Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Present: Cynthia Rosario (Area 2 Manager), Jason Zaffaroni (Park Physical Instructor), Thalia Solano (Park Physical Instructor), Susan Fontana (WPAC – Co-President), Denise Browning (WPAC-Co-President), Richard Tilley (WPAC Treasurer), Doug Wood (WPAC – Secretary and Garden Club), John Shirk (Urban Encounter), Adam Housley (Dog Park), Ryan Jackson (softball), Sylvia Ramos (Pritzker School), Tim Kolecke (Website), Elaine Coorens (OurUrbanTimes), Clintina Taylor (Parent -Park Kids Student)

  1. Minutes – Doug Wood – February Minutes were read and approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Richard Tilley submitted treasurer’s report.
  3. Committee Reports
    • Dog Park Committee – Adam Housley – A Dog Park Cleaning Day is scheduled for Saturday, April 17 – 11am – 2pm. Info will be submitted for April Newsletter. Water line to be repaired as weather permits-requested info from Cynthia on date of installation so dog owners could be informed.
    • Web Site Committee – Tim Kolecke – Reported on Updates. Will include spring Park District Session and registration info for Summer Session on site. He sent Newsletter to those who signed for it.
    • Softball Committee – Ryan Jackson – All is ready to go.
    • Gardens and Landscape Committee – Doug Wood

      PORTABLE TOILETS – WPAC Voted to fund 50% ($1,160) of Seasonal Cost (Art Richardson-Central Region-confirmed 50% paid by Park District). WPAC suggests – Toilets to be open from 9pm Friday-8am on Mondays – April – October. One handicapped and one regular toilet are to be installed by Oui Oui and serviced on Mondays. Toilets are lockable and to be staked to ground. Suggested location is next to the flag pole.

      FOTP Meeting Report and Newsletter– A Report on Dr. Dan Hibbler’s discussion of Park Policy was sent to WPAC members via email as well as a document for Registration for March 27 – Park Advocacy Conference -9am-12-South Shore; News Letter Info – Due March 22-Dist March 29. March newsletter covered all park activities and more input from Staff and children requested.

      EDUCATION: 2009-2010-Garden Educational Lecture Series October – March and the Workshops were attended by 465 Adults from all over Chicagoland. The Children’s Program – Park Kids Grow-Music Garden: 28students registered – 6 Teachers – Park District certified. The class is filled with 8-5yr, 3-6yr, 3-7yr, 5-8yr, 7-9yr, 2-11yr. Class held on Thursdays April 8-May 27 – 4-5:30. Funded by Parkways, FOTP, and WPGarden. Class composed of 10 students from Park Kids; 18 Students from Community-and-Other Neighborhoods

      EVENTS – All WPAC members and Park Staff are invited to Assist-Participate – and – Enjoy

      • Gardening – March 13,27,3,17,24-9am-2pm and continuing through December on Saturdays.
      • Workshops – Tool Sharpening – Sat. March 20 Richard’s Tilley’s home Workshop
      • Earth Day – Saturday, April 17- 10am-noon (WPGarden & Psycobaby) – Music Garden Children will help others plant seeds to take home and discuss Green Technologies. All WPAC welcome to help.
      • Big Mulch Day – Saturday, April 24 – 9am-2pm – Need Sign in Waiver Form from Staff – Participant groups John -Urban Encounter, Josh-Missio Dei Chicago, Tom-Covenant Presbyterian Church, Kevin-Clemente, Eric-Property Consultants, Neighbors, Gardeners – 15 forks – 15 rakes – 8 wheel barrels committed by Chris Krieger-CPD – All WPAC welcome to find food and help with mulching.
      • PLANT SALE AND WORKSHOPS – Saturday-Sunday-May 1 & 2 – 10am-4pm.
    • Green Roof Report – Susan Fontana – Brandon Daley has no updates./li>
    • Parent Committee Meeting-Education-Events-Clintina Taylor – Clintina reported details of survey results. WPAC asked to have a hard copy to submit with curriculum expansion. Also, she discussed the Park Voyager trips.
    • Collaboration Committee – Faces of Wicker Park – John Shirk – John is working with Elaine Coorens to upload project. We discussed photography waivers and methods of working with those who upload info – documents to be drafted. Cynthia Rosario requested that John Shirk write a letter of intent to the Chicago Park District. The purpose of this was questioned – since the project originated from Park Supervisor Davidson.
  4. Staff Reports
    • Cynthia Rosario reported that that John Davidson is on Sick Leave and she participated in the portable toilet discussion, Faces of Wicker Park Discussion, and approved the resolution for hours for toilets.
    • Jason Zaffaroni and Thalia Solano reported the teen club is smaller due to seasonal commitments of students (eg. low attendance for ski trip), after school program is excellent, soccer is going well and Cubs Care is ready to go.