Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Attended:Clare Rodriguez (Park Supervisor), Mathew Lewis (Park Attendant), Ginny Warnecke (Park Security Guard), Adam Housley (President), Scott Venable (Vice-President), Doug Wood (Secretary), John Shirk (Urban Encounter and Wicker MIC), Denise Browning (Garden), Mike Payette (Security Committee), Joe Sawicki (Softball, WickerICE), Nick Gecan (Co-Chairman, Wicker ICE), Brian Culltion (Co-Chairman, Wicker ICE), Amy Pilewski (Ad Sales, WickerICE), Mike Kupfer (Ad Printing, WickerICE), Mike Braden (Social Media, WickerICE), Lorna Cagan (Volunteer Coordination/Social Media, WickerICE), Terry Enright (Website, WickerICE), Nick Grygiel (SENT NOTE ON WEBSITE – Website, WickerICE)

WickerICE Committee Meeting7pm – 8pm

  1. REMOVED: WickerICE Rink was removed on Wednesday February 24. The fencing, posts, and extra liner were removed on Sunday, February 28. The rink walls, netting, Plexiglas ad covers and posts are currently stored by Iron Sleek.20 Days – The weather permitted skating for 20 days. 350 hockey players signed the waiver from 52 zip codes.
  2. FUNDRAISER: Alderman Moreno hosted Blackhawk’s Bobby Hall and Marcus Kruger on Saturday, February 27 in Wicker Park Field House. The event was enjoyed by all who attended; many took photos with the two players. The donation from the Blackhawks has not been received by WPAC.
  3. STORAGE: The WickerICE Committee decided to obtain quotes for the storage of the following by March 15-April 1:Golf Cart, Snow blower, 2 Hockey Goals, 3 Re-Surfacers, Shovels – 12, Ice Breakers, 5 rolls of matting, Snow blower, Banners, Signs
  4. Other WickerICE Sub-Committees Reported
    • We will develop a plan for quickly addressing injuries at the rink for the 2016-2017 season. In addition, the signage will read ‘we suggest all skaters wear helmets.’
    • Mike Kupfer created a plaque from a rink board with the logo on it – all who work on the project will sign this spring – many signed at the March meeting.
    • We will draft a 2015-2016 end of year report.
    • Survey – We will work on an end of 1st Year survey to distribute for input for 2nd year improvements.
    • Rules and time schedule for Open Skate, Stick & Puck and Rat Hockey – Changes – the survey will address suggestions for changes
    • Volunteer Sign up, monitoring and Hockey Monitors – the survey will address this
    • Ads – Sales 2016-17 – Amy Pilewski reported total sales were $17,000 and should be easy to obtain again. She stated that when asked, the ad clients did not request tweets – which was part of their ad package. The reflective qualities of the ads and its influence on the ice melting were discussed.
    • Hats will be sold at all summer events.
    • Social Media – Plan for Keeping Interest.
    • Website – Nick and Terry will work on website.
    • SKATE RENTALS– We will research options for skate rentals: Both Alderman Moreno and Art Richardson, Central Region Manager expressed interest in elucidating a plan for 2016-17. Mike Kupfer suggested that Gunzo’s Hockey Headquarters may be an option as a future partner.
    • Terry Enright suggested that we work on a plan to solicit free skates and develop a method to give them to needy children.
    • It was suggested to get going on Bar Nights – planning and info handouts.
    • Doug Reported that Maggie McKay will offer classes monthly after Yoga in the Park; they will be WickerICE Nutrition Classes as fundraisers for the rink.

Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting General Meeting

  1. February Minutes were read and approved with revisions.
  2. Budget Report –Doug, Scott went with Richard to ByLine bank and did the following: added Doug’s name to the signer’s list, requested a bank card for deposits, set up on-line banking access. Richard gave Doug the 2015 bank statements, deposit logs, and communications. Scott and Denise will check on a person to do the books for the 2015 tax submission form.
  3. Park District Updates – Clare Rodriguez, Park Supervisor
    • Clare stated that WickerICE was well managed in all respects: fundraising, installation, monitoring, and removal and that it was great that funds were available to cover most of the 2nd year’s operation costs.
    • Spring 2016 registration was realized the last week of February. A notable very popular new class is called ‘Tiny Talker’s Spanish Class.’ The class has brought people to the park from all over the city.
    • Work orders have been addressed; those that haven’t have been resubmitted.
    • Janis Taylor has retired from the Park District; a new dog park coordinator is to be appointed.
  4. Committee Reports
    • Dog Park – No fundraiser date has been set. A new power washer is being researched. Adam would like an electric power washer – but, there is no outlet in the dog park. Perhaps, a work order could be placed?
    • Security – Mike Payettereported that he attended the February CAPS meeting and that the attendance was very small – one person. Sergeant Reyes stated that the Park District has security and should be able to assist with the park’s monitoring. In addition, he stated that the closing of the park at 11pm was difficult, since people must be able to walk through the park. The 14th stated that they did not know of the damage to the rink and did not hear request for surveillance from us or 1st Ward Moreno’s office.
    • Ginny Warnecke (Park Security Guard) reported that her hours will be cut to Tuesday-Friday at 4hours/day.
    • Report MCITP– Meeting February 19 – Parks Foundation, Park District, NOTIP; Next Meeting March 10 at 9am to work to increase the percentage of box office received by the PACs from 0% – 20%.
    • Grants Submitted– FOTP, Parks Foundation Garden, Parks Foundation Connecting Communities
    • Annual PAC Conference – Saturday, March 5th, 2016 – Doug Wood will attend and give two presentations.