Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Present: Cynthia Rosario, Denise Browning, Susan Fontana, Richard Tilley, Doug Wood, Josh Taylor, David Wagner, John Shirk, Manny Flores, Leticia Chavez, Sylvia Ramos, Bill Murray Adam Housely, Tim Kolecke, Commander Lucio Martinez, Rob Bledsoe, Immer Hernandez, Bo Ramos

  1. Minutes-February and March (Doug Wood, Secretary): Minutes were read and approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report (Richard Tilley). Richard presented a written report.
  3. Security–City Police: New Police Commander Lucio Martinez discussed park issues: vandalism, drinking, drug use, dogs off leash, and drug sales. He said he was willing to work with us and asked us to call 911 whenever we saw problems. He asked that we also communicate with him via email: Lucio.martinez@chicagopolice.org
  4. Park Camera Security Quote (APTI-All Pro Technologies, Inc–a CCTV Proposal)
    A quote prepared by Rob Bledsoe and Immer Hernandez was presented. Quote was discussed. The WPAC asked that the quote be revised to include the Damen/Schiller Drug Dealing area. Alderman Flores introduced the idea of the ‘blue camera’ (see his report below). Bo Ramos, Chicago Park District Security–suggested that we request a quote from Active Alarms, Fontana will follow up. All Pro Technologies was requested to seek Vendor Approval Status with the Park District. They agreed to do that the next day. All-Pro, 270-D Larkin Drive, Wheeling, IL 60090, (847) 229-9400.
  5. Alderman Flores/Leticia Chavez discussed park issues: vandalism, drinking, drugs, drug sales and suggested that a ‘blue camera’ be installed from 1st Ward resources. He stated that he would work in all resources to eliminate these problems from the park. The ‘blue cameras’ are installed for limited periods of time–as requested and deemed necessary. In addition, Alderman Flores reported that the Wicker Park Festival would be moved to Milwaukee Avenue–south of North Avenue in 2009. He is currently negotiating this move. Leticia provided her email: leticia.chavez@cityofchicago.org
  6. Report from Area 2 Manager- Cynthia Rosario:
    • EARTHDAY: She discussed the Park District sponsored Earth Day–April 26 and stated that staff would oversee that event.
    • ATTENDANT PERFORMANCE UPGRADE: She stated that the attendants are working to upgrade the appearance of the building: tables were cleaned, bathroom was power washed, some rooms buffed.
    • PO SUBMITTED: She stated that she submitted the invoice from Kinkos (music series printing) for PO–she stated that she would oversee it and work to make sure it is returned soon.
    • SECURITY LIGHTS: She stated that security lights were installed on the light pole south of the fountain to help illuminate the area to cut down drinking and vandalism at the fountain area.
    • TEEN NIGHT: Teen night is scheduled for May 15 at Wicker–a similar event held at Clemente was a success. She will give details of the event in May listing activities and staff assignments.
    • PARTNERSHIP FORMS: Cynthia asked that people submit partnership ‘forms’–via email to cynthia.rosario@chicagoparkdistrict.com and cc- art.richardson@chicagoparkdistrict.com –listing all dates meetings are planned. The ‘form’ is an email–that listing dates, room requested, and times of events. No details given on turn around time, or potential charges, criteria for deciding charges, etc.
    • SOFT BALL: Softball begins soon–alcohol drinking will be monitored and not permitted this year.
    • THE PILLARS AND DAMAGED ROOF: Pillars were installed by both entrances to the field house. The brickwork is falling off the building due to a leaky roof. It has not been determined when the roof will be repaired or the pillars will be removed. It was noted that we requested roof replacement for 4 years at the yearly Chicago Park District Budget Hearings.
    • FRENCH DRAINS: Cynthia has no information on the status of installing two French Drains to remove water off the sidewalks west of the field house–or–off the basketball court. Designs for the drains were submitted by WPGarden and approved in 2006 and resubmitted in October 2007.
    • KELLY TORRES HAS RETIRED: Kelly is now retired (effective April 1, 2008) and the Park District is interviewing applicants for the Park Supervisor position.
