Wicker Park Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Present: Dan Puente (Park Supervisor), Tim Kolecke (President & Website), Scott Venable (Vice-President & Mosaic Church), Richard Tilley (Treasurer), Doug Wood (Secretary and Garden Club & Events Coordinator), Denise Browning (WPAC & WPGarden), Susan Fontana (WPAC & WPGarden), John Shirk (Urban Encounter & Wicker Mic), Nate Tubbs (Church in the City & Wicker Mic), Tyler Culligan (Magic Boat), Jacob Moore (Magic Boat), Lauren Krebs (Music Series Fund Raising), Mary Tamminga (WPC), Ryan Jackson (softball), Iris Millan (1st Ward Moreno Staff), David Ginople (WPBSSA#33), Jessica Wobbekind (WPBSSA#33), Jim Drew (WPC President)

  1. Minutes – Doug Wood – March 2012 Minutes were read and approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Richard Tilley – Submitted Report.
  3. Updates on Community Festivals – Green Music Fest and Wicker Park Fest

    GOAL: Obtain an Update on the support requested to maintain the integrity of Wicker Park’s assets during the Green Music Festival and the Wicker Park Festival. From past years experience these provisions were requested: An 8ft fence extension on the Damen Fence during the GMF with security guards monitoring it to stop fence climbing, 3-4 security guards in the park from 1pm-11pm during both festivals, waste management support, 3 portable toilets in the parking lot, protective festival fencing around the gardens and trees inside the park, negotiations with Farmer’s Market vendors during the Green Music Fest (loading, unloading, and parking), provisions for the Seniors who dwell in the high rise during the green music festival, and arrange alternative parking for the neighbors whose on-street parking is affected by the influx of guests for the fests.

    REQUESTED: An email was sent to the Alderman’s office, GMF and WPF Staff, and neighborhood groups to attend the April 3 Meeting – sent one week in advance.

    GMF & WPF Representatives did not attend the meeting.

    WPF Response: Email correspondence was received from Adam Burke – WPB Chamber (WPF) – ‘WPF-This year the Kids Area is being relocated off of Evergreen to much further south on Milwaukee and will not abut Wicker Park.’

    GMF staff did not respond or submit any information for the April 3 meeting.

    WPPA who manage the GMF Kids area wrote this-Lisa Stauff ‘This week is spring break for CPS, so everyone is out of town or tied up with kid stuff –i.e. all the WPPA folks, the GMF people, and I’m guessing half of the Alderman Moreno’s office staff – so none of us can be at the WPAC meeting tomorrow night, at least as far as I know. As for GMF, plans are still firming up so a specific GMF meeting in early May will likely be more fruitful, if folks are available.’

    FENCING IN PARK Doug Wood Reported that the Park District’s Department of Natural Resources will not construct fences in the park as it did in past years – this support cost the department about $5,500/festival. The Department does not have fence or funding to pay staff to do it. We will need to obtain a building permit and obtain funding to purchase fence and posts for the 1500 feet of fence inside the park.


    Iris Millan (1st Ward Moreno’s Staff) suggested that WPAC ask the GMF and WPF to contribute to funding to purchase fencing, posts, and the cost to install the fencing inside the park for both festivals.

    David Ginople (WPBSSA#33 and WPBSSA-Clean, Green, Safe Committee) suggested we write a proposal with a budget request for fencing and other event support and submit this to WPBSSA for funding. He suggested that the funding of all the elements of support for both festivals could be discussed by WPB SSA (Clean-Green-Safe Committee). They would assist with negotiations to determine the amount paid by SSA and the amount that would be paid by each Festival Coordinators.

    COMMENTS: Jim Drew – WPC President – supported the need for both security and fencing inside the park. He related an incident– a GMF patron put his bike over the fence inside the park and then began to climb into the garden. A security staff had to remove him and his bike from the garden. Others noted that security guards should monitor the Damen Fence extension for it to be effective. It was noted that the density of the crowd near the south stage was dangerous. This over crowding caused the patrons to jump the Damen fence extension. It was suggested that when over crowding is observed that we should call 911 immediately. The police will come and remedy the overcrowding for the safety of the patrons.

    ACTION: Obtain quotes for four S3-security guards for each event – 2 guards from 1pm – 11 with an additional 2 who begin working at 3pm – 11pm. The extra guards and extended time was determined to be needed, based on last year’s record.

    ACTION: Obtain quotes for 1500 feet of fencing and 300 posts for the fence inside the park.

    ACTION: Determine the permits that are needed to install the fence and apply for the permit.

    ACTION: Obtain input from GMF and WPF Committees in order to determine what they will fund this year and encourage them to attend the May 1 WPAC meeting.

    ACTION: Inform all paid security and volunteers to monitor the overcrowding at the GMF and ask them to inform the head security guard to call 911 immediately.

  4. Committee Reports

    Dog Park Committee – Adam Housley – Absent – Doug Wood read submitted report: The Dog Park Committee will hold a dog park cleaning on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 11am – 2pm.

