Working Together to Maintain and Preserve the Gurgoyle Fountain Court in Wicker Park

The Wicker Park Advisory Council will work with the Conservation of Sculpture and Objects Studio, Inc and the Chicago Park District Historic Preservation Department to inspect the historic Gurgoyle Fountain Court each year:

  • Fountain structure – Check for rust and re-paint when needed
  • Fountain Pool lights – Check bulbs and structural elements and replace if needed
  • Urns – Check black urn paint and repaint when needed. Check cracks in pineapple
  • Benches – replace bench boards and clean metal surfaces
  • Gardens – provide supplemental funding for plants in urns and fountain gardens


DONATE: We request that You donate to help us preserve this very popular destination spot for our Wicker Park Bucktown Community and for those from all over Chicagoland and visitors to our city.  Wicker Park Advisory Council is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization.

  • ON LINE: Donate at Paypal link below
  • CHECK: Write Check to Wicker Park Advisory Council Send Check to Doug Wood, Wicker Park Advisory Council, 1322 N. Claremont #2, Chicago, IL 60622.
  • ALL DONORS will receive a Donation Letter within 30 days.



  • 2009: The Wicker Park Bucktown Special Service Area #33 granted $67,000 to remove rust, laser treat the fountain surface, refinish the fountain surface, and reconstruct the top ornament (calla lilies and leaves). The restoration was done by Conservation of Sculpture and Objects Studio, Inc
  • 2007: The Wicker Park Advisory Council raised funds for 12 benches and 8 white urns. Community members funded the 12 benches and the Wicker Park Bucktown Special Service Area #33 funded the 8 urns.
  • 2002: Present – The Wicker Park Garden Club and Advisory Council maintained the gardens and urn displays
  • 2002: The Chicago Park District brought back replica of the Gurgoyle Fountain to Wicker Park.
  • 1895-1908 – The Gurgoyle Fountain was open to the public in Wicker Park. It was removed in 1908 by Jens Jensen who constructed a wading pool.