Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Attending:Scott Venable, Tim Kolecke, Denise Browning, Susan Fontana, John Shirk, Abby Besecker, Elaine Coorens, Richard Tilley, Doug Wood, Joe Sawicki gave report and departed

  1. Minutes – August Minutes were read and approved
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Richard Tilley gave update
  3. Park District Report – No Park District Staff in attendance
  4. Midnight Circus in the Parks Update – Held September 19 and 20 at 2pm and 5pm Daily

    Updates were given on Volunteer Recruitment, Concessions Acquisitions, Program Ads (Final Numbers-Wood – $8,600 for WickerICE), Promotions

  5. Boo-Palooza Update – Held Saturday, October 24 at 10am – 2pm

    Updates were given on Permits, Funding, Volunteers, Table Partners, Supply Acquisition

  6. WickerICE Update (Doug Wood)

    Updates were given on Funding, Promotions, Volunteers, Timetable, Partners

  7. Committee Reports – Updates Given on Gardens, Summer Programming