    Web Site – Tim Kolecke – Tim reported that the Web site has been updated for the summer events with all sponsor’s logos with links included. He asked for submission of photos of events. Tim will be moving the site to a new host.

    Softball Committee – Ryan Jackson – Ryan said the league would begin playing on Sunday, April 29. The season is set.

    Gardens and Landscape Committee – Doug Wood, Denise Browning – Doug reported that Big Mulch Day would be held on Saturday, April 14. Currently, these groups will bring volunteers: Mosaic Church, Misseio Dei Chicago, Covenant Presbyterian, Roberto Clemente Academy, Urban Encounter, WPGarden and WPAC. The Park District will provide all tools and mulch at the locations specified. Earth Day events will be held on Saturday, April 21 from 10am – 12:30pm. Volunteers will work with children to plant herbs to take home, children will be introduced to various green technologies and then depict them in artwork; others will work in the park gardens. The volunteers will come from WPAC, WPGarden, and Vogue Chocolate. The Annual Plant Sale Fundraiser produced by WPGarden and WPAC in collaboration with the Park District will take place on Saturday and Sunday May 5 & 6 from 10am-4pm daily – outside west side of field house or inside if raining. Staff from 47th Ward Alderman Ameya Pawar requested suggestions for garden designs and community recruiting and Steve Pincuspy from Chicago Greentech contacted Wicker Park Garden Club to partner on educational programming. In October, WPAC/WPGarden will partner with the Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance to present a training workshop for teachers in the Green Teacher’s network. In April – Doug and Christy Webber will address the WPC meeting to discuss green roof top design and planting techniques, pruning, and low cost garden enhancements.

    Youth Group – Scott Venable – The Friday meetings are very well attended. As stated last month, work is being done to create more groups to better serve a vast age span – 12 – 20. This has proven to be successful this month. The council congratulated Scott on his success with including many neighborhood children in the program.

    Outreach Report – Election Day – Susan Fontana – Susan reported that the advisory council offered coffee to voters and that even thought the voters were few in number, the event was very successful in reaching out to the neighborhood.

    WPPA – Absent. Doug was emailed that all were on Spring break and most out of town.

  5. Staff Reports –Dan Puente – Wicker Park Supervisor

    NEW STAFF (Physical Instructor (PT), Attendant (PT) – No recent activity reported.

    SECURITY CAMERAS & SIGNAGE – Dan attended a meeting with Iris Millan (1st Ward Moreno), Richard Tilley, and other Park Staff. It was decided that the 2nd Camera would be installed on the NW light pole at the Corner of Damen & Schiller. Park District Staff would install signage noting the Camera monitoring.

    MEET THE EASTER BUNNY – Dan reported that the Park District was presenting Meet the Easter Bunny on Saturday, April 7 from 10am – 1pm. In addition to meeting the Easter Bunny, photo ops will be available, and Alvin and the Chip Monks would be present.

    WORK ORDERS: The broken slide in the playground is to be replaced with a new one. The spitting bear’s water is currently draining into Wicker Park Avenue. This is to be repaired. Several lights were changed. The power outlet at the Fountain is to be taken off the 3-11pm timer and to be on 24-7. The fountain should be turned on soon. The electricians are considering installing electric on the light pole south of the fountain to provide power for Movies in the Parks, Wicker Mic, GEO, and The Classical Music Series.

    PROGRAMMING UPDATES: Dan spoke with representatives from the senior high rise and arranged a Senior Walking Club. He has added 16in softball programming for teens and pre-teens, added a kick ball group on Thursdays. He noted that the Summer Camp registration would start on-line on Monday, April 9 with walk in registration on Saturday, April 14. For the summer, Dan added a collaboration with Mosaic Church and Sports 37, and instituted a Fitness Initiative on Monday Nights (Healthy Eating). Dan discussed the Summer Camp, early, and late camps, and said that 75% of the slots would be offered on-line. Ready for another great Summer Camp.

    PORTABLE TOILETS for Weekend Use – Dan said the portable toilets should arrive soon – ½ paid by CPD ½ by Advisory Council.

    FARMER’S MARKET 2012 – Farmer’s Market will begin Sunday June 3 and run through Sunday October 28.

  6. EVENTS PLANNING UPDATE – Limited discussion due to limited time at the end of meeting. All booking and permits were submitted and approved, pending partnership. Nate Tubbs and John Shirk reported that Wicker Mic is ready to go. Doug asked all for images for a group banner on Damen – each of the four major events would occupy 2ft W X 3ft H of the 4ft X 8ft Banner that will promote The Magic Boat, Wicker Mic, Movies in the Park, The Classical Music Series and weekly gardening in the Park. The music fundraising brochure is ready and April will be devoted to obtaining more sponsorship and friend levels. Tyler Culligan and Jacob Moore (Magic Boat) were excited to begin the new season and are looking forward to the 1st Sunday collaborations with Easel Art, Evolve Dance, Culture Lady to present music training for children and adults, utilizing these 4 media.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:50 PM.