MINUTES – 1-13-2022-WPAC Dog Park Renovation Committee Meeting

MINUTES: January 13, 2022 WPAC Dog Park Renovation Committee Meeting 6pm-7pm Zoom

ATTENDANCE:  Kristin Drutchas, Grant Drutchas, Doug Wood, Eric Robinson, Derek Sullivan, Michelle Krage

Survey 684 Responses – 12-31-2021-SURVEY

  1. DECEMBER MINUTES: The Minutes from the December 9 meeting were reviewed and approved. The format of the minutes will be edited – all guidance information will be removed to an appendix.


  1. REVIEW: The Committee viewed the map of the dog park area and Eric repeated some options for expansion. He stated that his search for a updated Survey of the Wicker Park Dog Park was not successful – there were no updated maps on file at the library records department that houses the Chicago Park District’s surveys.


  1. DESIGNER: Eric Robinson from Lamar Johnson Collaborative offered to draft up a few designs for the dog park, both using the current footprint and a version with an expansion.


  1. DOG PARK FEATURES: The Committee discussed desired elements to include based on the survey results:


  • SIZE Increase size of the Dog Park – At this point the Park District Staff has stated that an increase in size would affect the public’s heavy usage of the field and affect the programming offered by the Park District
  • SURFACEExplore different surfaces: Astro turf and poured with cost of upkeep
  • SHELTER Include a shade element (pergola) for dog owners – the dog park is in full sun.
  • AGILITY FEATURE Explore Agility Features
  • WATER FEATURE or Water Source
  • DONOR WALL or DONOR BRICKS & Plaquesacknowledging the donor of various features (eg. shelter, water feature, or other new feature)
  • INCREASE DRAINAGE in the gravel pits and perhaps rearrange and/or limit the size/footprint to make room for other elements
  • REPAIR OUTER FENCING – the outer fencing has been altered to retain small dogs and many of the posts have or are currently in need of repair – heavy rust. (We discussed how we can combat fence rusting due to dog urine).
  1. REQUEST CLARIFICATION FROM PARK DISTRICT: There is a bit of confusion (with CPD) as to who chooses the design and construction teams. We are working to clarify these details.  Doug will communicate with Michael Lange, Chicago Park District Dog Park Team to elucidate this information and the procedure. Once we know the procedure, we will submit the list of Dog Park Design Features to the Park District for approval.
  2. PRELIMINARY IDEAS: Grant shared a doc he’s been working on with some preliminary ideas: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fzq5jai6in02cxf/Wicker%20Park%20Dog%20Park.pptx?dl=0


  1. CONTACT OTHER DOG PARKS: Kristin and Michelle will work to obtain information from other dog parks about the procedure they went through and the features of their dog park. Wade Chang, Chicago Park District, should be able to provide this information.