Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Present: Tim Kolecke (President & Website), Scott Venable (Vice-President & Mosaic Church), Richard Tilley (Treasurer), Doug Wood (Secretary and Garden Club Coordinator), Denise Browning (WPAC & WPGarden), Susan Fontana (WPAC & WPGarden), John Shirk (Urban Encounter & Wicker Mic), Adam Housley (Dog Park Coordinator), Lisa Stauff (WPPA), Fran Konieczko (Pritzker Parents
Association), Cynthia Rosario (Park District Area #2 Manager)

  1. Minutes – Doug Wood – November 2011 Minutes were read and approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Richard Tilley- Submitted Report on 2011
  3. Committee Reports
    • Dog Park Committee – Adam Housley – The Gates in the Dog Park need repair. Cynthia Rosario said she would submit work order. The committee is considering it date and location for the 2012 fundraiser. Adam will contact us with information later in January.
    • Web Site – Tim Kolecke – Tim reported that the Web site was restructured. Member gave complementary comments on the work. Tim requested that all groups submit photos for upload.
    • Softball Committee – Ryan Jackson – Absent and no report. Cynthia was asked if she knew anything about the 2012 softball negotiations – She said NO. Doug said he’d write Ryan an email and ask if help is needed.
    • Gardens and Landscape Committee – Doug Wood, Denise Browning – The Garden club will hosted a Fountain Decorating Social on Saturday, November 19 from 10am-4pm. The Project was funded by Wicker Park Garden Club (trees, transportation, decorations, garlands) and the Care of Trees (lights). The Home Landscape design class began on Saturday, January 14 and continues for 7 weeks through Saturday, February 24. The class is filled with 70 students (waiting list of 20 students), TAs and 7 professional design instructors. The Parkways Foundation’s Community Gardens in the Parks program funded the costs of the professional teachers, printing and some food. The income will be used to meet the $10,000 per year raised by the Garden Club to maintain the gardens in the park and to present educational programming.
  4. Staff Reports –Cynthia Rosario – Area 2 Manager
    • UPDATE ON STAFF HIRING & HOURS: Full Time Park Supervisor, Part Time Physical Instructor, Part Time Attendant (Janitor) : There will be another round of interviews for the Supervisor position. The PT Physical Instructor position was advertised, but no interviews have been conducted. No action on the PT attendant position. Cynthia reported that our two PT Physical Instructor could only work 20 hours per week. Members of the Council asked why their hours were cut; she stated it was a policy since the positions were funded at 1040 hrs/year.
    • UPDATE ON SECURITY – One PT Security on Staff: The council once again noted that the security staff does not walk outside on a regular basis. In addition, Doug Wood suggested that the position could be changed to a seasonal one with extra hours being allocated to the weekends, when the park is most in need of a security guard. Cynthia suggested that we should preserve the full time position and ask for additional weekend support. Comments on this statement ranged from: Is there a point to preserve a job, when the person does not do their job? We asked for weekend support for years – what new approach can be taken?
    • MOVIE IN THE PARKS UPDATE: Doug Wood asked Cynthia to give us an update on what Area 2 parks would be receiving movies this year; note, we purchased 3 movies last year and did not receive a free movie. She responded that she did not know yet and would probably lean toward providing movies for the parks that have not raised funding for movies.
    • PORTABLE TOILETS for Weekend Use – Cynthia and the council discussed portable toilets to be located in the parking lot sidewalk as in past years. Final decision: two toilets (one handicapped/one not), Park District pays for Handicapped toilet and 2 cleanings per week on Friday and Monday, Advisory Council works to obtain funding for 2nd toilet and two cleanings per week. Duration of rental – April 1 – November 1, 2012. The Council asked Cynthia to set up contract and report back.
    • FARMER’S MARKET 2012 – Cynthia said the schedule of the Farmer’s Market might be changed this year – more later.
    • SECURITY CAMERAS – Installation-payment-timetable: Cynthia had no new report. Doug said one camera was in place and was wired to electric – no further details on 2nd Camera to be purchased by 1st Ward Moreno.
  5. NEW BUSINESS – Fran Konieczko (Pritzker Parents Association) Fran and Cynthia discussed the changing length of school year and the changes in the length of day. Cynthia reported that the Park District was waiting on School Board decisions and then would contact Pritzker to see what works best for them. She noted that the Park District already offers late camps, etc and this format may be an option. Fran said that Pritzker is also working on after school programming and would get back to us.
  6. PLANNING MEETING – Tues. Jan 17 @ 7pm – 2012 Events Layout Discussed.

Adjourned at 8:30 pm