April 5, 2016 Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

APRIL 2016 MINUTES – Wicker Park Advisory Council General Meeting
Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 7pm – 8:30pm Wicker Park Field House – 1425 N. Damen


Attended: Clare Rodriguez (Park Supervisor), Scott Venable (Vice-President), Doug Wood (Secretary), John Shirk (Urban Encounter and Wicker MIC), Denise Browning (Garden), Joe Sawicki (Softball, WickerICE), Nick Gecan (Co-Chairman, Wicker ICE), Lorna Cagan (Volunteer Coordination/Social Media, WickerICE), Nick Grygiel  (Website, WickerICE), Maggie McKay (WickerICE Nutrition), Alexa Schutz (WickerICE), Eric Szurgot (WickerICE), Michael Watt (Neighbor), Elaine Coorens (Our Urban Times)


  1. 1. Minutes – March 2016 Minutes were read and approved.


  1. Treasurer’s Assistants Report – Taxes, Books

Doug Wood, Denise Browning (for Richard Tilley) reported that the 2015 taxes were submitted and gave updates and balances of sub-accounts (WickerICE, Dog Park, General Fund). We now have on-line banking and a bank card for deposits and with drawls.


  1. Park District Report – Clare Rodriguez, Park Supervisor
  • Spring Programs are in full swing.
  • Clare passed out the Wicker Park Summer 2016 Camp Schedules to all present. The camps begin on 7/5/2016 and end in mid-August. The camps cover children under 13, teens from 13 – 16, and play camp is geared toward the 4-6 year olds.
  • Clare noted that Wicker Park will have a new full-time physical instructor soon. The staff member comes with an extensive diversity of experiences and should be developing new programming, including programs for adults.
  • Clare reported that a group of Park District staff viewed the field and repairs should be taking place sometime soon. We will work to get a confirmed date for sodding that does not affect  June programs.
  • She was informed by the Nights Out Group that we would host Midnight Circus in the Parks again this year. The group discussed the event.


  1. Websites and Social Media Updates and Content for All Events/Initiatives.
  • Doug will speak with Tim Kolecke to ask when he has time to upload all summer events and programs.
  • Doug will receive access to WPAC FACE book for uploads.


  1. WickerICE
  • End of Season Survey & Report– View Edit Survey-Launch and Report Contents – The council discussed the draft survey, made suggestions, and an edited form of the survey will be distributed to those in attendance before it is uploaded and distributed. Alexa Schutz & Doug Wood will work on end of year report.
  • WickerICE STORAGE – Most items stored with Iron Sleek – the following was moved to storage in March
  • $400 – 100 Feet of Netting and Netting posts Removal, Storage and haul away
  • $400 – Storage and haul away of various components: 5 rolls matting (4ft wide X 10ft long rolled – 85lbs each, 3 scoop shovels, 4-4ft blade shovels blue, 2-4ft blade shovels white, 2 sweegees (one straight/one curved), 2 ice chippers, 3 garbage can resurfacers
  • Rink walls and Plexiglas covers – paid in original fees
  • Nick Gecan is storing snow blower
  • Joe Sawicki set location for storage of golf cart


  1. Promotions – Spring Events & Summer Events The group discussed the upcoming events:
  • Big Mulch & Rake Day/Dog Park Cleaning – Sat. April 16 at 9am – 1pm. Walk Thru – Doug/Shirron – Park District tools and locations of the mulch piles are confirmed. Volunteers will come from, WPAC, WPGarden, New City Church, Urban Encounter, Grace Church – Goshein, IIT, Josephinum, Friends of the Parks Associate Board. We will obtain shirts and gloves from Friends of the Parks.
  • Plant Sale and Workshops – Sat. & Sun. May 7 & May 8 at 10am – 4pm
  • Gardening – Every Saturday at 10am – 1pm
  • Volunteers were requested to help sell sponsorship packages for Music-Theatre Series – $450 or other.


  1. Discussion of the Summer & Fall Events Updates & Promotions – See Schedule
  • Summer All Events Banner will be installed after May 14 and the following will be Available – All Events Cards, Nutrition Classes Card, WickerICE Card Ready; Movie Card-May 15
  • Trades Orders Pending –Platforms for Chorus and Boo; Chairs for Chorus, String Quartets and Theatre PENDING
  • Permits, Site Plans, Partnership Letters, Partnership forms for 5 events and educational programs/small events submitted: Plant Sale, Yoga, Music-Theatre Series, WickerMIC, Boo-Palooza (Boo-Needs Project Manager- Discussed – still vacant), mulch day, garden inside meeting space, nutrition classes inside space, Landscape Lecture Series, Fountain Decorating Social, and Home Landscape Design Class. PENDING
  • RAIN DATE REQUESTS submitted for Yoga – Inside Gym Tuesdays at 6:30pm, Music-Theatre – gym, central room,  WickerMIC – gym – PENDING
  • Michael Watt asked about freeing more time for the public use of the field and limiting softball time. We suggested he form a committee to negotiate with all users and come to a resolution.  It was noted that all decision must be reviewed by all users.