WickerICE Rink


INSTALLATION DATE: Saturday, December 1, 2018

OPEN: When ICE is frozen

LOCATION: Softball Field


REMOVED: February 28, 2019

UPDATES @ www.WickerICE.org and WickerICE Facebook

 Come to the Installation Day for WickerICE Rink.  The Fire Department will come to fill the rink in the morning.

WickerICE is a Community Funded & Community Maintained, non-refrigerated outdoor ice skating rink in Wicker Park.  The 60' x 120' rink is open to anyone with their own skates with no admission charge when the ice is frozen.

Skate times and Field House hours are subject to change based on weather and ice conditions. WickerICE is managed and maintained by Wicker Park Advisory Council's WickerICE committee working in Partnership with the Chicago Park District and numerous sponsors.