    • ROSARIO–ACTION ITEMS: She will check on status of Hiring of new Supervisor, French Drains-date of installation, Roof Replacement and Pillar Removal–Date of Action, Tools for Earth Day, Details for Teen Night (staff on duty and activities offered), Monitor Speedy Turn-around-time for PO Request for Kinkos Music series printing, obtain specs for roof to submit to Fontana for Green Roof Quote.
  7. Dog Park Update-Adam Housely stated that there will be a clean up day Saturday, April 28 and asked Ms. Rosario for more dog bags. He reported that the trash is not being removed–Ms. Rosario will check on trash removal and obtaining more dog bags.
  8. PAC Documents—Doug Wood reported that he attended a meeting with 17 advisory councils, Superintendent Tim Mitchell, and his staff. The outcome: Most all the PROPOSED new documents were either discarded or were edited severely. Background Check: Only people who work with children need to be fingerprinted and background checked. Those raising large sums of money and depositing those in Advisory Council accounts must be bonded–which includes a background check and finger printing. ALL INCOME MADE PUBLIC–ON LINE–Also, the park district will make public all income from Park rentals and special event rentals–ASAP–eliminating the need to request this information through a Freedom of Information Act Form–like–the WPAC had to do in 2008.
  9. Web Update -Tim Kolecke will update website and include detailed information on the Wicker Park Trio Series and its sponsors. He has been working to obtain the Wickerkpark.org address–but no progress since the site is up for new ownership.
  10. Plaque replacement and Installation of 4 benches in Playground– Doug Wood reported that the fountain court donor plaque will be replaced: the WPAC and the WPGarden wrote checks to Parkways to cover the cost of the plaque $1800. The funding came from $1200 reserved for the opening (WPAC Account) and from a $600 Garden Program AD (WPGarden Account). The Central Region (Art Richardson’s commitment) will cover the $1800 installation fee–as well as the installation of the four benches in the Playground (cost not available–but committed to be paid by Chicago Park District).
  11. Green roof update-Susan Fontana will present a quote for the Green Roof at the May meeting if she receives the roof specs from the Park District.
  12. Plant Sale–Garden Design–Mulch-Denise Browning announced the WPGarden Plant will be held Sat. & Sun. May 3, 4..10am-3pm. Garden Design Class: Thirty students from all over the city and suburbs are registered–the Tribune Home & Garden pushed the class and many registered to work in the Park Gardens and to learn how to create designs for their homes. Mulch: Property Consultants will install mulch around the Park Trees and at the Music Performance site on Sat. April 26. Marilyn Morales and Chris Krieger worked with Doug Wood to set supplies and tools.
  13. Kids Karnival — Wicker Park– Event Sunday, June 8, 9am-3PM
    Work on Karnival to Date has been completed by Josh, David, and Sylvia

    Josh Taylor’s Report

    • FUNDING: Citichurch Chicago has offered to cover all costs that are not covered by fund raising efforts.
    • Funds raised to date: $1,000
    • TOTAL BUDGET: $3,500 ($3,000 Carnival Games–rental; $200 Prizes and Balloons; $300 Balloon Artist)
    • SECURED: 24 carnival midway games, 4 inflatables, balloon artists, jester/juggler, dental hygiene table, children’s fashion show, graphic design; 30 Volunteers, tables, chairs, event permit
    • SUBMITTED NEEDS–Pending Confirmation: Mayor Daley’s Bicycling Ambassadors safety demonstration, Mounted Police, Fire Department, MORE tables, chairs, trash liners, trash cans, stage, sound system, tent, staff, Park Security, Event Insurance, Rock Climbing Wall, and Bouncing House.

    Sylvia Ramos Report

    • Sylvia is working to set all schools and community tables–a complete list will be presented in May.

    Group Discussion: Set food options, confirm all requested items, and see if former Carnival Crews are interested in working on Carnival this year–REPORT this all at May meeting.

Meeting Adjourned 9PM…Next meeting Tues. May 13, 7 PM Field House
Minutes Submitted by Douglas Wood, WPAC Secretary