May 2016 Wicker Park Advisory Council Minutes

May 2016 MINUTES – Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at 7pm – 8:30pm Wicker Park Field House – 1425 N. Damen


Attended: Adam Housley (President),  Doug Wood (Secretary), John Shirk (Urban Encounter and Wicker MIC), Denise Browning (Garden), Joe Sawicki (Softball, WickerICE), Lorna Cagan (Volunteer Coordination/Social Media, WickerICE), Richard Tilley (WPGarden), Leah Root (Wicker Park Committee), Lieutenant Joe Giambrone (14th District police)


  1. 1. Minutes – April 2016 Minutes were read and approved.


  1. Treasurer’s Assistants Report –No Activity.


  1. Park District Report – Clare Rodriguez, Park Supervisor – Absent due to Special Olympics


  1. Softball – Joe Sawicki reported that the softball permit is completed and that the league would begin on Sunday, May 8. The field was seeded heavily and the entire field will be brought up to grade and sodded in mid-September.


  1. Dog Park Report – Adam Housley reported the following:
  • The gate and fencing is in bad shape – rusting and needs work.
  • Asphalt needs work
  • Dog Park floods regularly.
  • Boards need repair
  • Adam will prepare a bullet list of work that needs to be done in the dog park.


  1. Websites and Social Media Updates and Content for All Events/Initiatives. Doug Wood reported that Tim has updated the website and most all events are current. The Movies and Circus in the Parks section will be updated when the Park District allows, which is after they announce the Nights Out in the Parks events in late May.


  1. WickerICE
  • WickerICE – Survey & Report – – 80 responses to date.
  • Rocio Varela sent note stating that the Alderman obtained funding  from Black Hawk Promotions for WickerICE  –  $2725.10. The check will be presented to Wicker Park Advisory Council’s WickerICE committee when the alderman has time to attend a WPAC meeting.
  • A Yearend report is being prepared by Alexa Schutz and Doug Wood.


  1. Plant Sale Fundraiser ReportPlant Sale to be held on Sat./Sun. May 7 and 8 – 10am – 4pm daily


  • Our Wicker Park Garden Team will answer all your gardening questions & help you choose the best plants for your home
  • 10am – 1pm-Sat & Sun – Seed Starting for Kids – Decorate Pots for Mother’s Day and then fill with soil and seeds.
  • 10am – 1pm – Sat & Sun- Pick UP SAFE GARDENING TIP SHEETS  from Medulla Health Care Management Solutions
  • 10:30am – 11:15am-Sat & Sun – Goldfish Swim School Wicker Park Demonstrations
  • 11:30 am – 12:15-Sat – Maggie McKay’s Nutrition Talks- Spice Things Up This Summer: Learn the health benefits & uses of different herbs and spices
  • 11:30 am – 12:15 – Sun – Maggie Mckay’s Play with Your Food! : Who Knew Eating Vegetables Could be So much fun?
  • Sunday 10am – 1pm Sample David’s Tea 


  1. Events held in April
  • Big Mulch & Rake Day/Dog Park Cleaning was a huge success on Sat. April 16 at 9am – 1pm. Walk Thru – Doug/Shirron – Park District tools and locations of the mulch piles are confirmed. Volunteers will came from, WPAC, WPGarden, New City Church, Urban Encounter, Grace Church – Goshein, IIT, Josephinum, Friends of the Parks Associate Board. We obtained shirts and gloves from Friends of the Parks.
  • Gardening began in early April and the group meets every Saturday at 10am – 1pm
  • The Garden Group obtained a grant from Community Gardens in the Parks to purchase new shrubs and perennials for the shade gardens.


  1. Summer Events
  • Volunteers were requested to help sell sponsorship packages for Music-Theatre Series – $450 or other.
  • A grant was submitted to WPB SSA#33 for the Music-Theatre Series
  • Yoga, Music, Theatre, WickerMIC, Boo-Palooza Permits/Partnerships – 2 permits of 5 generated (Plant Sale and WickerMIC), no partnerships finished
  • Partnerships Submitted April 3/but not complete – Mulch Day, Garden Inside Room, WickerICE Nutrition, Landscape Design Lectures, Fountain Decorating, Home Landscape Design Workshop
  • Midnight Circus in the Park – Planning Meeting – Tuesday, May 17, 7pm – Wells Park
  • Security – Fests & Prince March – Friday, May 6 at Dusk at Fountain – Need $4000 ($2000) total to cover park security for GMF (June 18-19)  and WPF (July 23 -24).  At this point, $1500 from GMF – Need $2,500 more to fund.