Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Present: Cynthia Rosario (Area Two Manager), John Davidson (Park Supervisor), Susan Fontana (WPAC-Co President), Denise Browning (WPAC-Co-President), Richard Tilley (WPAC-Treasurer), Doug Wood (WPAC – Secretary and Garden Club), Elaine Coorens (Wicker Park Committee), Joe Sawicki (Softball), Ryan Jackson (Softball), Adam Housley (Dog Park), John Shirk (Urban Encounter) Clintina Taylor (Park Kids Parent), Toni Anderson (Park Kids Parent), Angela Caputo-Kook (Park Kids Parent)

  1. May Minutes were read and approved – submitted by Doug Wood.
  2. Richard Tilley submitted treasurer’s report.
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Dog Park – Adam Housley – Trades are working on blowing gravel back and trimming back weeds done by landscaper. The work order for repairing water is still submitted.
    2. Web Site – Tim Kolecke – Not present; Tim will send us all an electronic report.
    3. Softball – Ryan Jackson – Things going are going well. Lock box repair is still pending completion – currently not secure and can not be used for storage. He worked with John Davidson to clearly mark boundary lines of the field to keep spectators from entering field during games. Ryan stated that the softball players would like to thank John Davidson for his efforts to clearly set the field boundaries.
    4. Gardens and Landscape – Doug Wood – Trees were installed as planned – Weeping Katsura, 5 Hemlocks from Flower Show, 3 Hawthorns near fountain. Plants from the Flower and Garden Show were installed in the gardens. The scraping of soil off of 10 trees planted too deeply in 2007 is pending as is the replacement of the Swamp Oak by Softball field. The Saturday Garden Tending class is full with regulars and many new people that the WPGarden met at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show.
    5. Education – Denise Browning reported that yoga would continue through the summer and that the class was breaking even.
    6. Security Camera – Susan Fontana reported that specs are being clarified-and a report will be given to Flores for funding.
  4. Area 2 Manager’s Report – Cynthia Rosario – Jose Vargas, part-time Physical Instructor is still on the Wicker Park Budget and will be in the park on Saturdays only to work with the children’s summer program. He will work at Humbolt Park at all other times-but, has not been transferred to Humbolt Park. Cynthia and John will work with Jose to determine the classes that Jose will teach this fall for children and adults and give us that information to distribute to assist in promoting the classes – to Wicker Park sources. Doug Wood volunteered to send information to the WPB-SSA#33 and Chamber news letters, and to ask other community organizations and both 1st and 32nd Ward Aldermen to post the classes on their websites. Elaine Coorens offered to list classes-events on Wicker Park Bucktown Examiner-she is the writer. Tim Kolecke, WPAC web master currently posts all park district classes on our website with a link to registration. We will conduct a survey again this year to determine interest in adult programming at the Sunday Farmer’s Market. Since there is a hiring freeze, the vacant positions (full time physical instructor, full time attendant (janitor) will remain vacant.
    NOTE: Cynthia reported that the Park District will no longer post classes that are free of charge on the on-line registration site.
  5. Park Supervisor’s Report-John Davidson
    1. Summer Camp 2009 timetables with complete descriptions were distributed-the Council praised the
      excellent programming content and layout.
    2. Special Events – Park Kids End of the Year Bash – June 12-4-6pm-70 targeted; Movie in the Park – Kung-Fu Panda-Open to all-July 16 at dusk; Concert in the Park #1-Carl Brand and the Solid Gold reggae Band – July 19-noon-free; Concert in the Park #2-Nelson Gill-August 2-noon-free. Music funding does not cost our park anything. Wood said he would send info to SSA, Chamber for press promo.
    3. Wicker Park Seasonal Sports – Park Kids and registered participants are currently preparing for Area 2 cubs Care Basketball; Wicker Park Vs. Humbolt-June10-4pm (8and under) 5pm(9 and over).
    4. Proposed classes for the Summer and Fall Sessions 2009 – Jazzercise-Mondays and Wednesday – 6:30-8:30-Instruction by Jazzercise, Inc-details later (Grand Opening-Monday July 6 at 6-8pm-6-6:30 meet instructors, 6:30-7:30 free demo class-7:30-8-Instructors available to answer questions). Teen Scene – School Year – once per month at various field house in Area 2-June’ Event – The National Dew Tour-Target 100-120 teens. End of School Bash-Celebrates action sports and a healthy active lifestyle to teens. Dew Tour Village-meet and greet with a pro athlete-motivational speech,etc.
    5. Partnerships: John reported that Partnerships were set with Boot Camp – will teach intergenerational class-TBD, Lil’Kickers, Jazzercise. Details of each partnership to be coming soon.