Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Attended:Claribel Rodriguez (Wicker Park Supervisor), Adam Housley (President WPAC), Scott Venable (Vice-President WPAC), Doug Wood (Treasurer WPAC), Joe Sawicki (Softball & WPAC-WickerICE), John Shirk, Susan Fontana, Denise Browning, Elaine Coorens (OUT), Brian Culliton (Co-Chairman WPAC-WickerICE Committee), Nick Gecan (Co-Chairman WPAC-WickerICE Committee), Amy Pilewski (Ad Sales-WPAC-WickerICE Committee), Michael Kupfer (Ad Printing/Application WPAC-WickerICE Committee), Lorna Cagann (Vounteer Coordination – WPAC-WickerICE Committee), Billy Nichols (WPAC-WickerICE Committee), Dan Baxendale (WPAC-WickerICE Committee), David Stearns (WPB Chamber – WPAC-WickerICE Committee), Scott Angove (Chicago Hockey Initiative – WPAC-WickerICE), Tony Brown (WickerICE), Russell Ruplinger (WickerICE)

WPAC- WickerICE Committee

  1. Fundraiser Planning– Volunteer Teams & Duties for Fundraisers were set – Thurs, Nov. 5 at Debonaire Social Club & Sat., Nov. 7 at Emporium Arcade. Doug read Kris Von Dopek’s layout for the Emporium. Volunteers for fundraisers – Brian Culliton, Nick Gecan, Susan Fontana, Denise Browning, Adam Housley, Lorna Cagann, Scott Angove, Tony Brown Russell Ruplinger, Rocio Varela

    HATS & STICKERSwill be on sale at both events featuring Lorna’s logo and Denise’s hats

  2. Rink Hours of Operation, Lighting & Maintenance were discussed.

    The Following details were reported and were confirmed on Monday, October 26 at a meeting with Patrick Levar (Chicago Park District COO), Art Richardson (Head of Central Region), Tito (Head Park District Electrician), Michael Barbarente and Matt Randazzo (Iron Sleek), Brian Culliton, Nick Gecan, Mike Kupfer, Kris von Dopek, Doug Wood

    1. RINK INSTALLATION AND LOCATION: The rink will be installed parallel to the sidewalk on the west side of the field on Saturday, November 28. The rink will run 120 ft long North to South and 60ft wide East to West. This location allows for patrons to be close to the field house for rest room facilities and near the fountain court benches and the two picnic tables for places to put on skates. This is the flattest segment of the field and will be used this year. The rink will have 4ft walls on all four sides and have two gates on the fountain side (west) of the rink right off the sidewalk. Rubber matting will be installed in front of and between the two gates. The location is marked with paint and was approved by all present.
    2. HOURS OF OPERATION – Field House 9am-9pm and Rink 9am-8pm with resurfacing from 8pm – 9pm daily by volunteers:
    3. ENHANCE RINK LIGHTING WITH 2 EXISTING LIGHT POLES: The two exiting light poles near the rink will be enhanced with lights to illuminate the rink by Chicago Park District’s Tito and his electricians. The lights will be focused on the rink and kept from shining across the field into Schiller homes, as much as is possible.
    4. Additional Liability Insurance is not required – the project is a partnership between the WPAC and the Chicago Park District as all our other programming and is covered by the Park Advisory Council/Park District partnership.
    5. INSTALL TEMPORARY PROTECTIVE FENCE: Following installation of the rink on Saturday, November 28 volunteers will install posts and 4 ft fencing around the rink to keep people off the rink and the liner. -After Meeting – Doug arranged with Shirron Molette, Park District Central Region landscaping to retain 75 posts and the Advisory Councils plastic fencing in the park for the November 28th fencing installation.
  3. RINK FILLING & RESURFACING – Assistance Needed from Alderman Moreno and Staff: The rink will be filled on Saturday, December 5 with water from the hydrant on Schiller adjacent to the park fence. We will coordinate with Alderman Moreno to obtain a water key and large hosing to use on this date. For daily resurfacing – heavy duty hoses will be run from field house parking lot water outlet to rink and stored in the heated garden storage room.
  4. SNOW BLOWERS, SHOVELS, RESURFACER: Two snow blowers and shovels will be stored in the same room and used to clean the rink, adjacent sidewalk, and fountain court after each snow.
  5. Within One Week WPAC (November 3 – WPAC will submit a Sign Design listing this Wording to be posted on the entrances to the rink (located on the west side – fountain side of the rink):
    • Welcome to WickerICE
    • Hours of operation
    • Skate at your Own Risk or approved working that means that
    • Hours for Hockey, Hours for Free Skate
    • Rink Provided by WPAC in Partnership with the Chicago Park District
    • Hours for hockey and hours for free skate? Brian Culliton will work on Time table and distribute.
    • Rules for using the rink – entire group
  7. Income, Ad sales & Printing – REPORT – Amy Pilewski and Doug Wood – Goal $15,000 Ads are 20in H X 48in W. Mike Kupfer’s printing firm will print ads at cost and apply to the boards prior to installation. Amy, Doug, Mike and George (Mike’s employee) will coordinate. Doug gave an income report from donations, ad sales, hat/sticker sales.
  8. VOLUNTEERS: 45 Volunteers – More Needed – Lorna and Doug – Lorna will research best sign up programs
    • Resurface Rink at 8pm Daily
    • Monitor Rink Gates
    • Smooth Ice During Heavy Usage every 2 hours
    • Clean Snow

Wicker Park Advisory Council General Meeting -Short Meeting due to Limited Time

  1. Committee Reports
    • Minutes– October Minutes were read and approved.
    • Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Absent – No report given.
  2. Clare Rodriguez, Park Supervisor Report – Clare discussed in detail the coverage of the field house and the rink by the attendance on staff at Wicker. The coverage looked very good. The Schedule included 1 full time, 1 hourly, and two seasonal attendants. She also reported on work orders and the success of the after school programming.
  3. RECAP of Boo-Palooza – The council discussed the event and made numerous comments:
    • The AT&T Staff did an incredible job and their work was invaluable to the event’s success
    • The tables were well attended and the rain put only a small damper on the event
    • The volunteer groups had a great time.
    • The parade route needs to be worked on
    • Brain Storm on what to do during brief rain periods; this year Cirque Experience worked inside during the storm and entertained the crowd.
    • Increase involvement of the tabling organizations in setting up and tearing down the event.
    • TO DO: All receipts must be submitted for final financial report by November 15.
  4. MCITP – The council will decide on participation in 2016 MCITP at the December 1 meeting. There is a wrap up meeting of MCITP on Tuesday, December 8.
  5. Fountain Decorating Social Plans were discussed for the Saturday, November 21 event held at 10am-4pm with Set up at 8am.

Adjourn 9pm