Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes


GOALS: Staffing/Thanksgiving

  1. Sign in and introductions
  2. September Minutes approval
  3. Treasurer’s Report, Richard Tilley
  4. Dog Park Update
  5. Doug Wood report on budget meeting
  6. Web update
  7. Doug Wood trees in the park. Pritzker curb appeal
  8. Coyote Halloween
  9. Fountain Lighting Sat, Nov. 10˜10am-2PM
  10. Thanksgiving dinner Thurs., Nov. 15–4pm-8pm
  11. Drug sellers in the park
  12. Drinking in the park/especially after hours
  13. Kelly rec leaders, supplies, landscaping last date. work orders
  • Friday, December 7˜4pm-6pm Art Show Park Kids
  • Tuesday, February 12˜4-8pm Community and Park Kids Valentine’s Day Event
  • Saturday, March 22˜10am-11am
  • Easter is March 23, Easter Egg Hunt and Social Dog and Pet Tricks
  • Saturday, April 26˜9am-noon Earth day Activities
  • Saturday, Sunday–May 3, 4 Plant Sale–WPGarden Event
  • Sunday, June 8, 9am-3PM Carnival

Next meeting Tues. Nov. 13 7PM Field House