community Organization) spoke with Gina Ryan (President of Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber (WPBCC) -Mauge, Inc.) and David Stearns (WPBTCC – Bar Bar Black Sheep) about the Wicker Park Fest’s impact on the community.
    • Leah and Steve suggested that the Chamber be more pro-active about the festival’s impact on the park and on the community and work with the community to ensure the integrity of the neighborhood during festivals. The idea was discussed and it was felt that it would be helpful if members of the WPAC would attend more of the WPBTCC mixers, get to know more of the members, and address this issue again.
    • Leah offered to assist with obtaining prizes for the costume parades.
  5. Boo-Palooza Planning
    • Funding was addressed
    • The details of Requests from trades was addressed: Trades will deliver 150 chairs, 4 Mitchell Platforms for the stage, 50 tables on Friday, October 24. The event will also use the following from Wicker Park Stock – 180 chairs, 22 – 6ft rectangular tables, 5 circular tables, 2 children’s tables with chairs.
    • Field – Doug Asked if Saturday Classes would be held in the field; Clare said they would not be held in the field.
    • The Permit and Partnership Papers were submitted and are pending.
    • Security – Blu Corp Consultants will be contacted for contract – 3 guards
    • Prizes and food for volunteers is being solicited
    • Groups are being solicited to volunteer, present activity tables, and perform.
    • Banner will be finished by Oct 1.
    • Midway quote and quotes from Christy Webber and other vendors are or will be obtained by Oct. 1
    • Promotions are underway.
    • Map was discussed as was parade route; but, parade route was not finalized.
    • Mosaic will work to obtain sound systems.
    • Magic Boat will decide if they will perform by Oct. 1.