Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

ATTENDANCE: John Davidson (Park Supervisor), Susan Fontana (Co-President), Denise Browning (Co-President), Richard Tilley (Treasurer), Doug Wood (Secretary), Adam Housley (dog park committee), John Shirk (Urban Encounter), Sylvia Ramos (Pritzker School), Joe Sawicki (softball), Ryan Jackson (softball)

PARK DISTRICT STAFF ABSENT: Cynthia Rosario – Area 2 manager (no report submitted)

  1. April minutes were read and approved – with the correction to #8 – the numbers from Wicker Park who participated in the teen events was greater than 2 when the teen program began in the Spring Session.
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Richard Tilley submitted a report.
  3. Dog Park Report- Adam Housley – The New Metal Benches were installed in the dog park by City of Chicago Employees. The next cleaning day is May 16. The next fundraiser will be at the Subterranean later in the summer. The dog park committee will wait and see when and if more pea gravel is needed. The dog committee thanked John Davidson for his work to facilitate this project. Adam left meeting after his report.
  4. Website Update – Tim Kolecke – Website is being updated to include soft ball schedules, Sound Czech Event, Summer Music Concerts, Julia Bachrach’s (Park Historian) description of Fountain History.
  5. Soft Ball – Ryan Jackson – Park District Painted grass to clarify boundaries of the field and pedestrian use areas. The lock box is being fixed. Ryan will send information to Tim Kolecke for website. Ryan, on behalf of the soft ball players, thanked John Davidson for his work to facilitate this project. Ryan left meeting after his report.
  6. Landscape – Doug Wood – Doug reported that both Alderman Flores and Alderman Waguespack attended the mulch day, 12 members of Property Consultants, and 18 volunteers from the Garden Club.
  7. Fountain Painting – Doug Wood – reported that Brendan Daley worked with painters to restore the fountain basin to its historic color.
  8. Plant Sale Fundraiser – Denise Browning reported that the annual fundraiser plant sale took place on Sat.-Sun. May 2 and 3 and raised the amount needed to cover most of the upkeep of the gardens.
  9. Security Meeting with Manny Flores and Park District Staff: Susan Fontana reported that 1st Ward Alderman Manny Flores held a meeting to discuss Park Security (drinking, drugs, vandalism) with member of the Advisory Council (Doug Wood, Susan Fontana, Elaine Coorens), WBTSSA#33 staff, Chamber of Commerce Staff (Paula Barrington), Park District Staff (Art Richardson, Cynthia Rosario, John Davidson, Park Security Staff), and City of Chicago Police. Manny Flores supported the installation of a security camera near the fountain; Art Richardson and Park Security guaranteed that Park Security would be stationed in the Park Monday-Friday from 4pm-9pm. City police stated they would come more regularly. However, no security would be present during the weekend evenings or overnight. Manny Flores stated that the WBTSSA#33 could pay for overnight security on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Evenings and would work on this proposal with the Advisory Council.
  10. Park Supervisor Report: John Davidson
    1. Illustrated the huge success of the Park Programs: Park Voyagers Program, the Summer programming registration (all classes for children only), Park Kids Spring session (Friday, June 12), teen programming (Dew Tour Bash-benefits for youth-to be incorporated into End of School Bash at Wicker for all Area 2 Teen Clubs).
    2. Re-Announced Movie in the Park – Madagascar 2– Thursday, July 16, 2009 – at dusk
    3. Announced Two Park District Sponsored-staff supported Music concerts: Sunday, July 19-noon-Carl Brand and the Solid Gold Reggae Band; Sunday, August 2-noon, Nelson Gill Children’s Music Program
    4. Announced Proposed Classes for the Summer and Fall Session:
      1. Lil’ Kickers soccer for Kids Child Development Program – Summer and Fall 10am-2pm; Tuesdays and Thursdays, Instructors lilkickers.com chitownfutbol.com
      2. Jazzercise – Jazzercise INC – jazzercise.com summer or fall – no details at this time – check here and meganmurphy226@gmail.com
      3. Adult Fitness Class – Monday and Wednesdays taught by staff 7pm a-8:15
      4. Martial Arts – it was stated in previous meetings that Jazzercise would teach – no more details at this time
    5. No definitive progress on Permits for Boot Camp or Soccer – regular and illegally conducted events in the park
    6. Distributed list of work orders both open and closed.
  11. Upcoming Events – Susan Fontana – Doug Wood – repeated their information on a Greening Workshop and Demonstration associated with Sound Czech-Sunday, August 2 to promote green technologies and the Chicago Park District Community Gardens in the Park Program – includes park tours – to be located on Music area. John Davidson stated that there was no problem holding the event in the music are on Sunday, August 2.

Meeting Adjourned – 8:40 PM